Rise of Empires Ice And Fire Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies 2023

New to the Rise of Empires Ice and Fire game? Master all of its core aspects with this Rise of Empires Ice and Fire guide available with lots of tips, tricks, and strategies

Rise of Empire

Rise of Empires Ice and Fire Guide, Tips & Tricks⇓

This article covers how to play the Rise of Empires Ice and Fire game, about progression, troops, state, and other things such as buildings, resources, characters, etc. So, let’s get straight to the Rise of Empires Ice and Fire guide and tips!

Rise of Empire

Switch To An Active State In Rise of Empires⇓

If you have just started playing Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire, the first tip we would recommend is to switch to an active state. When you start the game, it randomly throws you in a state/server – it could be an active state or dead state(with no president and national quest buildings). You can change state for free when the castle level is below 6 and you have not passed 15 days in the game.

How do you check if the state is active or not? Build the class hall in the empire and check whether the national quest is activated or not. If yes, then it means the state has an active president, and he/she has enabled the national quest.

Or go to the map -> tap the scroll/map type icon in the bottom-left corner -> this will open the state map – visit the center of the map; there would be the throne building. Around it, there would be 6-7 buildings with golden symbols. If not, then it means the president has not placed the building, and we can consider it a dead state with the lazy president.

Now, on the same state map -> tap the globe button on the top-right -> this will take you to the universe map, where you can check all the states. Tap on a state where you want to move -> check the throne and buildings around it(with golden symbol) + president status. If everything is OK(President, National Quest buildings), then tap the scroll/map button on the bottom-left side -> choose a location where you want to teleport -> change zones -> tap the OK button -> confirm. It will cost a newbie relocation item and you must be below level 6 and newbie(after 15 days, you can not change the state for free).

Rise of Empires Ice and Fire Guide To Troops⇓

These troops help a lot in gathering RSS from the world map, and in attacking other players and monsters. It’s always a good idea to keep the training centers busy all the time and train the troops. In the Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire game, you can train a variety of powerful troops such as footmen in barracks, archers in the archery range, and cavalries in the stable.

Upgrade the barrack building to get high tier footmen, upgrade the archery range to get high tier archers, and upgrade the stable to get high tier cavalry units. High tier units stats always better than the low-tier units. To train the troops in Rise of Empire game, tap that building(for example – barrack) -> train -> select the unit tier -> train. Just above the train button, you can adjust the number of units that you want to train and it also shows you the resources that you need to train the selected unit.

How to train more troops at a time?

In the beginning, the game only allows you to train a batch of 20 troops at a time. But, as you progress through the game, you will need troops fast and in bulk. So, 20 units batch would not help you. To train more troops at a time in the Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire game, you need to build a military-type building called an encampment. Tap the build option at the bottom-right -> military -> encampment. Upgrade this facility further to train more troops at a time.

How to promote troops? i.e tier 1 to tier 2?

As you know, Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire let you train low-tier troops in the beginning. But as soon as you upgrade the training centers such as barrack, new high tier troops unit will get unlocked. In the later stage, you may want to promote the tier 1 unit to tier 2 unit(or tier 2 -> to higher). To do this, you need to build a military university building in the castle ground.

Tap build button on the bottom-right side -> choose military -> select/drag military university -> confirm. Once done, tap the military university facility -> troops -> select the troops -> tap the upgrade icon -> promote. It will cost you RSS. Before it, you must unlock the corresponding promote technology in the institute. Tap the research icon on the top-left side -> basic combat -> courage approval and all its further techs.

How or why do I heal the troops?

When you send the troops unit on an attack, they may get injured. When the injured troops return, you can heal them. You must build a medical tent in the castle to heal the troops. Tap build option -> military -> medical tent. It will cost RSS.

How to increase the marching cap?

You can not send an unlimited number of marches to attack, gather, hunt the monsters. If you try to do it, the game will show you a message that displays the text message; the maximum number of marches has been reached. To increase marching cap, marching queue numbers, you need to build/upgrade the training ground building in the Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire. Tap the build option -> military -> training ground. If it’s locked, then keep upgrading the castle.

Rise of Empires Ice and Fire Resources Guide⇓

Resources are the most important in every MMORTS game. In Rise of Empires game too, you will need the resources to manage all the things such as constructing a new building, upgrading the installed facilities, in institute researches, transporting, and more. The main six resources in the Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire game are; Food, Ale, Lumber, Charcoal, Marble, and Iron.

  • Produce the food by building/upgrading farms
  • Produce the Ale by building/upgrading Distillery
  • Build/upgrade lumber yard to produce lumber/wood
  • Build/upgrade charcoal factories to produce charcoal. After building it, you need to transport lumber over time in this factory
  • Produce marble by building/upgrading quarry in the castle
  • Produce Iron by building/upgrading iron mine

You need corresponding storage facilities to store the RSS.

  • Food – Food Storage
  • Ale – Ale Storage
  • Lumber – Lumber Storage
  • Charcoal – Charcoal Storage
  • Marble – Marble Storage
  • Iron – Iron Storage

Tap the build button -> farm/iron/marble/ale/iron/lumber -> production facility/storage.

How to increase the population?

Population management is one of the main tasks in the game. You need a certain number of citizens in the castle to upgrade/build some facilities. To increase the population, you should transport supplies in the tavern now and then. And, make sure to build/upgrade houses to increase the population cap.

Rise of Empires Ice and Fire Guide To Heroes⇓

These heroes are the main characters in the game who lead the troops in the march, gathering RSS, hunting monsters. How to get heroes? Tap the bar building in the castle -> tap recruit -> select the recruitment method; super recruitment, advanced recruitment, normal recruitment.

There are four qualities of heroes; orange(the best ones), purple(good), blue(average), green(bad).

High-quality heroes have more skills than low-quality heroes. From the super/advanced recruitment method, you may get orange or blue quality heroes. Complete the quests, events to get the recruitment tickets. You get free recruitment tickets every day.

How to level up heroes?

You need an item called hero XP to raise the level of heroes. And, there are ways to obtain hero XP in the game; win the battles, use the hero XP item. You can obtain this XP item by completing the quests, events, random alliance rewards, gifts. To earn EXP from the battles, you must deploy the hero in the formation. Tap the legion button(tap hero icon on the top-left) -> tap gear icon -> there you can change the number of units, troops, and heroes. Go to the hero tab -> drag the hero icon to one of the hero slots.

Hero Types: –

There are four types of heroes in Rise of Empires game; combat, production, military, and support. Combat – You can use them in battles, gathering resources. Production – You can station these heroes production facilities; farm, Ale, lumber, marble, iron, and more. These types of heroes have skills that increase production. Military – You can station these types of heroes in the training centers; stable, or in medical tents for the bonus benefits. Support – These types of heroes can increase the building speed, researching speed, and provide a similar type of benefits.

Hero Medals, Wisdom Medals In The Rise of Empires!

When you get the duplicate hero from the recruitment, the game will convert it into a hero medal. You can use these medals to unlock the hero skills. To upgrade the hero skills, you need wisdom medals. Build the arena building in the castle to exchange the medals or you get these medals from the quests, events.

Guide To Battles In Rise of Empires Ice and Fire⇓

Tap the map icon at the bottom-right corner and you will be taken to the world map where you can gather the resources from RSS points, hunt the monsters, and raid other players. Tap on any monster or enemy town -> attack. If you want to get the information of the enemy’s defense, RSS, you can use the scouting feature. After tapping the attack button, tap the gear icon if you want to make some changes in the number of army troops, heroes.

Tap on any RSS point -> gather -> send the march to gather the resources such as food, iron, lumber, and more. You can unlock more march queues or legion by building the training ground.

Rise of Empires Guide To Classes⇓

You can pick one of the three classes in the Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire game; farmer, raider, and trader. If the National Quest has been enabled, Builder, which is the 4th class gets unlocked. All these classes provide a unique buff to the castle. You can change the class at the castle level 10. Tap the castle -> class. Tap on any talent/skill to get its details. If you choose the farmer class, you will get an exclusive farmer guild facility that enables extra legion.

Also, the farmer class offers a variety of buffs; protects the resources from being plundered, increases harvest speed, troop payload. But it will reduce the attack, defense, and marching speed.

In the raider class, you will get a healing buff, troop payload buff. But it will reduce the RSS production.

The trader class offer RSS support to the alliance members, gold production boost, reduces troop consumption. But it will trigger the RSS lose risk, healing speed. So what’s the best class? We would recommend choosing a farmer or raider class. It depends on your game style. Pick anyone and you will get a certain buff in the specific field.

Get Familiar With Hero Skills⇓

All the Rise of Empires Ice and Fire heroes have unique skills. You should read their skills in the hero menu and get familiar with each hero’s skills to get the most out of him/her. It’s really important to use the heroes wisely; in the combat, station, gathering.

Participate In The Events⇓

We would strongly recommend you to participate in every event in the game to earn exclusive items. Tap the event option on the top-right corner -> and there you can see all the ongoing events.

Complete The Daily Tasks⇓

Daily quests not only give awesome rewards but also guides you to progress through the game at a good rate. Make sure to complete all these tasks and you can earn RSS, recruitment tickets.

Get Yourself In A Guild⇓

You must join an alliance if you want to enjoy the exclusive items from the alliance store, alliance gifts, technology, and help. Also, make sure to teleport to the joined alliance territory. 

Use The Rapid Tech Often⇓

You can use the rapid tech on RSS buildings to get instant resources. Make sure to do it often. But, not quite fast. Wait until the durability reaches a good state. Using this feature back-to-back will damage the building and you will have to repair. So make sure to do it at the right time.

Increase The Power In Rise Of Empires: Ice and Fire⇓

Focus on increasing the castle power; keep training troops, upgrade the buildings and research technologies in the institute.

Gather The RSS In Rise Of Empires: Ice and Fire⇓

Often send the army troops on RSS points to gather the resources. You will need a huge amount of resources; transport in the tavern, charcoal. Also, before you go offline, it’s a good idea to send them on RSS points.

Use The Dragonite To Earn Gold⇓

Outside the castle, tap the horn to get free gold.

So this is the Rise of Empires Ice and Fire guide and tips for beginners.  If you have any questions, comment below! This guide was last updated in January 2021. 

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  1. Hey all, I’ve ended up with a castle (built as a farm) in a Province and I can’t relate to my main province – what do I do with an orphan castle? I don’t want to spend money on it….

      • Just find the book icon when you open the hero and open it. It may be at the top right? I forget, I do not break heroes often. When you find it you can break the hero and get back depending on research most everything, but the hero is gone until you get another ticket for them.

  2. Also, how do you contact Administrator to let them know game is glitching and won’t give my stuff when I use speed ups?

    • You have to buy station plans from trading building the hot air balloon building. Then with enough level ups you can station any heros you have. Will tell you what is required at top and what amount you have available in station building.

  3. Is there a way to contact the game administrator? I was charged for two inapp purchases I did not make ($14.99 each). I got no receipt from the game, but I got a notice from Apple letting me know I had been charged. They refunded me the money, but then the game took the 19,000 diamonds I owned because the game said they had to recuperate what they believe I received from the purchases I didn’t make. Now I show negative 140,000 diamonds!

  4. I am a new player and I have to put a training ground but haven’t the room unless I can move something but I can’t get past the hand. So I’m stuck

  5. Hi,… I have reached level 10, and can’t select a leader for my class legion even though I’ve unlocked it in the institute,… i also can’t figure out how to select one for the 2nd position in the main legion,… how do you get a hero into those spots? Thanks.

  6. I used 500 tickets but I got only 2 session x 2 heroes I am saving that tickets from 6 months 250 day’s but my hart is break up ? but my friends get all heroes and with duplicate each hero 4 times there got there use only 300 tickets some time it fell very bad

  7. I am spending many resources on healing my troops after constant sieges. Many times the sieges occur when i am not playing. How do I protect my troops during sieges?

    • You can either purchase with gems 8,12,24, or 72 hour shields to use on b your castle to protect it or your can also earn them various ways in the game. I suggest you join an alliance that will also help you and if you contribute in the alliance you earn contribution points and can use those in the alliance store to purchase items needed such as shields. But if you are in a state that is organized then they should have rules that bans attacks on any alliance that’s in top 10-20 depending on size of state. This will help you grow for when COP starts in the state and then you will need to shield on weekends because players from other states will come to your state for svs killing event. Which is basically war. Have fun.

    • Use the shield. Push on your castle – then Buffs – on top there will be a shield option. Buy it with crystals. I farm mostly and don’t like to be attacked, so I buy the 3day shield for 2500. You also sometimes get them for free in the game

    • Unclick so your troops aren’t protecting your castle, when you are away, send troops to gather, gems take the longest time. Keep you unprotected resources low. Upgrade your medical building, only need to up grade one. Upgrade your medical at institute. Buy and use shlds. Also teleports. If some one knows where you are you are a easy target.

  8. Is there a way to convert hero cards to wisdom medals? For example the heroes that we don’t use, can we convert it to wisdom medals so that it can be used to unlock and upgrade the skills of other heroes.

    • Once you obtain a hero card, that hero becomes usable.
      Any duplicates of that hero card, will be placed in your arena.
      Once in the arena, you can choose to either use the cards, or exchange them for wisdom medals.
      To exchange for Wisdom medals, open the exchange option in arena and click on the card you wish to exchange.
      Click the exchange button make sure you have the gold to make the transaction.

      To use the cards for unlocking hero skills, open the Hero, select a locked skill, click the unlock button. You will see “choose” buttons next to the needed medals to unlock the skills. This brings you to the arena and instead of exchanging for medals you select the number of medals needed to unlock the skill.

      Tip: Never exchange your duplicate Orange cards. These are needed to awaken those heroes at level 35 and get even higher skills at higher levels.

      For Wisdom medal exchanges, try and use only greens and blues.

      Your purples and greens are more valuable , there are cards that have a black spot instead of a portrait. These can be used like a wild card.

      Hope this helps.

  9. I have a problem. I cannot transfer food or ale to my tavern. I should have enough to fill it completely, but when I click transfer, nothing happens. How do I solve this?

  10. How do I increase the Gift level in my alliance? it says ” Open Gift To accumulate Alliance gift exp. and increase its level.” but there is nothing there. We’ve killed Giants and Wight Kings in at Various levels. but the Gift level for our alliance remains 0.

  11. I was told you could play Rise of Empire absolutely for free, if you had the time and patience to do so. So I figured why not, since I’m a school bus driver I got plenty of time and plenty of patience to spare. But now that my castle is Level 17, I’m beginning to realize there are certain aspects of this game where time and patience is not the problem, and the need to have to spend actual real world money is the only way to continue to grow is. Now I’m good with paying a few dollars to the company that made this game. A small one time fee perhaps? But it ain’t right to make any aspects of growth only possible through purchase. Doing so honestly ruins an otherwise pretty decent game to invest game play time to.

    • It’s possible. But you’ll never be ahead or even with paying members even if they are lazy. All games want money. There are many Castle 25s with less than $10 spent but it takes time and knowledge like having multiple farms, research to boost points and doing well in events to boost rewards. Every game is like this you’ll never find one that doesn’t let you buy a better or faster anything.

      • To have another farms do I have to create another account or can a I have another farm with under the same account? Could you please explain this since I’m totally lost on this!? ? thank you in advance ??

        • You need to create another account and grow it as a farmer. These castles can gather resources for you, which you can get by attacking. You need to collect clash of province rewards on these farms so that they provide you a stable supply of resources. My advice is to keep your main castle in the farmer class until you are in the last C22. I have seen C25 veterans in class farmer only because it is easier to get the cop rewards and resources necessary even at that level. You may think that getting to C25 is the main challenge. Trust me, it is just the beginning of your ordeal. A whole new set of buildings and researches are unlocked at c25 and those are insanely expensive in terms of resources and courage medals requirement.

          You should build your farms to level 18 (gets you 4 training grounds and hence 4 sets of gathering legions). Put 1 orange hero in each legion (legacy heroes are better) and max their first skill. This will let you have maximum number of troops in your legions. It is important to do the first 12% research in all legions. Then start zone commemoration research and keep pushing it. The higher the zone commemoration research, the better the COP rewards. You will need 18 standard farms to support the growth of a single C25 main castle. However, you can get to C25 with 8 castles. Just keep making them and upgrade them while you continue your journey upward. Do not forget to make linen in your blacksmith continuously. You can spend the gems to purchase Green scavenger material boxes with your gems which get you more of the other materials. Never purchase Blue material chests because it doesn’t let you have what you need. The objective is to put scavenger equipment on all your legions. I suggest you put golden boots on the first two legions and golden coats on the other two. Put golden medals and lanterns on all your legions. That will let you harvest significantly more resources and faster. Never try to make one equipment to golden and leave others empty. make a purple set for all legions first. Then keep making one orange equipment at a time and keep upgrading them. I spend roughly 100,000 gems to get one golden equipment. So, it is going to take a long time to get an effective farm.

          If you want your farms to support your main account in reign of chaos events, you need to get them to C19 and make a lot of dragon slayer bolts. It will significantly affect their ability to generate resources because a lot of it especially gold and lumber will be spent on making dragon shouts and bolts. So, choose the roles of your farms wisely.
          Always remember to bind all our accounts main and farms with IM30. never use your personal email to bind accounts. Never bind with gmail or yahoo. Use free disposable email creation apps like InstaAddr.

          • I prefer to use level 1 cavalry in my farms for gathering resources. They have the highest troopload. Higher the troop level, the less resources they carry. Archers and Footmen also carry less resources back to your base. Remember that It takes up 2 units of troopload to carry 1 unit of iron and ~1.4 unit of troopload to carry 1 unit of marble. Food and Lumber take up 1 unit of troopload to carry 1 unit of resource. You can get the comparison from checking different types of resource plots of the same level.
            Level 9 iron plot – 1,000,000 iron
            Level 9 lumber plot – 2,000,000 lumber
            level 9 Marble plot – 1,400,000 marble
            Level 9 Farm plot – 2,000,000 food

    • Build a farm account, so you can attack at will. If you attack during ROC you can get rewards. Your alliance should have a farm alliance. Remenber the farm is for attacking and harvesting.

  12. Hi
    How to feed a level 20 dragon already tried to complete the quest, killing the monsters near castle but no help. I’am at level 20 farmer.

  13. Hi trying to make new alliances whilst in an allience and have made one but can’t see anyway of interacting with him or to send messages to the new allience, could you please advise Me on how to go about setting up and managing alliences whilst I am in the guild I’m in any help would be much appreciated cheers.

    • If you leave your alliance and join the other. Appear in chat once and send a pm to someone in original alliance it will connect all of it so you can talk from any

  14. Is there a way to declare diplomacy on different alliances in the state? For example, if your alliance has a farm alliance or sister alliance. Or if you have NAP 15…Instead of showing all castles as red can they be turned to green or something so that it is easier to tell which are OK and not to attack for the whole alliance instead of having to memorize a 10+ alliance names?

    • How to get tiles level 9 from rock stone. Common tiles is lvl 7 in the ground and lvl 8 around the center province/throne. What tips for me to get lvl 9 tiles (marble, iron, etc) using rock stone? I did not found the explanation from ROE guideline. PLEASE if you know reply me. Thank you

  15. Mel

    VIP shop is at level 19 I think or level 20 castle


    Only castle 12 can above can explore.


    Courage medals gained from killing monsters and other tasks etc


    SI heroes??? Please explain I don’t understand the question.


    Courage medals used for research and upgrades.

    I don’t understand the question


    Jinksy is correct level 19 castles when you can get a dragon.


    Join an alliance not sure the rules in your state but we have rules in my state and top alliances are protected

  16. Father
    As far as I know you can’t use same email for different accounts I have two castles one is used as a farm and soon will make a third farm castle. You will need your user name I suggest posting on the games Facebook site as they more reply there but its also slow. They have a recovery process on the app but I’ve never needed it.

    • I used my same email just capitalized different letters. It qualifies as different email for the game even though everything comes back to my same email. I made multiple farms that way

  17. @Anne it doesn’t matter but what does matter is whether those Orange heroes are fighters or development heroes pointless having a development hero in a legion. How did you manage to get so many your lucky. They all fighters as well best to see what skills they have and then chose where in Legion to put them.

  18. @Carol if your castle is above level 6 you can’t change state. I also am in state 60. There is an event to change states but do not know when that will happen so if your castle is developed just keep developing it until that event comes along

  19. I am level 5 and about to level up to 6. I have millions in gold but can’t see how to use it. What can I do with the gold or is it just a lost cause as soon as I level up?

    • I cannot get to level 5, totally stuck at level 4 with the castle research. It keeps saying im stuck at chapter 3. How’d you Get passd it?thx

  20. forget tower to fill, if you dont need it for new buildings. same with scar-coal, untill you need them for production. build one time of troops at once., don; t use courage medals everywhere, first spend them on zone commercial until you get double rewards, than go on troops you choose. i recomend start doing that than you have at least t7 cavalier, for attack. but remember you go for roc wars go for footmen. way slower but takes tiles in one hit . also save all speedups ups, you will need them then you get 9 chest with double rewards.. make some farm accounts for resources. also join good ally. most people really help you. choose server according how old it is and how often you play. you can be in top (i am) without spending money

  21. How do I make dragons`I ve been attacked by a player on level 16 and he used dragons on me. I have level 17 and dont even know 🙁

    • completing COP missions and opening chests is the easiest way and most quantity, attacking monsters gives them also but usually only 1

  22. To explore you have to be castle level 10 I’m trying to figure out when these SI heroes come out I am in state 38 and it has been open for about 3 months now

    • courage medals are used in certain types of knowledges, you will see it in those types when you go to upgrade in the window that pops up before you start it that tells you the rss needed and courage medals if they need them also

  23. Need to retrieve my account I lost it trying to add another account using same email an password an I went to bind account to retrieve lost account with no reply it’s 24 hours who can I Contact

    • in the swords menu, then technology…or click on the tab on the left side of the screen and a menu will pop open and go to technology

  24. @Fred Charcoal Factory requires you load wood to produce Charcoal, Workshop produces Charcoal without using wood RSS. However, it is not going to provide enough charcoal by itself.

      • Immediately, no, not without paying, which after paying and using one march, gets expensive exponentially quick.
        However, legion technology can help reduce the time it takes it legion to recover stamina. Once selecting your institute building and the respective legion, check the technology on the 3rd last row on the right, I believe it has a picture of a hammer, that will increase stamina recovery time.

    • I’m thinking about changing my farmer class to raider. I never change class since i have been playing the game. My castle is 20 right now and national quest’s level is 40. I have 3 farms. So,
      The questions
      1. Will my national quest reset when i change the class?
      2. Is it too late to change it?
      3. Is it good idea to change class?

    • One permanently produces charcol, like any other resource building, the other you must top up with wood constantly, like you top up the tavern.
      but the building won’t produce charcol unless it’s topped up.

    • you have to reach a cerain level, then just click on the workers circle on the top left, if they are not doing anything the button EXPLORE will be available.

    • I just realize that food and lumber shows production is less than the troops consumption. Is this shows overpopulation? Currently I’m at C16 with total power 1M plus. I haven’t upgrade the house yet. I guess if I upgrade the house the number might be worse than that. In this situation, what is your suggestion to balance back the production nad consumption figure?


      • Need to pay $1.50, to unlock the ability to change it, but you’re able to change as often as you want after that.
        Select the power display bar in the top centre of screen and then select the little button at the corner of your avatar, should be able to change it there.

    • Select builder tab, top left if screen, under population count display, pick an idle builder to explore.
      If all builders are currently busy, you won’t see an option to send them though, need at least one of them to be idle.

    • You need many different medals to unlock hero skills, but it seems you are currently viewing a skill requiring blue medals.
      Check your arena building for your current lost if medals.
      Basically though, you obtain medals through recruitment tickets.
      First time you recruit a hero, you will obtain that hero, 2nd time and every time after, you start obtain medal copies of that hero, that stack up in your arena until you either exchange them or use to unlock hero skills.
      And on a side note, please please don’t exchange any Orange medals you obtain, wait to use them to unlock hero skills, you’ll thank yourself later.

      • Short answer, yes.
        But there’s conditions.
        *before your castle reaches level 6, you can choose to permanently move your castle to any state, just move out to the large map, pick a state, select any random tile/ square within the state and select ‘Change states’ or move province, not sure on the exact text, but it’ll be along those lines.
        * Once your castle is past that level, after a few months/ seasons have past in your current state, an event will become available, “immigration”. You basically just need to keep an eye out and wait for that. Once it opens, cccc there will be so many states either side of your current one, that you’ll have an option to migrate to permanently. All states won’t be available though, just ones created at a time not too far from yours.

  25. You have legion 1 , legion 2 legion 3 and class training grounds , each of the them has 3 orange hero’s in the a formation, I want to know the right line up of hero’s in the formation , which hero goes first and which hero goes 2nd and last ,, I have duals blades, hurricane, heavens justice,orochi,rough rider, north rage ,yamaraja Jin suo Bai, please can you tell me where and which legions and class grounds thay go in ,and which troops are the best to link to the hero’s named above

    • A few things:
      *In order to have more than one hero in a legion, you must first research the respective legion technology. Once you reach the bottom of the tech tree you will unlock the 3rd slot and about half way down you unlock the 2nd slot.
      You must do this for each legion to have access to multiple slots for each legion. Take a good look at your institute building
      * Thankfully the heroes you listed are compatible with all troop types, so your main concern is which order you choose to deploy them.
      Check the combat skill for each hero and check the “combat range” for all their Orange skills. Those with shorter range should be put up in the front rows and longer range, in the back rows.
      Aside from that, it’s up to you, which combination you wish to use for your march.
      It’s recommended though you put your 3 most developed heroes in your class legion march, for maximum marching power.

      • Maybe it will help but the post is too old. I’m assuming you know it already. But for the benefit of those other players. Base on my experience you must put your hero in order. hero assignment is very important in every siege. If you have 3 hero slots unlock here is what you will do.Look for the second hero’s skill range. its like range: 2, 3, 4, 5. put heroes in the order of their attach range. like Demon spare, Dual Blade, Ivan the Hurricane which has a target range of 2, 3, 4 respectively.