Rise of Empire Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Rise of EmpireRise of Empire: Ice and Fire is a brand new MMORTS game for mobile by IM30. Let’s read our Rise of Empire guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Well, this game is similar to their previously released game Last Shelter Survival. In this one, you manage a castle, its population, resources, and work hard to develop it. When you start the game for the first time, you get a free shield buff that restricts the enemies to attack your castle. But, as soon as you upgrade the castle to level 6 in Rise of Empire game, the shield will get disabled and other castle owners will be able to invade your castle for the treasure that you own in the warehouses. Most of the functions in Rise of Empire game is similar to other old MMORTS games. If you have not played this genre game earlier or you are having trouble understanding the Rise of Empire game’s mechanics, then today’s Rise of Empire guide and Rise of Empire tips, cheats & strategies will help you grow faster.

Rise of Empire Guide

The Basics

Rise of EmpireThe key concept of the game is to increase the power, recruit troops, and unlock all kinds of tech to get the most out of all the buffs. At the top of the game screen, you can check the number of resources that your own, population number, attack power, and gold amount. You can increase the attack power by upgrading the installed facilities in the castle(buildings in the empire), by recruiting troops and unlocking/upgrading technologies. Let’s learn about three aspects first that help you in increasing the combat power, which is a key point – Troops, Buildings, and Technologies.


These troops help a lot in gathering RSS from the world map, in attacking other players and monsters. It’s always a good idea to keep the training centers busy all the time and train the troops. In the Rise of Empire game, you can train a variety of powerful troops such as footmen in barracks, archers in archery range, cavalries in the stable. Upgrade the barrack building to get high tier footmen, upgrade the archery range to get high tier archers, and upgrade the stable to get high tier cavalry units. High tier units stats always better than the low-tier units. To train the troops in Rise of Empire game, tap that building(for example – barrack) -> train -> select the unit tier -> train. Just above the train button, you can adjust the number of units that you want to train and it also shows you the resources that you need to train the selected unit.

How to train more troops at a time?

In the beginning, the game only allows you to train a batch of 20 troops at a time. But, as you progress through the game, you will need troops fast and in bulk. So, 20 units batch would not help you. To train more troops at a time in Rise of Empire game, you need to build a military type building called encampment. Tap the build option at the bottom-right -> military -> encampment. Upgrade this facility further to train more troops at a time.

How to promote troops? i.e tier 1 to tier 2?

As you know, Rise of Empire lets you train low-tier troops in the beginning. But as soon as you upgrade the training centers such as barrack, new high tier troops unit will get unlocked. In the later stage, you may want to promote the tier 1 unit to tier 2 unit(or tier 2 -> to higher). To do this, you need to build a military university building in the castle ground. Tap build button on the bottom-right side -> choose military -> select/drag military university -> confirm. Once done, tap the military university facility -> troops -> select the troops -> tap the upgrade icon -> promote. It will cost you RSS. Prior to it, you must unlock the corresponding promote technology in the institute. Tap the research icon on the top-left side -> basic combat -> courage approval and all its further techs.

How or why do I heal the troops?

When you send the troops unit on an attack, they may get injured. When the injured troops return, you can heal them. You must build the medical tent in the castle to heal the troops. Tap build option -> military -> medical tent. It will cost RSS.

How to increase marching cap?

You can not send an unlimited number of marches to attack, gather, hunt the monsters. If you try to do it, the game will show you a message that displays the text message; the maximum number of marches have been reached. To increase marching cap, marching queue numbers, you need to build/upgrade the training ground building in Rise of Empire. Tap the build option -> military -> training ground. If it’s locked, then keep upgrading the castle.

Rise of Empire RSS Guide

Resources are the most important in every MMORTS game. In Rise of Empire game too, you will need the resources to manage all the things such as constructing a new building, upgrading the installed facilities, in institute researches, transporting, and more. The main six resources in Rise of Empire game are; Food, Ale, Lumber, Charcoal, Marble, and Iron.

  • Produce the food by building/upgrading farms
  • Produce the Ale by building/upgrading Distillery
  • Build/upgrade lumber yard to produce lumber/wood
  • Build/upgrade charcoal factory to produce charcoal. After building it, you need to transport lumber over time in this factory
  • Produce marble by building/upgrading quarry in the castle
  • Produce Iron by building/upgrading iron mine

You need corresponding storage facilities to store the RSS.

  • Food – Food Storage
  • Ale – Ale Storage
  • Lumber – Lumber Storage
  • Charcoal – Charcoal Storage
  • Marble – Marble Storage
  • Iron – Iron Storage

Tap the build button -> farm/iron/marble/ale/iron/lumber -> production facility/storage.

How to increase population?

Population management is one of the main tasks in the game. You need a certain number of citizens in the castle to upgrade/build some facilities. To increase the population, you should transport supplies in the tavern every now and then. And, make sure to build/upgrade houses to increase the population cap.

Rise of Empire Heroes Guide

These are the main characters in the game who lead the troops in the march, gathering RSS, hunting monsters. How to get heroes? Tap the bar building in the castle -> tap recruit -> select the recruitment method; super recruitment, advanced recruitment, normal recruitment. There are four qualities of heroes; orange(the best ones), purple(good), blue(average), green(bad). High-quality heroes have more skills than low-quality heroes. From the super/advanced recruitment method, you may get orange or blue quality heroes. Complete the quests, events to get the recruitment tickets. You get free recruit every day.

How to level up heroes?

You need hero XP to raise the level of heroes. And, there are ways to obtain hero XP in the game; win the battles, use the hero XP item. You can obtain this XP item by completing the quests, events, random alliance reward, gifts. To earn EXP from the battles, you must deploy the hero in the formation. Tap the legion button(tap hero icon on the top-left) -> tap gear icon -> there you can change the number of units, troops, and heroes. Go to the hero tab -> drag the hero icon to one of the hero slots.

Hero Types

There are four types of heroes in Rise of Empire game; combat, production, military, and support. Combat – You can use them in the battles, gathering resources. Production – You can station these heroes production facilities; farm, Ale, lumber, marble, iron, and more. These type of heroes have skills that increase production. Military – You can station these type of heroes in the training centers; stable, or in medical tents for the bonus benefits. Support – These type of heroes can increase the building speed, researching speed, and provide a similar type of benefits.

Hero Medals, Wisdom Medals In Rise of Empire!

When you get the duplicate hero from the recruitment, the game will convert it into a hero medal. You can use these medals to unlock the hero skills. To upgrade the hero skills, you need wisdom medals. Build the arena building in the castle to exchange the medals or you get these medals from the quests, events.

Battle Guide

Tap the world map icon at the bottom-right corner and you will be taken to the world map where you can gather the resources from RSS points, hunt the monsters, and raid other players. Tap on any monster or enemy town -> attack. If you want to get the information of the enemy’s defense, RSS, you can use the scouting feature. After tapping the attack button, tap the gear icon if you want to make some changes in the number of army troops, heroes.

Tap on any RSS point -> gather -> send the march to gather the resources such as food, iron, lumber, and more. You can unlock more march queues or legion by building the training ground.


You can pick one of the three classes in the game; farmer, raider, and trader. All these classes provide a unique buff to the castle. You can change the class at castle level 10. Tap the castle -> class. Tap on any talent/skill to get its details. If you choose the farmer class, you will get exclusive farmer guild facility that enables extra legion. Also, the farmer class offers a variety of buffs; protects the resources from being plundered, increases harvest speed, troop payload. But it will reduce the attack, defense, and marching speed. In the raider class, you will get healing buff, troop payload buff. But it will reduce the RSS production. The trader class offer RSS support to the alliance members, gold production boost, reduces troop consumption. But it will trigger the RSS lose risk, healing speed. So what’s the best class? We would recommend choosing a raider or trader. It depends on your game style. Pick anyone and you will get a certain buff in the specific field.

So this is the Rise of Empire guide for the beginners. Let’s read our top Rise of Empire tips, cheats & strategies to master the game.

Rise of Empire Tips & Tricks:-

1.) Get Familiar With Hero Skills

All the heroes in the game have unique skills. You should read their skills in the hero menu and get familiar with each hero’s skills to get the most out of him/her. It’s really important to use the heroes wisely; in the combat, station, gathering.

2.) Participate In The Events

We would strongly recommend you to participate in each and every event in the game to earn exclusive items. Tap the event option on the top-right corner -> and there you can see all the ongoing events.

3.) Complete The Daily Tasks

Daily quests not only give awesome rewards but also guides you to progress through the game at a good rate. Make sure to complete all these tasks and you can earn RSS, recruitment tickets.

4.) Get Yourself In A Guild

You must join an alliance if you want to enjoy the exclusive items from the alliance store, alliance gifts, technology, and help.

5.) Use The Rapid Tech Often

You can use the rapid tech on RSS buildings to get instant resources. Make sure to do it often. But, not quite fast. Wait until the durability reaches a good state. Using this feature back-to-back will damage the building and you will have to repair. So make sure to do at the right time.

6.) Increase The Power

You should focus on increasing the castle power; keep training troops, upgrade the buildings and research technologies in the institute.

7.) Gather The RSS

Often send the army troops on RSS points to gather the resources. You will need a huge amount of resources; transport in the tavern, charcoal. Also, before you go offline, it’s a good idea to send them on RSS points.

8.) Use The Dragonite To Earn Gold

Outside the castle, tap the horn to get free gold.

So this is the Rise of Empire guide and some basic Rise of Empire tips, cheats & strategies. If you have any question, comment below!

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  1. You have legion 1 , legion 2 legion 3 and class training grounds , each of the them has 3 orange hero’s in the a formation, I want to know the right line up of hero’s in the formation , which hero goes first and which hero goes 2nd and last ,, I have duals blades, hurricane, heavens justice,orochi,rough rider, north rage ,yamaraja Jin suo Bai, please can you tell me where and which legions and class grounds thay go in ,and which troops are the best to link to the hero’s named above

  2. @Fred Charcoal Factory requires you load wood to produce Charcoal, Workshop produces Charcoal without using wood RSS. However, it is not going to provide enough charcoal by itself.

  3. Need to retrieve my account I lost it trying to add another account using same email an password an I went to bind account to retrieve lost account with no reply it’s 24 hours who can I Contact

  4. How to reduce troops? Trained too many each level didn’t can promote and they are taking a lot of resources

  5. To explore you have to be castle level 10 I’m trying to figure out when these SI heroes come out I am in state 38 and it has been open for about 3 months now

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