Rise of Empires: Ice And Fire Activation Codes 2020

Started playing Rise of Empires and wondering how to get and redeem activation codes? Read on for Rise of Empires: Ice And Fire Activation Codes 2020

Rise of Empires Ice And Fire Activation Codes ListRise of Empires: Ice And Fire is a base-building game with massively multiplayer online role-playing mechanics. It’s been out on Android and iOS platforms for a while now. Like all other mobile games, Rise of Empires features the activation code function. If you go to the menu, tap the three dots(…) button -> you will see the activation codes option. You have to tap that button and enter an activation code. The codes are listed below.

Speaking of the codes, these are not the cheat codes that you can discover by yourself. These codes are legit ones and officially published by the developers of the game on their social media fan pages. If you are looking for the codes, then you are on the right page. In today’s post, we have listed all the Rise of Empires: Ice And Fire Activation Codes 2020 that you can redeem for premium gift packs containing gems, resources, and many other valuable items. So let’s not waste any time and check out the Rise of Empires Codes 2020

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Following is the list of Rise of Empires Ice and Fire Activation codes(not the cheat codes, these are gift codes) (Update – some players are reporting that these codes are not working anymore. Try them and see if they work or not. We will add new codes as soon as the developers announce them) – 

  1. Roe
  2. Roefamily
  3. Backtoroe
  4. Roeilove
  5. welcometoroe

Code no. 1 is “Roe“. With this Rise of Empires: Ice And Fire Activation code, you can get x5 building speed-ups, x1 5000 gold, x5 960 Iron, x5 1,200 Marble, x5 2,000 Lumber, and 2K Food for free. To redeem this activation code, you need to tap the menu button and then tap the (…) button and then you have to tap on the activation code button and enter the code “Roe”. 

Code no. 2 is “Roefamily“. With this Rise of Empires: Ice And Fire Activation code, you get around x8 100 gems, x6 advanced recruitment tickets, and x5 5K gold pack. 

Code no, 3 is “Backtoroe“. Using this Rise of Empires code, players can get around x100 gems. The gem is the most valuable in-game item that you can use to speed-up things, shop valuable items to progress further into the game. Redeem this code and get free gems. 

Code no. 4 is “Roeilove“. Another activation code that you can redeem for x100 gems. 

Code no. 5 is “welcometoroe“. It’s an old code; if you are new to the Rise of Empires, try using this code. Good if work. 

The roe in these codes means “Rise of Empires”. 

Keep in mind that you would not get the rewards if you have already used the code. One code gives rewards only once. After that, it would be useless. When you redeem the codes, the rewards are sent to the mailbox. Tap the menu -> go to the mailbox -> system -> there you can claim the code rewards. 

How To Get More Rise of Empires Activation Codes?

As we said earlier in this post, these activation codes are not the cheat codes; so you can not discover them by playing the game or doing some tricks. For the legit working codes, you must follow the game’s social media fan pages; Facebook, Facebook Group, Reddit, Twitter, etc. Or keep visiting this page; we will add new codes as soon as they are announced. 

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So this would be all in this post on Rise of Empires: Ice And Fire Activation Codes 2020. If you have more codes to share, comment below so that other players can also get the rewards. 

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