Saga of Sultans Best Class Guide For Beginners

Saga of Sultans is a brand new MMORPG featuring three amazing well-crafted classes. Read on for Saga of Sultans best class guide for beginners

Saga of Sultans Best Class GuideONEMT, one of the popular mobile game developers, well-known for Rise of the King game, has just added a brand new game to the portfolio. It’s called Saga of Sultans – featuring the unique middle-east theme where you will get to choose the mighty kingdoms and slay down the enemies in deadly 3D Kingdom wars. As of now, Saga of Sultans features three character classes; Mage, Archer, and Warrior. In each server, players are allowed to choose one of these three classes. Unfortunately, it does not give you slots for more characters – so, you can only play one class at a time. If you are wondering which class is the best, then you are on the right page. This Saga of Sultans best class guide walkthrough you to all the classes’ strengths and skills. So without any further ado, let’s head to the main content. 

Saga of Sultans Best Class Guide – All Classes: –

There are three classes in Saga of Sultans; Mage Class. Archer Class. And, Warrior Class. Mage class excels in unleashing magic attacks from a distance with the help of the wand that she uses throughout the game. Archer class is one of the DPS classes; similar to the Mage class – but does penetration damage. And, at last, we have the Warrior class, which excels in continuous melee attacks that cause physical damage. Let’s walk through all the classes and figure out the best one. 

Archer Class In Saga of Sultans

Being an Archer, you will be dealing with the enemies from a distance. You would not need to go close to them to inflict damage – thanks to the weapon the Archer class has. All you would do is keep a distance between the enemy and unleash the weapon skills, abilities to the enemies, which causes damage. Let’s have a look at the Archer class skills: –

  • Volley – it’s a damage type of skill that causes damage to multiple targets. With this ability, Archer shoots x5 arrows to the target area and inflict penetration damage
  • Steel Rain – it’s AoE damage type of skill that causes massive damage to multiple enemies. With this skill, Archer does AoE damage(damage over an area). 
  • Cloud Piercer – another damage type of skill that causes damage to up to x5 enemies. 
  • Rend – unleash this skill makes Archer leaps into the air and attack multiple targets with deadly arrows
  • Explosive Arrow – it’s a CC and DMG skill – causes damage and reduces the enemies’ HIT stat/attribute for a few seconds
  • Ballista – Archer summons a ballista to the battlefield and inflicts damage
  • Storm – spins and attack multiple enemies

Conclusion – Archer is a pure DPS class. By playing as an Archer class, you would be able to inflict massive damage single-handedly. Good for solo players. 

Mage Class Overview

Mage Class does magic damage, which is different from the Penetration damage that an Archer class does. Archer vs Mage – as said above, Archer is a pure DPS class – but, the Mage is not. Mage class does decent damage – but, she excels in inflicting the CC skills that could be helpful in battles. For example – paralyzing the target, trapping them in a magnetic field, etc. Let’s have a look at Mage class skills: –

  • Ice Blast – brings ice spikes to the surface where enemies and standing and cause magic damage to up to x5 targets
  • Frost Ring – paralyzes the enemies + inflict damage 
  • Blizzard – summons a blizzard to inflict damage to multiple targets on the combat field
  • Magnetic Field – fabricates a magnetic field that traps enemies and inflicts damage
  • Flash – damage skill
  • Chain Lightning – uses the wand to inflict lightning attack to the enemies
  • Thunderstorm – AoE thunderstorm attack

Conclusion – Mage is also a good DPS class with CC abilities such as paralyzing the target, creating a magnetic field that traps enemies. 

Warrior Class 

Warrior is another one of the three classes in Saga of Sultans. He uses the spear as the main weapon to deal with the hordes of enemies. You will be dealing the physical damage to the enemies with the skills this class has. Speaking of strength, Warrior excels in continuous damage – thanks to the bleed effect that causes damage to the enemies over time. Let’s have a look at Warrior class skills: –

  • Tear – with this skill, Warrior can target up to five enemies – causing damage and bleed effect. Due to bleed effect, enemies suffer damage over time(continuous)
  • Crescent Slash – using this skill, Warrior pulls the enemies and unleash a powerful attack
  • ‘Charge – this skill cause physical damage to the enemies – reducing the speed(enemies) and increasing the defense(Warrior) – kind of buff/debuff skill
  • Cyclone – spin and hit the enemies
  • Frenzied Stab – multiple attacks on the enemies with a spear
  • Angry Bellow – buff allies’ damage and inflict damage to the target
  • Heaven’s Sentence – slow them down and cause PHY DMG

Conclusion – Warrior has three types of skills; physical damage, control skills that slow down enemies/debuff enemies(speed) and supporter type; self-buff, increasing allies’ damage. 

Which Class Should You Pick In Saga of Sultans?

Well, all the classes are balanced. We would advise you to choose a class that suits your play style. If you love unleashing CC skills, pick Warrior or Mage. For DPS, you have the best option available, which is the Archer class. 

  • Archer – Best DPS
  • Mage – DPS and CC
  • Warrior – CC, DPS, Support

So this would be all in this post on Saga of Sultans best class guide for beginners. 

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