Aura Kingdom 2 Eidolon Guide – Squad, Interaction, And More

Wondering how Eidolon in Aura Kingdom 2 helps you during the battle? Read on for Aura Kingdom 2 Eidolon guide for beginners – Eidolons, skills, talent, etc.

If you have just started playing the Aura Kingdom 2, then you might be wondering what’s the role of Eidolon. Eidolon(s) are the companion characters that you can add in the squad. All the Eidolon(s) have unqiue skills; squad bonus, common skill, talent, passive, etc. When you add them to the squad, they will boost the main character/player’s stats. For example – Aegaeon is one of the Eidolon(s) in Aura Kingdom 2. When you add this companion to the squad, you get a small boost in Evasion stats. For starters, we recommend checking the beginner’s guide and tips, class guide, leveling guide, and codes. In this post, we have shared the Aura Kingdom 2 Eidolon guide for beginners. So let’s not waste any time and check out the main content. 

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There are four types of Eidolon in Aura Kingdom 2; Power, Critical, Life, Tank, and Evasion. Power-type Eidolon buffs the attack, DPS of the player with the skills. For example – Leona, Rebecca. Critical-type Eidolon provides CRIT buffs to the player. For example – Mannequin. Life-type Eidolon provides HP, HP-recovery related buffs. Tank-type Eidolon provides DEF buffs to the players. And, Evasion-type Eidolon provides Evasion-stat related buffs to the player. 

All the Eidolons in the game have unqiue common skills, talents, active skills, and passive skills. 

How To Get Eidolon In Aura Kingdom 2?

In the Aura Kingdom 2, you get Eidolon from the gacha shop. Head to the mall menu of the game. Then go to the Eidolon tab. There you can spend blue diamonds to get Eidolon. One draw costs x150 blue diamonds. x11 draw costs 1.5K blue diamonds. You can also spend chromatic diamonds. You will get their “WILL”. This “Will” item is required to summon Eidolon. Aura Kingdom 2 Eidolon Guide

After summoning, tap the main menu button and go to the Eidolons tab. There you will see the summon option when you have the Eidolon’s will. Tap the summon button and get your Eidolon. 

Best Eidolons In The Game

We recommend investing in SR and SSS-tier characters. Don’t waste resources in developing R-grade Eidolon. In the Eidolon area, tap on any character avatar -> in the top-left corner, you will see its grade; R, SR, SSR. 

Building The Best Squad

Aura Kingdom 2 Eidolon GuideAura Kingdom 2 allows you to add up to x5 Eidolons in a squad. We recommend adding the Eidolons based on your character’s class strength. Add power/CRIT-type Eidolons in the squad if you are playing with a DPS class(Shinobi, Nymph). Add Life-type Eidolons in the squad for the Elementalist class. And, tank-type Eidolons for Dragoon class. 

The first slot is for the leader; the character you add in this slot will assist you in the battle and you can use its skill by tapping the skill button. The rest of the characters use their skills automatically(you will see a spark gauge above the chat-box that displays their skill time timeline). It only appears during the combat. 

Tap the magnifying glass button next to Squad number(on Eidolon Squads screen) and you will get their details; common skill, squad bonus, and leader skill. 

You can check the skills of all these companion characters on their respective profile page. Tapping the skill button will you the details. 

Special Skill Set

Aura Kingdom 2 Eidolon GuideIn Aura Kingdom 2, when playing the Eidolon avatar dungeon mode, you will get to choose the Eidolon. For example – Temple of Eidolons. In this dungeon mode, you will have to select a particular character. And, during this mode gameplay, you will get to use Eidolon’s special skill set; active skills, passive skill, etc. Go to the Eidolon profile page and check the transformation tab – there you will see its special skill set that activates during this mode. The type of Eidolon hints its strength. Go with the Power or CRIT for more DPS. 

Evolve Eidolon With Will

There are two ways to evolve an Eidolon; normal evolution and advanced evolution. In normal evolution, you will need that character’s exclusive “will” and shared will. You can get them from gacha(mall). Once you have enough, you will be able to evolve the Eidolon – increases the star level and raises the stats. Also, evolution unlocks new talents. In advanced evolution, you will nee a universal will. 

Level Up Aura Kingdom 2 Eidolon

You will need Eidolon EXP dust to level up. You can get it from dungeon mode. Head to the fortify tab and there you will be able to use it for leveling up. 

Interact With The Eidolons

Head to the interaction tab on the Eidolon profile page. Tap the (?) symbol to interact; make choices and get affinity. Also, on the same page, you can send a gift to raise affinity. Affinity increases the base stats of the companion character. 

You can get the gifts from Eidolon coin shop. Eidolon coins can be acquired by salvaging the “will”.  

Equipment Of Eidolon

In the equipment tab of the companion character’s profile page, tap on the crystal equipment -> you can use gold and crystal to infuse it for more stats. New equipment slot unlocks when you reach a certain star-level. 

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So this would be all in this Aura Kingdom 2 Eidolon guide for beginners. 

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