Sky: Children of the Light Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Sky: Children of the Light is a brand new mobile RPG by TGC. Let’s have a look at the Sky: Children of the Light guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Sky: Children of the light is a beautiful mobile game by TGC where you can explore over seven beautiful areas, make friends, customize the characters, discover loads of emotes, and there are many more things to do. On top of these things, music & the graphics make it adorable. If you have just started playing the Sky on your mobile, then today’s Sky: Children of the light guide – which covers all the basics of the game will help you a lot. Let’s dive in.

Quick Navigation: –

Sky: Children of the Light Guide

Sky: Children of the Light
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What to do after the tutorial

In the tutorial, you will learn the controls – how to fly, how to move the character, etc. Once you complete the tutorial, you will have to figure out the things manually. Unlike other RPGs, Sky: Children of the Light does not feature any kind of brutal battles, enemies, etc. All you have to do is sit, relax, enjoy the music, interact with the surrounding environment, and discover the hidden things such as spirits, stars, wings, etc. Let’s learn about the menus first and get familiar with the navigation.

The Home Space

If you think that you are lost or stuck somewhere – then teleporting to the home space would be a great choice. From this area, you can go to all other areas and access other functions of the game such as friends, spirit, outfits, etc. That’s the home screen. To teleport to this area, tap the cogwheel button at the top-right corner of the screen. If there is no button, just tap the top-right corner of the screen – this will make all the menu buttons visible.

Tap the cogwheel button -> home.

The game will send you directly over the constellation table. Tap the pattern -> use the navigation <> keys to switch between spirit and friends menu.

Sky: Children of the Light
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In the friends menu, you can find all the friends and the invite option. Tap the friend name -> you will see his/her visual along with some options on the right side. These options include – removing friend, mark as favorite, send/receive hearts(use three candles to gift a heart), change the name, etc.

Sky: Children of the Light – Portals in Home Space

Sky: Children of the Light
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In front of the constellation table, you can see the portals. You can go to other areas through these portals. As you explore more or spend time in the game, you can discover all the areas(Also called as game levels) –

  • Isles of Dawn – This is the first level in Sky: Children of the Light game. In this level, the game teaches you the controls, navigations, etc.
  • Daylight Prairie – Cloudy area
  • Hidden Forest – Gloomy forest where the rain drains energy – here you can discover the dark matter
  • Valley of Triumph – Snowy area
  • Golden Wasteland – Wasteland area
  • Vault of Knowledge – Library
  • Eye of Eden – When you discover this level, all the portals will disappear
  • The Ascent – Open skies
  • The Light – final location

What things you can do in all these areas?

Well, if you are looking for a walkthrough, we would recommend you to check out this YouTube channel(Link opens in a new tab). Or the name of the channel is Sky: Children of the Light and Journey Videos. There you can find some intersting videos and almost all the walkthroughs.

If you are not interested in the videos, then have a look at these tips: –

Create Candles In Sky: Children of the Light.

Sky: Children of the LightThere are four in-game currencies in Sky: Children of the Light game – Candles, Hearts, Ascended Candle, Season candle. Let’s learn how to create a basic candle. You will need these candles to upgrade expressions, get blessings from the spirits, to gift hearts(you need three candles to gift a heart). So candle farming is the first thing that you can do. Now, how to forge these candles?

  • In this Sky world, you can find loads of red candles. Lit those candles and you will be able to receive light from them(Do it now and then). At the top-left corner of the screen, you can check the total number of candles that you own. If you have no candles at all, you will see a transparent candle which fills gradually as you collect the light from the candles(explore to find). Once you have collected enough light, you will see a red dot icon at the top-left. Tap it to forge the candle.

In short, light candles -> collect their light -> once you have enough, tap the candle icon at the top-left.

Find And Save The Spirits

Sky: Children of the LightYou can unlock new outfits, upgrade the expressions, and get blessings/spells from these spirits. Of course, you will need to spend hearts and candles for all these things. But it can not be possible without the spirits. Explore the locations – check each every accessible corner and you may find the blue spirits. You can call the discovered spirits at home space -> head to the home space -> constellation table -> tap the pattern -> tap the expression -> spirit will appear -> unlock and upgrade those nodes for outfits, spells, and expression level.

Unlock The Spirit Gates

As you save more spirits, spirit gates will get unlocked and you will be able to access new lands.


At the top-center of the screen, tap the wing meter -> on the right side, you can see all the expressions/emotes and spells that you have. You can learn new expressions by saving spirits. Bring them candles and hearts for special gifts.

Collect The Winged Light – Stars In Sky: Children of the Light Game

Stars in Sky: Children of the LightIn all the locations which we mentioned above, you can find the winged light, also known as stars. This winged light or stars are scattered in the entire valley and you will need to explore every corner to find these stars. What is it? At the top-center of the screen, you can check the wing meter(cape meter) – the level of wings determine how much wing energy you can store. This energy is used to fly, float, flap higher in the skies. You will see the red wings if you are out of the energy.

Increase the wings level and you will be able to store more energy, which increases cape – allowing you to fly high in the skies.

Some creatures may steal winging light – In that case, return to these locations again to collect them again. Also, In the Ey of Eden level, you can submit winged light for ascended light.

  • Tip – Check the YouTube channel which we have mentioned above to know all the stars location in all lands.

Add Friends For Hearts and To Team Up In Sky: Children of the Light

How to get hearts in Sky: Children of the LightHow to get hearts? First, you need to add a friend and after that, he/she will be able to send you a heart by sacrificing three candles. To invite a friend, tap the cogwheel button at the top-right -> invite -> share and scan the QR code.

Or In the game, move close to a player -> tap it -> offer a candle to become a friend.

Viewing friend –

It’s already explained above – Go to home space -> on the constellation table, tap the pattern -> use the navigation keys and head to the friends’ menu -> tap the friend name -> on the right side, you get all the options – send heart, teleport to the friend, etc.

Teaming Up or Holding Hands together –

Go close to the player -> tap the candle icon -> tap the player -> tap the emotes – give high five, hold hands, play hide & seek, etc. Tap the hold hands emote -> wait until the player confirms -> to get free from holding hands, tap the player -> tap the hold hands emote again.

So that would be all in our Sky: Children of the Light beginner’s guide. For more game details, look at these: –

Feel free to comment below – we would love to help.

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38 thoughts on “Sky: Children of the Light Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies”

    • You can’t! There are no portals to these two areas. You can only go to ascend and orbit (the light) after getting through eye of Eden.

    • If you’re new to apple phones like I was when I had this problem, there’s a small switch that toggles silent mode on the top left of your device.

  1. I have done Eye of Eden 8 times SOLO! It’s possible. And you have to give up your winged light no matter what. And you have to die in the final level. There is no way to complete Eye if Eden without dying. I have done it here times in a group, and it does work better. I suggest you travel in a group, that way you can all complete it together.

  2. Can you get your wing wedges back during orbit by buying wing buffs from the spirits? Like would they be given to you before you’re reborn, or on your next trip through Eden? Thanks in advance.

    • Unlock spirits; gather light; make candles; buy hearts from spirits;
      •Harp (Prairie, Laugh) – 5 hearts
      •Drum & Percussion (Forest, Shy) – 5 hearts
      •Piano (Valley, Cheer) – 10 hearts
      •Bass Harp (Wasteland, Scared) – 5 hearts (kinda sounds out of tune)
      •Horn (Wasteland, Lookout) – 5 hearts (still good, but no longer changes sound with voice)

  3. How do you get through the gate in the Valley of Triumph? It says I have to save more spirits on in the constellation but I already got the proud stance spirit. I can’t go through the gate.

    • There is a spirit called the Hide n seek pioneer near the bridge. Its a small cave like spot hidden by dark plants. You need ascented candles which u can get by beating eden to unlock the higher level of that spirit. The mask coat 20 hearts, which u can get from spirits, friends, and quests. I hope this helps!

  4. I’ve gone through the Eye of Eden four times, and I’ve never gotten to the end without losing all of my winged flight. Just navigate it carefully and make it as far as you can; after a certain point there is no cover from the rocks and they will take all of your stars away. There’s nothing you can do about that, it’s part of beating the game.

  5. For the tables and chairs, it’s from one of the seasonal spirits, but I couldn’t remember what spirit was it and how much it cost

    • For the table and chairs it is the mediation spirit in Vault and costs 30 hearts. The hide and seek spirit in the cave with the crabs in the Hidden Forest. This is in the first big area with the river on the right side

  6. I have played this game. I went to the eye of eden alone lol i lost all my winged light,but i have gotten 4/6 of my stars back so far lol it is a fun game but today i saw a table and chairs how do i get one lol and i also saw you can play hide and seek how do i do that as well haha can someone tell me tyvm

  7. You lose wings no matter what when entering Eye of Eden to give to the fallen. However, you’re able to gain red candles to unlock special items from the constellations. Better to go with a group. It’s hard to solo that map.

  8. You only lose your winged lights if you are not in a group or if your moving when the wind is very strong as throwing rocks I’m pretty sure

  9. Hi I have a question about the eye of Eden when you go through the second portal and it sais if you go you may loose all of your winged lights can you make a vid of it