Pokemon Masters Reroll Guide – How To Reroll For The Best Sync Pair?

Wondering how to reroll in Pokemon Masters game? Let’s have a look at this Pokemon Masters Reroll guide – delete saved data, link account, etc.

Rerolling is pretty simple in Pokemon Masters game. The game lets you delete the saved progress whether the account is linked or not – anytime. You can link the game to Nintendo account to save the progress and one more reason to link it to the Nintendo account is that when you complete the chapter (2) in the story mode, the game unlocks a new function called missions. The no. 82 mission rewards free 600 gems to the player. However, you can try rerolling after chapter 1 if you don’t want to go that long. We have cleared all the things in this Pokemon Masters Reroll guide. Let’s not waste any time and navigate to the main content.Pokemon Masters Reroll

Pokemon Masters Reroll Guide

Steps To Follow To Reroll In Pokemon Masters Game: –

  1. Scout for the first Sync Pair in the tutorial summon
  2. After you download the data, check the mailbox
  3. Get the launch celebration and Log-in rewards
  4. You should have over 1000 gems
  5. Use the gems to scout or progress further; complete chapter 2
  6. Link the game to Nintendo Account to get 600 gems
  7. You should have over 1600 gems
  8. Use the gems in the shop and perform Sync Pair Scout
  9. Try getting a 5* Sync Pair Scout
  10. If you are satisfied with the draws, continue to the game
  11. If not, delete the saved data and start again
  12. Tap the Poryphone at the bottom-right corner
  13. Go to account settings
  14. Choose to delete save data

Pokemon Masters RerollWhen should you reroll? In the short process, you complete chapter 1, download the data, do the tutorial summon, and get all the rewards; pre-registration launch celebration, log-in, etc. Tap the present box button at the bottom-left corner to claim all these rewards. Use all these gems to get Sync Pairs from the shop. In the long process, you continue to chapter 2 and unlock missions. Get 600 more gems by linking the game date to Nintendo account. The individual draw costs 300 gems. If you reach this point, you can draw six times. (300*6=1800) or more. It’s up to you.Pokemon Masters Reroll

Why Should You Reroll In Pokemon Masters Game?

For the 5* character. You can get these 5* characters –

  1. Kris
  2. Brendan
  3. Phoebe
  4. Olivia
  5. Karen

We would recommend you to roll for one of these characters. If you don’t know what are the best Sync Pairs in the game, you should check this Pokemon Masters Tier List.

The Drop Rate: –

  • 5-Star Sync Pairs – 7.000%
  • 4-Star Sync Pairs – 20.000%
  • 3-Star Sync Pairs – 73.000%

Pokemon Masters Paid Gems Vs Free Gems

The paid gems are those that you get by spending real money in the game. And, the free gems are those that you get by playing the game. The game gives a discount to scout Sync Pairs on Paid gems. And, at the time of writing this post, the launch celebration scout banner guarantees one 5* Sync Pair – it costs 3000 Paid Gems. We would recommend you to play/enjoy the game and save 3000 gems if you are not rerolling. Use the 3000 gems for 10X draw.

What To Reroll?

We would recommend rerolling for Karne and Houndoom pair. Since you already have Rosa, you can go with the combo; Karen + Rosa. With Rosa’s skill, you can increase the special attack of Houndoom and strike strong. Other 5* characters are also good. Also, see –

So that would be all in this Pokemon Masters reroll guide for the beginners. If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to comment below.

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