Spiritwish Guide – How To Revive Dead Character?

Spiritwish Revive Dead CharactersIn this Spiritwish guide, you will learn how to revive the deal characters in detail. The article covers all the details in a beginner-friendly way

If you have been playing the Nexon’s Spiritwish game for a while now, then you may be wondering how do you revive the dead character during the battle. Well, if you have just started playing the game, then it could be possible that you have not faced this situation yet because of the easy battles. But as you progress through the quests, you will get to know that the powerful foes can easily break down the character. And, you should know about the dead characters. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content – Spiritwish guide to dead characters & resurrection.

Spiritwish Guide – How To Revive Dead Character?

To revive the dead character, you need resurrection stones, which can be obtained from potion shop in exchnage for gold coins. There is a limit for this purchase – and, you are limited to exceed (10) resurrections stones purchase a day. And, the other way is to let them die all. Let’s learn everything in detail.

Using Resurrection Stone

Spiritwish Revive Dead CharactersIf the character is dead on the battlefield – while an ally or two allies are on the battlefield, you can use the resurrection stone. At the top-right corner of the screen, tap the bag option. In the bag or inventory, tap the resurrection stone item – use. If you don’t have resurrection stones, you can buy them from the store.

Spiritwish Guide – How To Get Resurrection Stones?Spiritwish Revive Dead Characters

  • Tap the menu button at the top-right corner of the game screen
  • Tap on the premium option to open the store
  • In the store, go to the Misc. tab
  • In the Misc. tab, head to the Potions/Scrolls tab
  • There you can purchase the 10x Resurrection Stones for 200,000 gold coins

Without Resurrection Stones?

Spiritwish Revive Dead CharactersIf you don’t have a resurrection stone or enough gold to buy resurrection stones, then the only way to revive or go back to the normal stage is by letting the rest of the team allies die in the battle. There are two simple things to know – if one individual character dies, you can revive him/her with resurrection stones – there is no other way.

If all the team dies, the game gives you three options; resurrect all team members using the resurrection stone or return to the town or resurrect at Start of Map for free.

So if you are low on these revival items, it’s better to let the rest of the characters die in the battle so that you can start again with the full team.

So this would be all in this Spiritwish guide to reviving dead characters. Tip – equip red potions or healing potions to avoid this situation. If you have any other question, please share it in the comment section below.

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