American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Tournament Guide

This is a beginner-friendly American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Tournament guide that covers all the basics aspect a rookie need to know

The tournament is a 15-player clash where the random players join the league and fight each other to gain most of the tournament score so that they can get the top rank in the tournament leaderboard. It has five stages – and, in each stage, you can choose any player as an opponent to earn the score points. The more points you earn, the high-rank you get. At the end of the fifth stage, based on the tournament score, your position will be declared. And, based on the position, you will get the reward. Let’s learn everything in the detail in this American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Tournament Guide for beginners.

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Tournament GuideAmerican Dad! Apocalypse Soon Tournament

In case, you don’t know: you can participate in the tournament by heading to the map -> tap Morning Mimosa building.

There are two ways to participate in the tournament: –

  • Use Food
  • Use Tickets

Depending on the participation type, you will get the rewards. For example; if you use the food, you can get a ticket if you reach the #1 rank in the tournament. While, upon using the ticket, with the same result(#1), you don’t get the ticket. So the rewards are different based on the type of participation you select.

Using the ticket, you can get more rewards – and, also have the chance to obtain the Royal Tournament Chest that contains tickets, bottled mimosas, epic items, and legendary items.

How to get Tournament Tickets?

  • In the tournament, use the food as participation type and try to get #1 rank. The 1st place reward is 100 bottled mimosas, royal chest, and 1 tournament ticket
  • Complete the Ad watcher challenge: – On the home screen, on the left-center, tap the mobile -> daily quests -> ad watcher challenge -> complete all ad-related quest
  • Complete all the Invasion events: – head to the map screen, on the bottom-right corner, tap the UFO Icon -> show -> defeat the enemy Rogers -> complete all the Invasions -> get the reward chest that contains one ticketAmerican Dad! Apocalypse Soon Tournament

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Tournament: –

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon TournamentOnce you have selected the participation type, the game will match you with the other 14 players for the tournament. And, once all the players are matched, a tournament screen will pop out in a pyramid style. At the upper-right corner, you can check the stage number and tournament status.

Your Objective

Your goal is to get to the top place. On the participation type selection screen, you can check the rewards detail: –

  • The players at 1/2/3 position get the best rewards(chest, ticket)
  • The players at 4-9 position get normal rewards(no chest)

And, to get to the top-ranks, you need to earn more tournament score points than others. To earn tournament score points, you will have to defeat the opponents.

On the tournament screen, you can see all the player profiles. On each player profile, you can check the reward: +30, +45, etc. Tap on any player profile -> opponent selection screen will pop-out where the game shows squad power, rewards(at the bottom-left corner), enemy info, etc.

If your squad power is more than the enemy’s squad and you think that your squad can easily get the victory, then head to the battle without any worry. Victory gives tournament score points, while the defeat pushes you back in the tournament rankings.American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Tournament

During the battle, the two judges in the background give tournament points. If you defeat the enemy squad in a short time and without any casualty, you can claim the maximum reward.

After the battle, wait for the next round; check the timer at the upper-right corner.

The same process continues until the fifth stage. Try getting more tournament score points on all the five stages – at the end of five stages, based on the player’s score, the position will be decided. And, based on the tournament rank/place/position, you will get the rewards.

The Tournament Strategy

  • Goal – More tournament score points than other to secure top place
  • How to achieve: Check the rewards(tournament score points that you are getting by defeating a specific opponent). Target the high-rank players so that you can earn more points.
  • Safe Play – If high-level players are powerful, don’t bother fighting them. Target low-rank/powerful players to earn a decent amount of score points.

In the first stage, everyone gets the same max rewards; tournament score points. However, as you know that you get the max rewards only when you get a perfect victory; quickly and without any casualty. So most of the players will have different score points after the first stage.

After the first stage, the rewards number will change. Defeating the top-rank players will give you more tournament points(make sure to check the rewards first).


Once the tournament ends, claim the rewards by tapping the claim button on the top-right of the tournament screen. The rewards are sent to the mailbox. So head to the home screen, tap the mail icon on the right-center of the home screen.

You can spend the bottled mimosas in the market. Navigate to Morning Mimosa building -> market -> there you can spend bottled mimosas for artifacts, items, and the chests.

So this would be all in this American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Tournament Guide for beginners.

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