Adventure Escape: Allied Spies, Overview, Walkthrough, And Guide

Description – Haiku Games has just released a new puzzle adventure android game on google play store. Here’s what you need to know about allied spies – guide, walkthrough

Puzzles games are mind-blowing games and everyone plays these types of games. If you’re looking for a new one with adventure elements then you should play “Adventure Escape: Allied Spies”, A brand new puzzle game by Haiku Games.

Story – Newlyweds Ed and Marie Hamilton parachute into Occupied France on a mission to smuggle two scientists out of Europe. They meet the French Resistance but things quickly go wrong as ruthless Major Kressler smashes their network. Who’s the traitor? Where are the scientists? What mega-weapon is Major Kressler preparing? Will Ed and Marie ever get a night alone?

In Allied Spies, you find hidden objects and use them with perfect things to complete chapters or to solve puzzles. However, this game is not so easy even if you know what you have to do.

You start with a quick tutorial and learn how to find and collect things and how to use hints/stars. Stars are limited, so don’t spend all at a time. Save it for later use or buy more with real money.

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There is a total of 9 full-of-difficulty levels that you have to clear to complete Allied Spies game. You can complete this game within 2 hours [if you know how to solve].

Here’s how to play Allied Spies game – Walkthrough 1

In chapter 1, we have to slay the guard. First, we enter the house and place lanterns on the appropriate location, then we fix the gun, and shoot down the guard.

Step 1.) Complete the tutorial – pick the knife and cut parachute. You can zoom by tapping on the screen. Tap on the left side of the screen[Middle left].play Allied Spies game - Walkthrough 1 

play Allied Spies game - Walkthrough 1 Step 2.) Collect rope and lantern. Tap on the house ⇒ then the door. You’ll see the door is locked. We’ve to unlock it. Press the buttons in a sequence to unlock it – play Allied Spies game - Walkthrough 1 

Step 3.) Enter into the house. Collect two more lanterns and one broken bottle, pencil, butter, crowbar. First, open the box[on the table] and pick pencil and crowbar. Use the crowbar to open wood object[see highlighted objects in the picture] and pick Allied Spies game - Walkthrough 1 

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Step 4.) Tap on the table, place broken bottle, place butter and rope inside it[tap on the rope again] like this: – 

Step 5.) Get out of the room. Use the crowbar with the car. Press both buttons and place pencil there[at the end of buttons]. Burn the makeshift lantern and other three Allied Spies game - Walkthrough 1  Adventure Escape Allied Spies is a great puzzle adventure

Step 6.) Go inside the house and place two lanterns and one makeshift lantern there. Adventure Escape Allied Spies is a great puzzle adventure

Step 7.) Place one lantern at the top of the door.

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Step 8.) Pick the lock parts[to fix gun]. Tap on the table and again tap on the gun to fix it. Bring the burnt pencil from the car and use it with table to draw a sketch of the gun. Adventure Escape Allied Spies is a great puzzle adventure

Step 9.) Assign lock parts and other parts of the gun, matching the sketch.

Step 10.) Shoot down the lanterns and the guard to finish off the first chapter of Allied Spies.

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Watch full walkthrough here[All chapters] –

Final Words[Allied Spies] –

Adventure Escape Allied Spies is a great puzzle adventure game but sometimes its too difficult know what we have to do next. So, use stars when you get stuck.

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