Star Trek Fleet Command Mining: Tritanium, Crystal, Gas, Ore, Dilithium

If you are wondering how to mine tritanium, dilithium crystals, gas, ore in Star Trek Fleet Command, then we have got you covered and shared everything you need to know

TL;DR – You can find all these resources in high-level systems. Parsteel is one of the common resources in Star Trek Fleet Command. But other resources such as Tritanium, Ore, Gas, Crystals, Dilithium are rare. But as soon as you upgrade the ships, you will be able to set course in high-level systems where you can easily find these resources.

STAR TREK FLEET TRITANIUM MINEStar Trek Fleet Command Mining Tritanium

STAR TREK FLEET DILITHIUM MINEStar Trek Fleet Command Mining Dilithium

STAR TREK FLEET COMMAND RAW OREStar Trek Fleet Command Mining Ore

STAR TREK FLEET COMMAND RAW GASStar Trek Fleet Command Mining Gas

STAR TREK FLEET COMMAND RAW CRYSTALStar Trek Fleet Command Mining Crystal

You can produce tritanium and dilithium in the home station. However, to complete some quests, you will have to send the ships to mine these resources from the space.

EXAMPLES Systems: –

  1. Elona – Raw Gas
  2. Cita Laga – Tritanium
  3. Rigel – Dilithium Mine
  4. Bellas – Raw Crystal
  5. Nelve – Raw Crystal
  6. Obilent – Raw Ore

These are just examples; here we have found these resources. There is no exact location though; you will have to search manually.


Star Trek Fleet Command SystemHead to the galaxy screen. There you will see system nodes. For example – Obilent(17). Obilent is the system name and 17 indicates its level. If you are unable to set course, then try upgrading the ship. The reason is ship with low warp range can not set course. You can increase the warp range of ship by upgrading the warp engine. It will cost you battleship parts or explorer parts. You get these parts from the free crates, defeating the hostiles, by completing the missions, and from the event.

Update(17-01-2019) – The new update to Star Trek Fleet Command has changed the mining rates and almost every system is affected. You will see the changes in the upcoming days! So we have updated the mine locations: –

  • Systems With Tritanium Mines

Eral, Volta, Eravan, Jinnia, Kito, Dyrr, Palimer, Worhundelja, Whinuul, Grenfil, Donfo, Weh, Xerxes, Oppidum, Pulvis, Utoqa, Nilkino, Friefra, Zama, Collep, Fortaa, Honsao, Imgra.

Nausicaa, Orion, Rigel – Mining in these three systems is now disabled.

  • Systems With Dilithium Mines

Murasaki 312, Lorillia(New System), Kaikara(New System), Krah’Hor(New System). Lorillia is between Cita Laga and Opla. Kaikara is between Kepler-018 and Deneva. And, Krah’Hor is between Azha and Vindemiatrix. This is not the complete this though, there might be more systems with Dilithium Mines. Explore in level 9 or higher systems. Let us know in the comment section below if you know any other!

  • Systems With Parsteel and Tritanium Mines – Mix

(Level 16-19)Kosz, Dalukerinborva, Skyedark, Gelvin, Ora Leraa, Pune, Oltomon, Freyda, Atreig, Madra, Medua, Gra, Dle’greffo, Ragnarr, Wezen, Zhang, Vemet, Bharani, Eizeb, Aciben, Eisenhorn, Bubeau, Rakkaus, Ocus, Laidcenn, Ione, Araiza, H’ganrem, Kaus Australis, Kaus Borealis, Kaus Media, Wasat, Zeta Polis, Kishui, Todem, Helvetios.

(Level 21-29) – e’Onor, Lo’Uren Co, Zadiaoo, Iocau, Gowok, Foaiveb, Metea, Querlz, Mapic, Bazamex, Durchman, agutim, Liorrac, Dauouuy, Tufem, Mada, Rosec, Posel, Nipak, Keuaiei, Rooth, Mewudoh, Strezhi, Wauoxic, Jonauer, BeK, Uikuv, Woxoxit, Baryn, Godui, Vosak, Ias, Loaiy, Loiat, Izth, Laija

(Level 37) – Kuat, Gobuoov, Feqiiep, Yutuq, Nitur, Lanaj, Tiwoqua, Piuioabm Earokij, Zizeyab, Yajoy, Iekifog.

  • Small Changes In Systems
  1. Azha – Grade 3 Raw Crystal.
  2. Aiti – Grade 3 Raw Gas
  3. Kaisu – Grade 3 Raw Ore
  4. Enthra – Grade 3 Raw Crystal

Update(3-12-18) – List of mining locations(Systems) in Star Trek Fleet Command: –

Tritanium Mine Locations(Chances are you may find it here): –

Tip: Search in system level 9 or above.

  • Cita Laga

Location – System number: 81454. X-Axis – 4761. Y-Axis – 456.

  • Dyrr

Location – System number: 79578. X-Axis – 4935. Y-Axis – 1763.

  • Palimer

Location – System number: 79577. X-Axis – 4509. Y-Axis – 1363.

  • Worhundelja

Location – System number: 78727. X-Axis – 5721. Y-Axis – 1693

  • Kito

Location – System number: 78726. X-Axis – 6058. Y-Axis – 1304

  • Jinnia

Location – System number: 76222. X-Axis – 5929. Y-Axis – 1084

  • Eravan

Location – System number: 76223. X-Axis – 5993. Y-Axis – 644

  • Volta

Location – System number: 74101. X-Axis – 5699. Y-Axis – 467

  • Kepler-018, Eisenhorn, Bubeau, Aciben, Eizeb, Bharani, Vemet, Zhang, Wezen, Opla(System number – 81459. X-Axis – 4851, Y-Axis – 355), Pune, Ora Leraa, Gelvin, Skyedark, Kosz, Dalukerinborva, Freyda, Oltomon,

All above-mentioned systems are close to each other in the Neutral Zone. The reason for not mentioning the location is that the game is showing wrong system number as well as X-Axis, Y-Axis. So, we are unable to share the exact location. You will find these systems near Cita Laga.

  • Vindermiatrix

Location – The game is showing wrong. Sorry! You can find it near the Rigel system. The location of the Rigel system: – System number 54. X-Axis – 4724. Y-Axis – 569.

  • Sufiday, Dauouuy, Tufem, Rosec, Possel, Nipaj, Jeuaiei, Mewodoh, Wauoxic, Gradientes

Location – Green Zone. Zoom out on the galaxy screen and head to the green zone. You can find these systems near the Draken system.

  • Jonauer, Laija, Loiat, Godui

Location – Red Zone. Near Yadow system.

  • Ok’Vak

Location – Red Zone. Near Laija(25)

  • H’Atoria, May’lang, Carraya

Location – Red Zone. Near OK’VAK.

Try searching in above-mentioned systems for tritanium mines.

Grade-2 Raw Gas(2-Star)

  • Elona

Location – System number – 81286. X-axis – 4742. Y-Axis – 502

  • Sorenle

Location – System number – 81497. X-Axis – 4711, Y-Axis – 328

  • Zaurak

Location – Near the Rigel System.

  • Vendus A, Aerimea

Green Zone.

Grade-2 Raw Crystal(2-star)

  • Bellas

Location – System number – 81250. X-Axis – 4821. Y-Axis – 624

  • Nelve

Location – System number – 83345. X-Axis – 4728. Y-Axis – 668

  • Enthra

Red Zone

  • Siiolux

Blue Zone

Grade-2 Raw Ore(2-Star)

  • Fastolf

Near Kepler-018

  • Obilent

Near Cita Laga

  • Labac

Near Cita Laga

  • Aerimea, Lixar

Green Zone

  • Doska, Mapic, Thama

Blue Zone

Grade-3 Raw Crystal(3-Star)

  • Francihk, Morska

Red Zone.

Grade-3 Raw Gas(3-Star)

  • Davidul

Green Zone

  • Priya, P’Jem

Blue Zone

Grade-3 Raw Ore(3-Star)

High-level systems.

If you know any other system, not listed here, please mention it in the comment section below.


Go to the galaxy screen, on the bottom-right side, tap the location icon next to the galaxy. In the system column, enter the system number. In the X-Axis, Y-Axis, enter the coordinates.

How To Check The System Number and Coordinates?

If you want to know the location of your friend or a specific system, then these numbers help a lot. To check the system number or coordinates, just tap the system or station hub. It will show you the overview; you can find the info under its name.

Friend Location -> Ask your friend for Station Hub coordinates. How? Go to the System menu screen -> tap the planet(where your station is located) -> under the planet name, you can find it.


You can refine these material resources in the refinery(reach the operations level 10, research refinery technology in the R & D department to unlock). The refinery will convert the raw material into refined material.

  • Raw Ore -> Refined Ore
  • Raw Crystals -> Refined Crystal
  • Raw Gas -> Refined Gas

You need refined resources to upgrade the ship, buildings, and research technologies. So that’s all for now as STAR TREK FLEET COMMAND Mining Tritanium, Raw Ore/gas/crystals, Dilithium. If you have any question, ask in the comment section. Also, see – Guide, Tips for new players

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63 thoughts on “Star Trek Fleet Command Mining: Tritanium, Crystal, Gas, Ore, Dilithium”

  1. If I mine 3 star ore, where is it stored? Is it stored as 2 star ore. My Refinery only has 2 star ore storage , 2 star gas and 2 star crystal. Thanks ?

  2. Hey, so I’m trying to get the prime research upgrades also but don’t want to hit 15 yet. I’m farming dilithium right now but obviously cant get 3* resources. If I get everything else for those researches can I pay latinum for the 3* stuff I don’t have like with the other researches. A latinum price hasn’t showed up yet. If so does anyone have any idea what that cost would be? Thanks!

  3. Midnight (19) has four Grade 3 Gas mines which seems to be just for decor and cannot be mined. Trio on upper left section (NW) and another in lower right section (SE)

  4. Hi Star Trek players,

    Here is the most up to date list of mining location for the game star-trek-fleet-command.


    Gas Grade 2:
    Elona (13) (Neutral Zone)
    Zaurak (13) (Neutral Zone)
    Cita Laga (15) (Neutral Zone)
    Vindemiatrix (15) (Neutral Zone)
    Midnight (19) (Neutral Zone)
    Opla (20) (Neutral Zone)
    Solenle (21) (Neutral Zone)

    Crystal Grade 2:
    Bellas (12) (Neutral Zone)
    Nelve (12) (Neutral Zone)
    Lycia (14) (Neutral Zone)
    Azha (20) (Neutral Zone)
    Fastolf (21) (Neutral Zone)

    Ore Grade 2:
    Oblilent (17) (Neutral Zone)
    Labac (17) (Neutral Zone)
    Kepler-018 (20) (Neutral Zone)
    Solenle (21) (Neutral Zone)
    Fastolf (21) (Neutral Zone)

    Gas Grade 3:
    Nabok (22) (Green Zone)
    Davidul (20) (Green Zone)
    Priya (22) (Blue Zone)
    P’Jem (29) (Blue Zone)
    Voss (20) (Blue Zone)
    Earorfilad (24) (Blue Zone)
    Doska (Blue Zone)
    Angosia (25) (Blue Zone)

    Crystal Grade 3:
    Francihk (20) (Red Zone)
    Marska (29) (Red Zone)

    Ore Grade 3:
    Huebr (24) (Green Zone)

    Grenfil (9) (Neutral Zone)
    Whinnul (9) (Neutral Zone)
    Collep (10) (Neutral Zone)
    Donfo (10) (Neutral Zone)
    Friefra (10) (Neutral Zone)
    Honsao (10) (Neutral Zone)
    Imgra (10) (Neutral Zone)
    Nilkitno (10) (Neutral Zone)
    Utoqa (10) (Neutral Zone)
    Zamam (10) (Neutral Zone)
    Clytomenes (12) (Neutral Zone)
    Eizeb (16) (Neutral Zone)
    Aciben (17) (Neutral Zone)
    Freyda (17) (Neutral Zone)
    Todem (18) (Neutral Zone)
    Wezen (18) (Neutral Zone)
    Dalukerinborva (18) (Neutral Zone)
    Kosz (19) (Neutral Zone)
    Zhang (19) (Neutral Zone)
    Losti (28) (Blue Zone)
    Zodiaoo (22) (Blue Zone)
    Gowok (23) (Blue Zone)
    Metea (24) (Blue Zone)
    Gemet (25) (Blue Zone)
    S’mtharz (25) (Blue Zone)
    Eagutim (25) (Blue Zone)
    Quertz (26) (Blue Zone)
    Izth (Red Zone)
    Yadow (25) (Red Zone)
    Woxoxit (22) (Red Zone)
    Uikuv (23) (Red Zone)
    Vosak (24) (Red Zone)
    V’varia (21) (Green Zone)
    Sufiday (25) (Green Zone)

    Clytomenes (12) (Neutral Zone)
    Coridan (16) (Neutral Zone)
    Krah’hor (18) (Neutral Zone)
    Lorillia (18) (Neutral Zone)
    Kaikara (18) (Neutral Zone)
    Amador (19) (Neutral Zone)
    Midnight (19) (Neutral Zone)
    Vulcan (23) (Blue Zone)
    Earorfilad (24) (Blue Zone)
    Doska (27) (Blue Zone)
    Enthra (27) (Red Zone)

    • @Thomas It’s near Rigel system. Sorry, but coordinates aren’t available for this system. Check the rigel coordinates above and you will find it nearby.

    • @Player45 Search in level 21+ systems ? and refine in the refinery(you will get the grade 3 option when you reach the refinery level 19 or 20).

  5. (This comment was translated by Google Translate)
    I have a problem with extractions, I have several quests in my list to extract X units of tritanium but it does not tell me where …
    Example, a quest is called “Pecule”, I have to extract 2500 units of tritanium “in the system” but I do not know more and I do not remember in which system I activated this quest.
    When I click on “locate”, it shows me my base lol

    Can you help me ?
    Thank you in advance

    • @ProbeComprex Try mining Tritanium. You can find Tritanium mines in level 9+ Systems. Tap the Tritanium mine -> gather. Hope it helps!

  6. I’m trying to research Prime Hulls, and to do that you need 125 Uncommon Grade 3 Ore. I’m at level 14 and still working on research and upgrades. I found some Raw Grade 3 Ore, but my refinery lacks the option to refine grade 3. I only have grade 2 available. Is there something needed to make it available?

    I checked the research tab and the refinery itself and found nothing. Do I need a certain amount of the ore?

    • @Chris You can refine grade 3 ore in level 19/20 refinery(operations level 20). Since you are on level 14, you will have to upgrade both the buildings.

  7. What level refinery can refine 3* materials? I have 10’s of thousands and no way to refine it yet. All choices are 2*.

    • @TrueGritMclintock You will be able to refine grade 3 material in refinery once you reach the operations level 20 and refinery building level 19. Correct me If I am wrong because some people are saying at refinery level 20. But for me it’s 19. ?

  8. The biggest problem that many if not most of you aren’t aware of yet is rare mats. The biggest hurdles in the game are:
    – how incredibly rare “rare” mats are. I have been refining 3* mats and have yet to get any.
    – warp distances will limit your ability to complete missions and get mats (use Scotty as captain to get 2 additional warp distances)
    – some missions will require you to mine lots (how does 250,000 tritanium sound?) of mats to complete.

  9. Dilithium can be found in most Neutral systems with Grad 3 materials, however, you will most likely have to mine out the material, move the ship away, open galaxy map then system map again and your previously mined spot will be replenished with a chance to switching to dilithium. Same with titanium, find high enough system, where you see mainly parsteel and least one tritanium, even if occupied, locate almost mined out parsteel deposit, mine it to 0, move your ship away, refresh system and it might turn in to a full new tritanium deposit, rinse and repeat.

  10. I have questions
    1. What happens if your station is destroyed?

    2. Why don’t the long coordinates (in ex. 1790049115) that are used to locate system don’t work?

    3. Why can’t you make more than “5” Uncommon “anything” (crystal, gas, ore) every 3rd or fourth refining.?

    4. Can the “uncommon” be found elsewhere?

    • @Richard
      1.) If your station gets destroyed, the enemy will steal the resources(Cargo) from your station(how much? depending on its ship cargo capacity). To protect the resources from being plundered, unlock “vault” technology in the R&D department. The vault protects a certain amount of resources. Additionally, when the station gets destroyed, a piece shield will also be activated. One can not attack the station under piece shield. The piece shield lasts long for about a short time. Upgrade the defense platforms and ships+unlock defense techs in R&D to increase defense.

      2.) One of the bugs.
      3.) Upgrading the refinery increases the number of rewards
      4.) Events

  11. @MSSD I’m wondering the same thing. I’m at lvl 14 refinery and I still can’t do G3 refining. I don’t want to go to level 15 yet if I can avoid it until I have everything maxed out that can be.

  12. I seems when I mine out a Parsteel node, it is sometimes comes back as Tritanium – not always, but it has happened several times. FWIW…

  13. This will blow your mind!!!
    Tried to find Dilithium no luck, the was i system with a lot of raw gas, so I mined it.
    After I got back to the ship I looked at Dilithium mines. found out that it sometimes switches.

  14. Im totally confused how being attacked impacts the mined resources.
    It seems that wehn im attacked while mining, I lose some/all ressources sometimes and sometimes mot.
    Also, when I attack ships that are mining, I have never won any ressources.
    Does anyone have a clear explanation on how this all works?

    • @Dan It’s all about protective cargo capacity. Tap the ship -> manage -> go to the details tab -> under the utility section, you can check how much cargo quantity a ship can protect(protective cargo). Enemies can not steal this set amount of cargo(even if the ship gets destroyed). Similarly, you can not steal the protective cargo from enemy’s ship(depends on its upgrade level) by attacking.

  15. maybe a stupid question but, does refined crystal become dilithium after you do the R&D level 10 and get the upgrade of the refinery? thanks!

  16. Hello Guys, I have compiled a list of resources. Hope you like it.
    Dilithium Mines – These mines are very rare.
    1.) Rigel
    2.) Dhi’Ban

    Grade 2 Raw Gas Mines: –
    In addition to the aforementioned locations: –

    1.) Zaurak(Near Rigel System)
    2.) Sorenle

    Tritanium Mines(In addition to the aforementioned locations): –
    1.) Eizeb
    2.) Aciben
    3.) Aum
    4.) Wezen
    5.) Dobrabora
    6.) Mackers
    7.) Ellijo
    8.) Later
    9.) Dignam
    10.) Zonu
    11.) Zamam
    12.) Xipox
    13.) Qubas

  17. My refinery can only process grade 2 materials. Can’t seem to find out how to refine grade 3 materials. I don’t see an R&D upgrade to refining. Does the Refinery have to be at a certain level?

    • @KB You have to upgrade refinery building to get that function. I forget what level it was ? So I can’t tell you the exact level. I think it was level 20 or close.

  18. I had a question, but just answered it. I refined some resources, but couldn’t find them afterwards. I ended up going to Items then Materials and only saw Grade 1 Materials listed. I didn’t realize I could “scroll down” to see the other grades.

    • @Daz In the neutral zone, you may find Dilithium mine in Rigel(Confirmed – System number 54. X-Axis – 4724. Y-Axis – 569), Deneva, Clytomenes, or high-level systems. It’s rare!

  19. Any of the lists I’ve found of systems that supposedly have tritanium are devoid of it. Do the systems change over time?

  20. Drop rates for uncommon gas, uncommon crystals, uncommon ore are very low. I usually get 4-8 uncommon material after batching three times. So it takes more than 1 and half day to gather uncommon material. I would recommend you to go for multi batch. It will not only save your time but also chances of getting uncommon material will increase. BTW Thanks for the system number and coordinate location.

    • @Oudog Refine raw crystals in refinery building at your base. You can get uncommon crystals from there. However, Chances are very low. Similarly, to get uncommon gas, uncommon ore, you have to refine raw material in refinery.