Symphogear XD Unlimited: Guide, Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Symphoegear XD Unlimited is a brand new gacha game for Android & iOS. Check out our Symphogear XD Unlimited guide, tips & tricks for beginners

Symphogear XD UnlimitedPokelabo, Inc. has just released the English version of Symphogear XD Unlimited worldwide on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It’s a gacha game where you collect Symphogear, Memoria cards and fight the enemies in PvE, PvP, and event game modes. The game is packed with a variety of game modes where you will grind the in-game currencies and fight the waves of enemies. 

If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. This Symphogear XD Unlimited guide is designed for beginners. Also, we have shared a bunch of Symphogear XD Unlimited tips, tricks that you may like. So without further ado, let’s dive into the main content. 

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Symphogear XD Unlimited Guide, Tips: –

Your goal in Symphogear XD Unlimited game is to build the best party. In the party or team, you can add Memoria Cards, Symphogear Cards, and tracks. Symphogear Cards – Symphogear Cards are the characters that you will see on the battlefield – they have active skills that you can cast during the battle for damage and other effects. Memoria Cards – these are the support cards that you must attach for the passive benefits. With each Symphogear card, you can add two Memoria Cards. Tracks – All the tracks in this game have certain passive effects like an increase in PHY DMG, ATK of certain type characters. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Symphogear XD Unlimited tips & tricks: –

Start Strong With Reroll & Tier List

There are so many Memoria Cards & Symphogear Cards in the game. As you progress through the story mode’s main quests, you will need powerful characters or cards to slay down the powerful enemies. Here comes the point when you need to enhance the cards. Since there are many cards in the game – it’s hard to figure out the best ones. So we recommend you to check the Symphogear Cards tier list and Memoria Cards tier list to figure out the best cards in the game. Here are the links: –

We recommend rerolling if you want to start strong with the top-tier cards. Follow the mentioned link for more details on how to reroll in Symphogear XD Unlimited game; Android & iOS. Symphogear XD Unlimited

Choose The Leader Wisely In Symphogear XD Unlimited

In your party, the first slot belongs to the leader slot. Symphogear cards have special leader skills that impact the allies in the battle. For example – Tsubasa Kazanari’s leader skill decreases the physical damage of body-types by 12%. Go to the card menu -> card list -> tap and hold down on a Symphogear card -> skills -> there you can check the leader and passive skills of the card. Symphogear XD Unlimited

Learn About The Types or Affinity, Tracks

Symphogears Cards belong to one of these types/affinities: –

  • Dexterity – D
  • Power – P
  • Heart – H
  • Technique – T
  • Body – B
  • Intelligence – I

At the top-left corner of the cards’ icon, you can check their types. Tracks can improve the stats of a certain type of card. For example – Ame no Habaki, the Fatal Blade track raises Dexterity-types’ physical stat. 

  • Gungnir, the Striking Spear – Raises Power-Types’ PHY DMG
  • Ichaival, the Magic Bow – Raises Heart-Types’ PHY DMG
  • Gungnir, the Fierce Spear – Raises Technique-Types’ PHY
  • Shul Shagana, the Annihilation Saw – Raises Body-Types’ PHY DMG
  • Igalima, the Imprisonment Scythe – Raises Intelligence-types’ PHY
  • The Sound Called You Plays Until It Burns – Raises Technqiue-Types’ ATK

Enhance The Cards In Symphogear XD Unlimited

You can use the enhancers to enhance the cards and make them powerful. Head to the Card menu -> enhance -> select the enhancers; purpose enhancers or other cards that you want to sacrifice to enhance the target card. It will cost you gold and grant EXP to the base card. And, that base card’s stats like HP, ATK, DEF will improve. Check out the tier list and enhance the best cards. 

Awaken The Cards

Awakening the card improves its passive skill. To awaken, you need material items and gold. For example – to awaken a body-type Symphogear card, you will need Body Shards. to awaken an intelligence-type card, you will need intelligence shards. You can obtain these shards or awaken materials or gold from the battle quests. Repeat them to grind. 

Limit Break In Symphogear XD Unlimited

With the limit break facility, you get to boost the Symphogear card special attacks, leader skill, Memoria Cards passive skill boosts. To limit break card in Symphogear XD Unlimited, the base card must be at its max level – so enhance it and reach the max level first. And, another requirement is the limit break material card – duplicate card(of the base card) is used for limit-break. Also, you can use limit break support tools – obtain from the shop; in exchange for advent battle medals, arena medals, and normal medals. 

Limit Unlocking Cards In Symphogear XD Unlimited

All the Symphogear Cards in the game can be developed to the 6-star level. With the limit unlocking card function, which uses materials, you can raise the rarity of the card by 1 – for features like a counterattack, additional attacks, reduce damage taken from attacks.

Requirements for limit unlock: –

  • You must limit break the Symphogear card
  • Reach the max level of the card
  • Must have enough limit unlock materials; obtain from the raid boss mode, you also need gold

Play The All The Quests

To unlock the locked content in the game; game modes – you should focus on clearing the stages in the main quests. You can grind EXP, enhancers, shards, gold, etc. from these main quests – repeat them for more rewards. These quests consume AP – it’s like the stamina or energy function in the game. 

  • XD Quests – it unlocks when the player clears MA3-20 stage in the main quest
  • Event Quests  – you need EP to play event quests. Currency obtained from these quests can be exchanged in the shop for cards
  • Side Quests – Gold, Shards, Enhancers can be obtained
  • SP Quests – Memoria Card enhancers can be obtained from SP Quests
  • Hexa Quests – Get Symphogear and Memoria cards 

Complete The Missions

Song Stones, Enhancers, AP Recovery Items. Shards, Cards, etc. are some rewards that you can earn for free by completing the missions. Tap the mission option on the home screen to check the missions. 

Add High-Level Friends

Other than the cards in the party, you can choose the friends’ cards in the battle. To add friends, go to the menu by tapping the menu button in the top-left corner -> friends -> player search -> there you will find the ID and the option to search friends/players by ID. You can share your ID in the comment section below if you want others to add you as a friend. Also, in the menu, tap the help button if you want to check Symphogear XD Unlimited Wiki. 

So this would be all in this post on Symphogear XD Unlimited guide, tips & tricks for beginners. 

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