Dragon Raja Reaper Build: Guide, Core Gems, Skills & Best Allies 2021

Reaper is the new DPS class in Dragon Raja global version. Read on for Dragon Raja Reaper build featured with guide, core gems, skills, and more info

Dragon Raja Reaper Scythe Class Build Skills Allies

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Introduction: –

After introducing the Fighter Class in the global version, the devs of Dragon Raja has added another new class called “Reaper”. It’s a mage DPS that does an enormous amount of explosive damage to knock down enemies in PvE and PvP game mode. Like the Fighter class, players can not choose the “Reaper” or “Scythe” class in the beginning. It’s locked. Players need to reach level 70 with one of these classes; Blade Master, Gunslinger, Assassin, and Soul Dancer. After that, the game will let you switch to the Reaper class. This Dragon Raja Reaper build guide helps you to figure out which gem gems to use to build the best core set up and give you details of the skills this class possesses. So, let’s not waste any time and head to the main content. 

Dragon Raja Reaper Build(Scythe) 2021⇓

We recommend this build set for Dragon Raja Reaper/Scythe class –

  • x9 Fire Gems (Red) – Boost INT
  • X5 Water Gems (Blue) – Boost INS
  • x2 Wind Gems(Green) – Boost DEX

Or go with this build where you will boost more DEX

  • x9 Wind Gems(Green) – Boost DEX
  • x5 Fire Gems (Red) – Boost INT
  • x2 Water Gems (Blue) – Boost INS

Dragon Raja Reaper’s Best Allies⇓

  • Ming-Z-Lu – Center/Main
  • Support – Erii Uesugi, Chisei Gen, Luminous, and Anjou

Reaper Class Guide 2021⇓

  • Strength – DPS
  • Type – Long-Ranged
  • DEF Parameters – Low
  • Top Parameters – Damage

To play the Reaper class in Dragon Raja, you need to reach level 70 with any of the newbie classes. Also, you must complete the main quest number 69. After that, you need to visit NPC named Cygnet in Cassell College and interact with him to get the option to switch from the current class to the Reaper class. You can read the class change guide here. Is it worth switching to the new Reaper class? Well, it’s up to you. The class does have amazing long-ranged DPS skills that most people love. If you are already using a DPS class(Gunslinger), then we don’t think you should switch; although, if you are a tank or melee DPS, you might want to try this awesome class with long-ranged DPS skills. 

Reaper is probably the best DPS class right now. 

Reaper Skills⇓

  • Cat’s Kills – teleports backward + increases PDEF
  • Grim Scythe – summons scythes to inflict high volume of damage
  • Destruction Blast – blast the enemy area that causes a high volume of damage
  • Spectral Cat – makes the spirit of cat duplicate – act as your duplicate + damage 
  • Raven’s Shadow – teleports backward + increases PDEF
  • Annihilation – restores heart points and inflict M.DMG
  • Phantom: Raven – puts you in stealth form for a few seconds and the spirit of Raven backtracks your HP to its number a certain seconds ago(which will never lower your HP). Acts as your replica and charges forward. When defeated, it detonates and inflicts M. DMG to multiple enemies and fears them for a few seconds. 
  • Cat Bound – bind with cat spirit and enable all the cat skills. Also, it increases M. DMG. 
  • Raven Bound – bind with the Raven spirit and enable all raven skills. 

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So that’s all for now in this post on Dragon Raja Reaper build and guide, skills info 2021. If you have more Reaper class tips, comment below. 

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