Tap Cats: Epic Card Battle Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Tap Cats: Epic Card Battle is a brand new CCG for mobile by Screenzilla. Let’s have a look at our Tap Cats: Epic Card Battle guide, tips, cheats & strategy

The wait is over and it’s time for the cards game! The cats are ready to fight for Tuna! The latest title from Screenzilla lets you build the team of cats to fight enemies for the treasure; gold, tuna, and of course, allies! And, it’s now available worldwide on Play Store, App Store, and Steam. In today’s post, we have shared Tap Cats: Epic Card Battle guide and Tap Cats: Epic Card Battle tips, cheats & strategies to win PvE and PvP matches. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content!

Tap Cats: Epic Card Battle Guide

Tap Cats: Epic Card BattleWe will understand all the basics of this card battle game in detail. First, the only objective is to reduce the enemy hero’s HP to 0 to win the match. Similar to your objective, the enemy also has the same objective to kill your hero by reducing its HP to 0. Here come the cats and cards part. Both the players will try to defend their heroes using the cats/cards.

So you have to keep two things in mind; defend your hero and don’t let the enemy drop his HP to 0. The second objective is obvious – slaying down the enemy’s HP to 0 as soon as possible.

Let’s learn how do you attack the enemy’s Hero and how can you defend your hero.

⇒Both the players select the cards from their deck – some cards have a cooldown while some unleash their power instantly. Select a card from your deck and put it on the board. Now, if there is a cooldown or delay for that card, that card would not work until then. But if not, then your card will deal damage to the enemy’s card.

⇒If there is no card next to or in front of your card, then the enemy’s hero will take damage.

⇒If there is a card next to or in front of your card, then that card would not deal damage to the enemy’s hero directly. Instead, it will deal with the card which is in front of it. Even the enemy’s card in cooldown.

From the above three points we learn that the card will attack the enemy’s hero if there is no defense or a card in front of it. To deal damage to the enemy’s Hero, you need to destroy the card in front of your card. And, to protect your hero from enemy cats/cards, you must place a card in front of each one.

So that would be all in this basic battle guide & tips part for the beginners. It’s not over yet! Let’s learn more in detail!

Tap Cats: Epic Card Battle Deck Guide & Strategies

You can create a deck of (10) decks. Now, you might be wondering what are the best cats in Tap Cats: Epic Card Battle game, what are the best cards, etc. Well, you have to keep a couple of things in mind while building the deck; you need a bunch of tank-type cards, attackers, supporters, skill-counters, and the units who can attack instantly. Here’s what it means: –

The instant attackers(0 Cooldown) are powerful –

In this Tap Cats: Epic Card Battle strategy, we will take the benefit of delay or cooldown. Suppose, the enemy has played a card which will work after 4 turns. Now, 4 turns – no attack to the card or cat who is in front of that card. If you deploy a card which has a low cooldown or no cooldown, you can take benefit. Suppose, it’s 1. Now, after a 1 turn, that card can attack the enemy’s card – but the enemy’s card would not work until the 4th turn. So if you get successful in destroying it in less than 4 turns, you will completely get a lead.

The HP Holders –

These types of cat have high HP stats -that means their survivability is strong. So these cards work as a tank. Play these cards against the attackers; enemy’s cards with high ATK stats. In this way, you can survive for a long and wait or try luck with another card. On the other hand, placing low-HP cards in front of high ATK stats is a bad idea; you will lose the card completely and that means your hero would be the next target.

The Cards Which Rely On Skills

Want to surprise the enemy? There are lots of cards that you can use to surprise the enemy; like the cards with the bulletproof skill(blocks the damage from enemies), healing(restore the health of a random ally), raising the ATK power, etc. See, there are a lot. All you need to do is get to know about each skill. That’s one of the top Tap Cats: Epic Card Battle tips from our side – get familiar with the skills. Don’t get surprised when the enemy uses these skills on your cards and you would be like – what just happened!

Go to the Edit Card Deck of the menu and open the skills info. There you can read all the skill details.

While building the Tap Cats: Epic Card Battle best deck, you should keep all the stats & skills & delay/cooldown in mind.

Upgrade & Fuse The Cards

Tap Cats: Epic Card BattleYou can improve the cards and make them more powerful in their respective field by upgrading. Navigate to the edit deck menu and tap on a card -> tap the (>) sign and then hit the upgrade button. It costs you Tuna. tuna or Fish is the in-game currency to make upgrades. You can earn Tuna from the story mode or retire the useless cats.

When you reach the max level, you can fuse the card and make it more powerful; stats and the skills.

Choose The Heroes Wisely

You can access the heroes on the deck menu. Enter the heroes menu and you can see all the featured heroes. All these heroes provide a unqiue boost to the team. Make sure to choose the heroes wisely.

Trigger The Team Power

Tap Cats Epic Card BattleIf you deploy the four cats or cards from the same team, you will trigger the team power and the team members will get the special boost. In the deck menu, tap the teams option and on the next screen, you can check all the teams and the list of cats belong to it. Select a team and go to the second/third tab to check the team power boost.

Participate In The PvP in Tap Cats: Epic Card Battle

In the PvP mode, you fight other players – for the rank. The highest-ranking on the leaderboard, the more rewards you get. These rewards include fragments, Tuna, gold, etc. Go to the inventory and there you can combine the fragments to get cat/card.

Get The Cards From The Shop

Spend the gold and you can get random cats from the basic packs or fragments. Spend the diamonds for a heroic cat.

Get The Gold Medals

In the story mode or missions(Explore) – you can play those stages multiple times. Don’t just head to the next one – complete all the missions in all the difficulties to grab all the rewards; Cats, Tuna, and Gold. Easy, normal, hard, etc.

Watch The Video Ads

At the bottom-right side of the menu, tap TV button – watch the video ad to get free energy /battery.

Invite Friends To Get Free Diamonds

At the bottom-right corner, tap the message icon -> invite friends to get free diamonds and fragments.

Complete The Missions

Tap the quest scroll button on the bottom-left side to check missions, daily activities, etc. Complete these quests for XP, Tuna.

So that would be all in this Tap Cats: Epic Card battle guide, tips, cheats & strategies for the beginners. Do you have more tips to share? Feel free to share in the comment below!

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