Tower of Fantasy Reroll Guide

Read on for the Tower of Fantasy Reroll Guide.

Tower of Fantasy Reroll Guide

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Tower of Fantasy Reroll Guide

The following Tower of Fantasy reroll guide is based on the English Global version of the game. 

Tower of Fantasy Reroll Guide: Part I

Gold Nucleus is the gacha currency you need to obtain characters or weapons through the gacha system. You will get around X10 Gold Nucleus for free as a pre-registeration reward. Unlock the main continent by progressing through early tutorials and quests, and you will be rewarded with x3 more gold nucleus. 

You can also earn more gold nucleus by finishing the missions, achievements, and exploring the open world[at specific locations on the map, you will find the gold nucleus) or purchasing from the shop. Also, see – Tower of Fantasy Tier List

Tower of Fantasy Reroll Guide: Part II

Go through the tutorial and unlock the gacha system. It opens after you complete the Ecological Station mission. In this mission, you will interact with Scrapper, head to Ecological Station, take down hyenas, interact with Scrapper again, and the gacha system will get unlocked. You will also unlock your first Simulacra. 

Simulacra or Simulacrum are the weapon characters. 

Tower of Fantasy Reroll Guide: Part III

Once the gacha system is unlocked, spend the gold nucleus and hope for the top-tier weapon characters. Tap the mail icon below the map in the top-left corner to receive the rewards. Also, see the Tower of Fantasy codes redeem the freebies

Reroll Guide: Part IV

If you don’t get any top-tier weapon characters, log out from the current account. Create or register with a new account i.e., an email, Apple, Google, Facebook, or Twitter account that you have not already linked to the game. The game will start over. 

As of now, the game does not have any kind of delete or reset feature that would let you reset the current progress and start over. So the only way to start over in ToF is by creating and registering a new account. Also, see the Tower of Fantasy codes redeem the freebies

Reroll Guide: Part V

What to reroll for in Tower of Fantasy?

You should be aiming for the top-tier weapon characters such as Shiro, Samir, Tsubasa, and King. If not these top-tier weapon characters, aim for good characters like Meryl and Cocoritter. Zero is decent but not the best. We don’t recommend settling for Pepper, Hilda, Echo, Ene, and Bai. Better aim for top-tier or good characters. Also, see – Tower of Fantasy Tier List

So this would be all in this post on Tower of Fantasy reroll guide. 

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