Ulala Warlock Build: Skills, Strength Info

Ulala: Idle Adventure WarlockWarlock is one of the character classes featured in Ulala. Check out this Ulala Warlock build and skills info to know her strength

In this post, you will get to know about one of the popular Ulala classes; Warlock. Warlock is one of the most picked character classes in the game. If you want to know more about her; skills, role, etc., then read this full post. Or if you are looking for Warlock build, you can check it here. So let’s not waste any time and learn about Ulala: Idle Adventure Warlock Build, Skills.

Ulala: Idle Adventure Warlock Class: –

  • Type – Long-Range
  • Role – Damage Dealer/DPS
  • Main Weapon – Gem Staff
  • Headwear – Feather Headwear
  • Handguard – Feather Handguard
  • Ring – Beast Bone
  • Off-Hand Weapon – Gem Wand
  • Robe – Feather
  • Shoes – Feather
  • Necklace – Beast Tooth

Ulala Warlock Build: –

Warlock is one of the best DPS classes in Ulala: Idle Adventure game. As a DPS role, she would be inflicting the damage to the enemies from a distance – covered by the tank units. To raise her potential in the combat, we recommend allocating the energy points on the top-notch build stats so that you can get more DPS. Our Warlock Build – INT or TECH. INT to increase Warlocks’ attack power. And, Tech to increase Warlock’s CRIT. Share your Ulala Warlock build in the comments below. 

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Best Skills For Warlock: –

  • Soul Seal
  • Painful Ignition
  • Soul Wave
  • Chain Ignition
  • Quack
  • Soul Twins
  • Life Tap

The details of all these skills are mentioned below. 

Ulala Warlock Skills: –

1.) Primitive Plain

The first Warlock skill unlocks in the primitive plain location – after clearing a set of waves or defeating the bosses. Here’s the skill info: –

  • Name – Summon Violent Frog
  • Use – Summons the violent frog to deal damage

2.) Sabada Rainforest

Four new Warlock Skills get unlocked when you unlock/reach this region in the fire continent.

  • Name – Incinerate
  • Use/Effect – AoE damage over 5 seconds

  • Name – Soul Birth
  • Use/Effect – Inflict damage on the enemy every 2 seconds. Healing. It lasts long for a few seconds

  • Name – Multi-Ignition
  • Use/Effect – AoE damage(3 Random Enemies)

  • Name – Painful Ignition
  • Use/Effect – Inflict massive damage to the enemy

3.) Chiwawa Gorge

Four more new skills get unlocked in this location.

  • Name – Soul Seal
  • Use/Effect – Apply a soul seal to the enemy. This seal causes damage every 2 seconds and lasts long for a few seconds. If the enemy dies, then the seal will pass on to other enemy units

  • Name – Soul Wave
  • Use/Effect – Inflict ATK DMG on the enemy+reset the effective duration of its soul seal

  • Name – Chain Ignition
  • Use/Effect – Combo + Bonus attacks to inflict damage

  • Quack quack quack
  • Use/Effect – Silence/Stun the target for 2 seconds and inflict bonus ATK damage

4.) Bata Desert

Three new Warlock skills get unlocked when you reach this region.

  • Name – Frog Synergy
  • Use/Effect – AoE damage(3 enemy units) and extends the elder flog skill duration

  • Name – Summon Elder Frog
  • Use/Effect – AoE damage (3 enemies)

  • Name – Drain
  • Use/Effect – Remove enemy’s buff, increase damage(Self), inflict bonus damage to the enemy over 12 seconds

5.) Babao Coast

Two new Warlock Skills get unlocked when you reach Babao Coast.

  • Name – Summon Pharmacist Frog
  • Use/Effect – Self-Healing

  • Name – Soul Lash
  • Use/Effect – Reduces the enemy’s armor effect and deals massive damage

6.) Jujule Volcano

Two new skills get unlocked at this location.

  • Name – Dehydration
  • Use/Effect – Continue damage on the enemy for a few seconds

  • Name – Polymorph: Frog
  • Use/Effect – transform the enemy into a frog for a few seconds and inflict attack damage

7.) Sinbad Rainforest

Two more skills get unlocked at this location for Warlock.

  • Name – Life Tap
  • Use/Effect – Sacrifice HP and restores energy. No need to worry because sacrificed HP returns as the battle progresses

  • Name – Soul Twins
  • Use/Effect – Inflict damage + if the target has soul seal on it, using this skill, you can apply one more and get the double bonus

8.) Toto Plain

At this location, you unlock two more new skills.

  • Name – Conflagrate
  • Use/Effect – AoE Damage+Bonus Burn Seal

  • Name – Dragonfire
  • Use/Effect – AoE Damage

9.) Cobo Coast

At this region, one new Warlock’s skill gets unlocked.

  • Name – Ignite
  • Use/Effect – Burns the enemy – which inflicts the continuing damage for a few seconds. Also, lowers the target’s healing

Ulala: Idle Adventure Warlock Class Conclusion-

Warlock does not have any shield or protection skills which provide cover to the allies. So she would not help you in that area. But she does have amazing AoE, basic ATK, continue burning effects, and some healing skills; DPS – that’s her strength. Want to know more about her? Check these guides: –

So this would be all in this post on Ulala Warlock Build, Skills info. 

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