Ulala: Idle Adventure Mystic Realm & Enchanting Books

Ulala: Idle Adventure Mystic RealmWondering what is Mystic Realm mode in Ulala game? Let’s have a look at this Ulala: Idle Adventure Mystic Realm & Enchanting Book Grinding Guide

Ulala: Idle Adventure Mystic Realm Mode –

The Mystic Realm mode unlocks once you reach the character level 25. Also, one more condition that you need to unlock it is by reaching the Chiwawa Gorge 40. And, one of the best ways to reach this stage quickly and unlock the mystic realm mode is by joining a perfect team. The player needs to join the team wisely – you will be pushed back to the past stages if your team has not reached there(the current level/stage) yet. For example – Suppose, you are on Chiwawa Gorge 37th stage. If you join a team of the players who have not reached that stage or the team on low-level stage; suppose, it’s 33 – you will be pushed back from the 37th stage to 33rd stage.

Ulala: Idle Adventure Mystic RealmNavigate to the team menu and check the location or progress of the team – the red arrow indicates that you will be pushed back. So the best way to reach Chiwawa Gorge quickly and unlock the Ulala Mystic Realm mode is by joining a team who is far ahead of you.

We would recommend joining a team of players with level 27+.

How Do You Participate In Mystic Realm Mode?

In Mystic Realm Mode, you fight the powerful monsters. And, to participate in this mode, you must be a part of the team – and, that team must have four players(including you). Also, make sure to transcend the character class. If you meet this requirement, you will be able to challenge the boss in the Mystic Realm.

How Many Times Can You Challenge The Boss?

You can challenge the boss in the Mystic Realm three times a day. Each team members gets three chances to fight the boss. So the total number of chances a team gets is 12.

Ulala: Idle Adventure Mystic Realm Stages

Defeating the boss in this mode rewards enchanted books, such as: –

  • Weapon Enchanting Book
  • Off-Hand Enchanting Book
  • Ring Enchanted Book
  • Headgear Enchanting Book
  • Clothes Enchanting Book
  • Brace Enchanting Book
  • Shoe Enchanting Book
  • Necklace Enchanting Book

At each mystic realm stage, you can get one of those enchanted books. These books are required to increase the max level of gears’ enhancement. Once you clear all the stages, you will be able to participate in the next realm battle.

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So that would be all in this guide to Ulala Mystic Realm Function.

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