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Wondering how to get the most out of the fighters in Zero City game? Let’s read on our Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival “Fighters” Guide

In the last post on Zero City game, we shared a complete guide which covered all the basic concepts. In today’s post, we are going to explain fighter class and how you can experiment with it to win all stages in campaign mode. The fighters are really useful in defense as well as attack. It’s up to the player to customize them as a tank unit, ranged unit, close combat, healer, buffer, AoE, etc. For the starters, it could be difficult to figure out how all this work. So today’s post on Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival “Fighters” guide will help you a lot. Let’s dive in!

Zero City – Fighters – How To Get Fighter Type Dwellers?

Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival FightersThe very first question players ask a lot is how do you get the fighter class dwellers? Well, there is no direct way – it completely depends on the luck. When you send the two dwellers(one male and one female for offspring production) in the living room, make sure to pay attention to their potential and strengths. For example – if you send two fighter-type dwellers(one male and one female), then chances are you will likely to get a fighter class dweller. If not, you can train that dweller by sending him/her gym to increase fighter class attribute. So getting or building fighter class dweller in Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival is not a difficult task. After bonding two dwellers – you get a random dweller – train him/her in the gym to raise fighter stats.

Why Do You Need A High-Rank Fighter Class Dweller?

If you tap the dweller, the game will display his/her class attributes under the classes tab. Since we are talking about the fighters, we will take this class as an example. As you progress through the game – complete the quests, claim the chests – you will get better gears. Dwellers can carry these gears if they meet enough attribute requirement. For example – Suppose, you have a rare gun and it can be equipped by the dweller who has 8 or high fighter class attributes. In this case, dwellers with low fighter attributes would not be able to equip that rare gun. In order to equip high-class gears, you will have to increase the fighter’s attributes – by training him/her in the gym.

Tap the gear to check attributes requirement.

How Do You Get High Potential Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival Fighters?

Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival FightersBy potential, we mean the maximum training limit of dwellers. Dwellers come in 1-6* range. Depending on the potential, they have a maximum training limit. For example – a 3* potential dweller can not have more than 60 attribute points, which mean you can not train that dweller once he/she reaches the 60 attribute points. And, as you know, to equip better gears, you need high-potential dweller. If you are going to play Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival for a long time, then you should focus on 3* or higher potential dwellers because they can be trained more as compared to low-potential dwellers.

To check the potential, tap the dweller and note down the stars he/she possess. You can upgrade the potential using the CP(Cryptocoins). Tap the + button next to potential rating to check the maximum training limit.

How to get?

Now, the question is how to get high potential dweller in Zero City? Well, when you use two dwellers for offsprings production, pay attention to their potential. You may get the higher-rating dweller if the parents possess high-star potential. For example – To get a 4* dweller, you should try mating 3*+3* or 3*+4*. Keep doing this and you will eventually get a high-rating dweller. Similarly, for the 5* dweller – try 4*+4* or 4*+5* or 5*+ 5* combination. For more dweller information, check this Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival guide.

How To Experiment With Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival Fighters?

Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival FightersIt’s totally up to you to customize the fighters. The game would not give you a single hint for building the dwellers. You will have to do it manually. First, you should figure out the needs – for example – if you need close combat dweller, then you should equip melee type gear to the dweller. Also, equip him the best defense/HP stat armor because he/she will act as a tank. If you need a dweller who can attack from a range, then you should equip him/her a long-ranged weapon like a gun and the armor which can increase damage, CRIT, etc. For healers, AoE damage, you need the gears which provide these buffs.

Spend some time reading the gear details and equip the gears wisely.

  • Check the gear type – buffer, AoE damage, melee, ranged, heal
  • Armor – Defense, dodge, damage, CRIT
  • Pay attention to the gear stats

Just tap the gear to get the details. (Tap dweller -> tap the gear).

So that would be all in our Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival Fighters guide. Also, see –

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