Zero City: Zombie Survival Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Zero City is a brand new shelter simulation game for mobile by BEINGAME LIMITED. Let’s have a look at our Zero City: Zombie Survival guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Zero City: Zombie Survival is the latest title from BEINGAME LIMITED. In this game, you build your own shelter – build and upgrade the rooms to store and produce the resources, train the dwellers, craft the weapons, and there are many more things to do. You can participate in the Arena fights, raid other players shelters, produce offsprings, customize the dwellers according to their roles. In today’s Zero City guide and Zero City tips, cheats & strategies post, you will learn every basic concept in detail. Let’s get started!

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Zero City: Zombie Survival Guide

Zero City GuideIn the game, you have to take care of plenty of things – dwellers, rooms, upgrades, defense, battles, resources, and battles. Starting with the shelter part, the game gives a free shelter to every player where they can build rooms and keep the dwellers. Every room has its own importance. For example – The dining hall room produces food, the print shop produces cash.

The main room in the shelter is the command center – if you want to build more rooms or increase the max level cap of other rooms, you will have to upgrade the command center. Tap on any room and tap the info button to get the details. To upgrade, tap the upgrade button and spend the resources like cash, reagents, food, wood, steel.

You can produce these resources in these rooms: –

  • Dining Hall – Produces food
  • Foundry – Produces Steel
  • Chemical Laboratory – Produces reagents
  • Lumber Mill – Produces wood
  • Print Shop – Produces cash

To store these resources, you will have to build the warehouse rooms in the shelter: –

  • Reagent Warehouse – Stores reagent
  • Wood Warehouse – Stores Wood
  • Steel Warehouse – Stores Steel
  • Refrigerator – Stores food
  • Vault – Stores Cash

At the top-right corner of the screen, you can check the number of resources that you currently own. Tapping the resource icon will give you more details such as per-hour production and the maximum storage capacity. If there is a big upgrade, then you should focus on the storehouse and the production room upgrade. For example – To upgrade the command center to level 6, you need 270K cash. If your vault can store only 50K, then it would not be possible to reach this target. In this case, one will have to upgrade the vault to increase the storage limit.

How to get dwellers in Zero City: Zombie Survival

Zero City GameThe main way to get dwellers in Zero City: Zombie Survival game is by sending a male dweller and female dweller in the living room. In the first tutorial, the game will teach you how to send a dweller from one room to another. All you need to do is send a male and female character to the living room. After a certain amount of time, the female dweller will give birth to a baby dweller.

Once you send both the characters to the living room, they will need some time to get to like each other. Once both are in the living room -> tap the living room -> tap info -> here you can check the time they will need to progress further in offspring production.

How long does it take to get the baby?

Tap the living room and then tap the info button. Above the female dweller icon, you can check the exact amount of time. After this due time, tap the baby icon above the female dweller.

After that, you will see the baby roaming in the shelter. Tap him/her to check the growth bar. The baby will take some time to grow. After that, you can use him/her.

⇒You can also get dwellers from the campaign mode and through IAPs offers.

Zero City: Zombie Survival Dweller Classes

Zero City Game DwellersTap on any dweller in the shelter and on the left side of its profile, under the classes section, you can check the class attributes. The class attributes indicate the field in which that particular dweller is good. For example – If a dweller has more cooking attribute, then you can use him/her in the dining hall. If he/she is a fighter, he/she would have more fighter class attributes. You can use the fighters in the battles – arena, PvP, adventure/campaign, defense.

  • Cook Class – Train in the kitchen
  • Accountants – Train in the accounting office
  • Researchers – Train in the experimental lab
  • Carpenter – Train in the carpentry workshop
  • Metallurgists – Train in the forge room
  • Fighter – Train in the gym

You can improve the dwellers through training. By improving we mean that increasing the class attributes. The higher the class attribute is, the more benefit you get. Also, the dwellers with the high-class attribute can carry high-rank gears.

How to use dwellers in Zero City Game?

You have to use the dwellers on the basis of their class attributes. For example – you should not use a cook in the battles. A cook can help you in increasing food production. So it’s better to use the cook in the dining hall. Similarly, place accountants in the print shops because they can increase cash production.

  • Cook – Dining Hall
  • Accountant – Print Shop
  • Fighter – Barracks
  • Researchers – Chemical Laboratory
  • Carpenter – Lumber Mill
  • Metallurgists – Foundary

Tap the dweller -> check his/her class attributes -> place him/her in a perfect room. For example – Cook in the dining hall.

How to remove a dweller from the shelter?

You can have a certain number of dwellers in the shelter. As you get more, you may want to remove the low-rank dwellers from the shelter. Tap on the dweller -> tap the menu button(hamburger button) next to his/her name -> banish dweller.

To increase the population or the maximum number of survivals – build and upgrade the living room.

Zero City: Zombie Survival Battle Guide

First, you need to send the fighters or dwellers(the dwellers that you want to use in the battles) to the barrack room. Only the dwellers in the barrack-room can participate in battles, raids, arena, defense. So make sure to send them before you enter a battle.

As mentioned before, for the battles, you should use the fighter class dwellers. Check every dweller in the shelter and figure out the top fighter class dwellers. Once done, equip them the gears -> gears can increase the stats of these dwellers. Stats such as health, DPS, healing, dodge, crit-rate, etc. Depending on the gears, a dweller battles in the battlefield. For example – The dweller carrying melee weapon attacks from a close range, while the dweller carrying a gun(long-ranged weapon) attacks from a range.

When making the battle strategy, you should consider all these things: –

  • Carry them melee weapons if you want to attack from a close range
  • Carry them ranged weapons if you want to attack from a long-range
  • For more health, defense – equip better armor
  • AoE weapons
  • Healing weapons

Read the Zero City Gears guide below for more details.

Zero City: Zombie Survival Gears Guide

Zero City: Zombie Survival Game GearsYou can get the gears from the campaign mode crates, craft in the weapon workshop, from the market, arena store. All the gears have a unique effect and you should equip the right type of equipment to a perfect dweller.

For example – Suppose, you have a bracelet which can increase the per-hour production of food. If you equip it to a cook, you can produce more food per-hour. On the other hand, using it on a fighter class dweller would not be useful. That’s just an example. There are many bracelets which give different buff.

On the left side of the game screen, tap crate/inventory/box button -> here you can check all the gears, items. Tap on any gear and read its detail. Once you figure out its buff, equip it to a perfect dweller.

Crafting Gears For The Characters

You can craft weapons in the weapon workshop room. Weapons such as melee, chemical, and ranged can be crafted using the materials. You need reagent and the materials. How to get materials? To get the materials, you will have to dismantle the items. If there is an item that you are not using or have in surplus, you can dismantle it for the material. Go to the inventory(tap the box button on the left side of the screen) -> tap the gear -> break apart. Depending on the gear quality, you get materials – rare, uncommon, epic, legendary, etc.

How to get cryptocoins?

Cryptocoins is the most valuable currency in Zero City: Zombie Survival game. You can use it to buy more builders, to complete the construction & upgrades instantly. There are a number of ways to earn cryptocoins for free: –

  • Complete the achievements(tap the ribbon button on the right side of the game screen to check the achievements)
  • Destroy the scraps(around the shelter wall, tap the junk and remove it).
  • From the crates

Arena Chips

You can earn arena chips by playing the arena mode. Go to arena menu(tap the map) -> store -> here you can spend the chips for better gears. For more information, read the arena guide here.

How to earn trophies?

Battles and LootThe alliance owners set a minimum requirement of trophies that you will need to complete if you want to apply for the particular alliance. You can earn these trophies by getting victories in the PvP matches. Go to the map -> there the game shows locations -> tap on the location with enemies -> after that, tap the enemy base on the map -> scout -> attack. You can change the opponent by spending food.

So that would be all in our Zero City: Zombie Survival guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our Zero City: Zombie Survival tips, cheats & strategies!

Zero City: Zombie Survival Tips, Tricks & Strategies: –

1.) Get The Happiness Bonus

At the top-right corner of the screen, tap the profile avatar button -> there you can check the happiness status. If the dwellers are not happy, you will not get any happiness bonus. To make the dwellers happy, pay attention to their emotions. Every now and then, you will see the emojis on their face. Tap them to collect smileys and keep them happy to get the maximum happiness bonus.

2.) Place Dwellers Wisely

In the guide above, we have shared all the ways to use the dwellers wisely. Make sure to read that part for more details. By placing dwellers wisely we mean to say that you should place them according to their class attributes. For example – To increase the food production, cash production, place the cook and accountant to the dining hall and print shop respectively.

3.) Equip The Gears

The equipment provides a special buff to the dweller. Make sure to read the detail of the gears and equip them to dwellers for more benefits. For example – some gears can increase the food production, cash production while some provide DPS/Health/Healing like stats to the fighters. Read the details -> equip to the right type of dweller.

4.) Don’t Waste Cryptocoins

We would recommend you to save cryptocoins and buy a builder. On the upper-right side, below the profile avatar, tap the hammer icon -> recruit a builder. The more builders you have, the more upgrades you can do at a time.

5.) Complete The Missions

Storyline Missions and Daily Missions give many rewards like resources, crates. On the left side of the screen, tap the mobile type icon to check the missions. The daily missions reward documents. After collecting a certain number of documents, you will get a special crate. From this crate, you may get better gears.

6.) Train The Dwellers

Train the dwellers to increase their class attributes. High attribute means more benefit and they will be able to carry high-rank gears. Read the dwellers guide above for more details.

So that would be all in our Zero City: Zombie Survival tips, cheats & strategies post. If you have more tips to share, comment below! Also, see –

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