Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy!

Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile is a brand new Idle game by Eastside Games. Let’s have a look at Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile guide, tips, cheats & strategy!

Eastside Games’ latest Idle game It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – The Gang Goes Mobile has just hit the mobile app stores. And, it features all the characters from the Comedy Series It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Now, the gang goes mobile! In Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile game, the player completes the goals and finish the episodes. You will love it if you have watched all the seasons; so far there are (13) seasons and season 14 is on the way. In today’s post, we will learn about the game – Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile guide and Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile tips, cheats & strategies!

Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile Guide

Always Sunny: Gang Goes MobileSee, your goal is to finish all the episodes and discover all the character cards. To finish an episode, the player has to complete a certain number of goals. At the top of the game screen, you can check the episode number – and, just below of it, you can check the goals. Complete these goals and you will get crates or cards. From the crates, you get lucrative rewards like beer, cards.

What you need to do in Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile Game – What’s Happening On The Screen?

On the home screen, you can check all the businesses that you can open to earn loads of cash. All these businesses produce money now and then. All you have to do is collect the money and upgrade the business to bring more customers and get customer bonus. You can automate the collection process by hiring the character.

Earn money -> spend money on business upgrades -> get more customers -> earn more money.

Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile Cards Guide

How to get cards?

  • Complete the goals
  • Complete the goals and get the crates – from the crates, you may get the cards
  • Finish the episodes
  • Spend beer in the shop for cards
  • Buy the crates from store
  • From the barrels

At the bottom of the game screen, tap the shop button -> In the store section, you can find the cards deals – you can buy some of the cards by spending beer. Crates – to buy crates, you need eggs. Scroll down to the bottom and claim the free barrel – every (4) hour(s). Also, you can buy crystal barrels in exchange for the crystals. You can earn crystals by selling the cards.

The Three Types Of Cards

There are three types of cards in Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile: –

  • Schemes
  • The Gang
  • Support

Schemes –

These cards are for businesses. For example – In the episode (5), you have four businesses; EDM, Exploit Miracles, Gas Crisis, and Deal Stuff. For all these businesses, there are four scheme cards; EDM Card, Exploit Miracle Card, Gas Crisis Card, and Deal Stuff Card. These cards provide the business perks as well as card perks – for example – Increase in automated income per second. At the bottom of the game screen, tap the TV button to see all owned scheme cards and their perks. You can upgrade these cards using the beer.

The Gang –

These type of cards are linked with the character’s perks. For example – Upgrading the star Charlie increases the beer power. On other character cards, you will see other powers – like crystal power, cash power, trash power, etc. More power means more rewards. Example – Increase beer power and you will get more beer rewards from the barrels.

  • Cash Power – Increase it to get earning boost
  • Trash Power – More trash power means more rewards from the trash bag
  • Time Power – Increase it for faster schemes
  • Crystal Power – Increase crystal power and get more crystal bonuses

Go to the character’s tab(the third one) -> there you can see all owned The Gang Cards. Tap on the card to see power and scheme perks. All these characters provide scheme perks(check their working spot on the home screen). Upgrading The Gang Cards increase the power as well as earnings from the businesses.


Get more perks by upgrading these cards.

⇒Now, let’s learn how to get beer in Always Funny: Gang Goes Mobile.

Always Funny: Gang Goes Mobile Beer

Beer is one of the basic currencies in this game. You will need the beer to complete the goals, upgrade the cards. How to get the beer?

Watch the video ads –

From time to time, you get a free video ad gift offer. It will appear as a beer glass icon at the top-right corner. Tap it and watch the video ad for beer.

From the barrel and crates –

Go to the store and scroll down to the bottom. Open the free barrel(every 4 hours). Or buy the silver crate, which contains up to 600 beer.

Complete the goals –

At the top of the screen, you can see all the quests. Complete them to get crates – open crates and get the beer.

What Next After! – Put Out The Fire!

Once you complete enough goals, you will be able to reach the next episode. All you have to do is tap the burning bowl at the top-right corner of the screen and hit the button which says put out the fire. After that, you tap the guy on your screen and get rewards. These rewards include eggs, beer, and cards.

After that, you enter a new episode -> start over -> start businesses from the start.


The egg is the special currency in this game. You can use it to buy crates in the store or convert it into the beer when upgrading cards. You can buy beer from the store in exchange for these eggs. Complete the episode and put out the fire to get eggs.

So that would be all in our Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile guide. Let’s have a look at Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile tips, cheats & strategies!

Get Cash Boost – Public Access

At the upper-left corner of the screen, tap the TV button -> watch the video ad and get free cash boost for a couple of hours.

Selling Cards

You can sell the cards and earn crystals. Go to cards section -> tap the sell cards button at the top-right -> choose the cards and the number of cards that you wish to sell -> confirm. Increase the crystal power by upgrading Dee Cards to get more crystals by selling cards. You can use these crystals to buy barrels in the store.

Automate The Collection

At each floor, you have a business, which gives you money every few seconds or minutes. It will not produce any penny until you collect the money. You should focus on automating this task. Tap the refresh/reload button over the character -> spend the Idle cash -> automate the collection. Before it, you may have to complete the requirements.

Bring More Customers

Upgrade the businesses to attract more customers. At every bonus level, customer bonus gets activated and that business gives more money than before. These levels include 50, 100, 200, etc.

Complete The Goals

Don’t forget to complete the goals – the only way to reach the next episode and discover new locations.

So these are the basic Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile tips for the beginners. Feel free to share tips, questions in the comment section below!

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