Angel Fish Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Angel FishAngel Fish is a brand new fishing RPG for mobile by Candy Soft Inc. Check out our Angel Fish guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Candy Soft, the creators of Devil Twins game has just released a brand new fishing game Angel Fish for mobile in which the player explores lots of areas to complete the collection of fish. Your objective is to catch the world boss and become the 18th King of Rafanian continent. In your journey, you will face many boss fish. Can you catch them? To progress to the new areas, you will have to grab those boss in your net. Angel Fish game features over 40 fish(normal, rare, hero, boss), lots of customizations options, ships, building mode, and much more. If you are having the trouble understanding the game’s mechanics, we are here to help you with our Angel Fish guide and Angel Fish tips, cheats & strategy.


You will unlock the world boss mode after clearing the area 5 in the game. But to reach that point, you will have to upgrade your character, gears. And it would cost you a huge amount of gold coins. Angel Fish game also features the building mode; you can decorate the kingdom for additional buffs. On the main screen of the game, at the bottom, swipe the menu bar -> tap the kingdom option -> enter the P.mode -> tap the + button over tiles -> choose decoration.

And if you tap the castle, you will see the blue color upgrade icon. Tap it and upgrade. Upgrading the castle unlocks new decorations and increases the gold acquisition rate. Additionally, you will also activate the passive buffs.

In the early game, you don’t need to spend all the coins in these things. Focus on the character and its gears.


On the right side of the screen, tap the Voyage button to head to the area screen. For the first time, it would be covered with the fog. As you explore, the fog will disappear. On the same screen, at the bottom-left, tap the select area button to go to the area menu. Catch the boss of that area to unlock the next area.

Fishing Basics

Angel Fish game features simple controls. You just tap the screen at the right time to hook up the fish and then drag the character towards the boat to save the fish. To play this area mode, you need hearts. Hearts regenerate over time. At the top of the screen, you can check the character’s HP stats and on the top-right, you can check the timer. As time passes, character’s HP will reduce. And just below the pause button at the top-right, you can check the booster/skill; electric net(obtain as a reward or from the shop in item tab), elemental items.

Character Guide – Angel Fish

If you want to survive longer and catch the boss fish, world boss, you will have to upgrade the character. When you upgrade the character, its stats: Attack, HP, fishing score, gold acquisition, recovery, and luck will increase. Luck stats determine the chances of interacting a rare, special fish. You can upgrade the character in the characters menu, using the gold coins.

In addition to direct upgrading, you can also buy outfits for the character, which also improves the stats.

  1. Hair
  2. Clothes
  3. Wing
  4. Boat
  5. F-Rod
  6. Bait

Tap the dice icon at the top-right to change character’s costume.


After hooking the fish, you head towards the ship to save. Additionally, in exploring, you use the ship. You can buy more ships from the ship menu and increase the HP, sailing speed stats.


In the elemental menu, you can create random items(boosters), angels, and much more using the gold, angel stones, diamonds. These all the premium items. For example; Lovely Dragon drops coins when fishing.

The player can obtain premium items by defeating the special fish, boss, from the treasure chests, events.


You get the treasure items from the treasure chests. Treasure items such as the whistle, cube toys, angel ring, golden hand, and much more. After gaining a certain number of duplicates, you will be able to combine them into a complete piece. Depending on the item rarity, you will get the bonus. For example; Angel Ring increases the gold acquisition.

Aquarium, Fish Level Up – Angel Fish Game

In the aquarium, you can add fish and earn passive income. Depending on the fish level, you will earn gold coins. You collect the fish from the area. After collecting a fish a certain number of times, you will be able to add to the aquarium.

Go to the book menu and under the fish portrait, you can check the numbers. The game will also reward you diamonds. Leveling up is also simple. Collect the same fish over and over again to level up. For example; To increase the robot fish’s level to 2, you will have to catch it 25 times.

To collect the reward, tap the stats box on the top-right of the screen. If you want to add more fish or store more gold at a time, then upgrade the aquarium, or buy a new one.

How To Catch The Boss Fish In Angel Fish Game?

Angel FishFirst, you will need to find the boss fish in the area. Uncover all the fog by exploring and head to the boss point. And hit the start button. In the obtainable fish section(after you hit the start button), you can check its icon. You can play a boss stage for free(using hearts) a certain number of times daily. If you failed. you will have to spend diamonds or try the next day.

In the boss stage, just below the HP bar, you will see a boss bar, displaying how many fish are required to summon boss fish. After catching enough fish, the boss fish will appear and you will have to hook at the right time.

Once hooked, you will have to deal the damage by tapping the button or using the winch handle(rotate). You can check the HP of boss fish just above the deal damage method. As you press or rotate, the HP of boss fish will reduce. Once reaches 0, you will grab it.

So that’s all for now as Angel Fish guide. Let’s check out our top Angel Fish tips, cheats & strategies.

Angel Fish Tips, Cheats & Strategy

1.) Enhance Yourself To Catch The Boss Fish

To catch the boss fish, you will have to deal damage and reduce its HP to 0 in a given time. And it can not be possible without enhancing. Increase your HP, attack power, luck, and more stats by upgrading the character, ship, equip better items, earn passive buffs(decoration, treasure items). Especially, to catch the world boss.

2.) Level Up Fish And Get More Coins

Fish, placed by you in the aquarium produce gold for you. If you want to increase the production rate, level up that fish by collecting it from the areas.

3.) Get Free Diamonds

By watching the video ad, you can obtain diamonds. On the right side of the screen, just above the scroll icon, tap the video play icon -> watch the video ad and claim free diamonds.

4.) Gacha Everday, Treasure Chests

Head to the shop menu in the game -> gacha -> there you claim two types of chests for free every day. And from these chests, you could obtain treasure items, premium in-game items, boosters.

5.) Don’t Load The Garbage Into Fish

When catching the fish, you will often see scrap material floating in the sea. Avoid this garbage and don’t put in the fish. Otherwise, it will reduce the HP.

6.) Beware Of Attacking FISH

Some fish in the sea attacks you after a few seconds. For example; Robot Fish. You should have to collect them asap before they attack you. Otherwise, your game will end soon as their attack reduces the character’s HP by a massive amount.

7.) Catch The Boosters

Like scrap materials, you will often see the boosters; timers, HP booster, and more. Make sure to hook them and load to the ship. For example; Fever mode summons a massive amount of fish.

Try the auto mode+sleep mode to set it on Idle mode and earn up to 300 fish automatically.

So these are the top Angel Fish tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best Fishing games for Android

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