Animal Warfare cheats: guide, tips & strategy

New to the Animal Warfare game? Read on for Animal Warfare cheats, tips, and strategy guide to build the best formation and knockdown opponentsAnimal Warfare Cheats Strategy Guide Game

Animal Warfare cheats, tips, guide & strategy: – 

In this article, you will learn ‘how to play the Animal Warfare game”, about the animals, how to build the best formation, and other aspects such as tips for progression, in-game currency farming, challenges, levels, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and head to the main content; Animal Warfare cheats, tips, guide, and strategy for beginners: – 

Get Started With Animal Warfare Game Basics

In the Animal Warfare game, you progress level-by-level. As of writing this, the game has over 10 stages and x100 levels. New stages and levels are released in the updates. At each level in this game, you will be facing the animal army and their bosses. To progress further, you must defeat them before they crush your animal army. The starting stages and levels are very easy as compared to the stages that you face in mid-game and end-game. Without proper formation and animals set-up, you would not be able to win. 

Guide To The Animals In Animal Warfare Game

Animals are available in three main tiers; normal(blue), epic(purple), and legendary(gold). Gold> Purple > Normal. High tier animals are hard to get because their drop rate is quite low. And, due to that, you will have a hard time upgrading/ranking up them. Although, they have the best base stats as compared to normal tier animals.  

Animals are “troops” that you assign for the battles. Each animal in the Animal Warfare game is different; stats and skills. For example – Fox is one of the epic tier animals with a skill called Burrow; at the start of the battle, Fox digs underground and emerges behind the enemies. Kangaroo is a normal tier animal with the ability to stun the animal when attacking. 

The first “tip” here is to know the animals’ skills. On the home screen of the game, at the bottom, tap the paw option from the menu list; it takes you to the army page where you can see the list of all animals. Tap on the animal and to check its stats such as health(the higher the health stats, the more damage that animal can absorb), attack(the higher the attack, the faster the animal can eliminate the opponent), attack speed(fast attack speed means more attacks on the enemies), movement(movement during the battle). 

Getting New Animals In The Animal Warfare Game

Once you have unlocked an animal, you may get it from the card packs(random drop rate for animals). How to get card packs?

Go to the store menu -> scroll down to card packs section -> there you can spend the gold coins and purple gems to purchase the card packs. The normal card pack features normal tier to epic tier animals. The super card pack, which you can buy with gems, contains the legendary gold tier animal. 

Another way: tap the play button on the home screen. Tap the battle option. This will take you to the battle formation screen. Next to the level button, tap on the animal button; spend coins, and get random animals. The cost of buying animals using this method increases every turn. Animal Warfare Cheats Strategy Guide Game

Making The Animals Stronger

By leveling up or raising the rank-tier of animals, you can improve their performance in the battles. To level up or rank up, you will need to have duplicate animals – must be at the same level. Go to the battle screen and there you can merge two identical animals at the same level to get the next level/high-star animal. For example – merge two foxes at level 2 to get level 3 fox(with 3-stars). 

At a certain rank or level or stars, animals will be able to unleash their skill. For example – Fox can use its skill at level 3 rank. Navigate to the army menu and check the animal profile to see the level requirement to unlock the skill. 

Building The Best Formation In Animal Warfare Game

Setting-up the formation is not a one-time thing – based on the opponent team that you are facing, you will need to adjust the formation. The best-balanced formation in the Animal Warfare game would be placing the tank-role animals in the front rows, melee animals in the mid-rows, and ranged-attackers in the back-rows. 

  • Tank-role animals – these animals have the best HP stats and they are capable of soaking more damage. For example – Buffalo is one of the tank role animals with high HP stats. 
  • Melee-attackers – these animals are good in close-combat attacks. For example – Kangaroo and Deer. They go close to the enemies and then start attacking. 
  • Ranged-attackers – these animals are good at attacking an opponent from a distance. But they usually have low HP. It would be better to place these types of animals at last(back row) and cover them up with melee and tank role animals. For example – a monkey is a ranged attacker. 

If you are stuck on a stage, try changing the formation, choose different animals, plan different strategies based on animal skills, etc. For example – you can stun enemies with Kangaroo’s skills. Attack the enemies from behind using Fox’s Burrow skill. That’s we recommend you get to know the animals’ skills first – you will be able to build a great formation once you get familiar with the animals’ strength. 

Guide To Battles For Beginner

The animals unleash their skills automatically. Also, they move and attack automatically. All you have to do is assign them on the battle formation slots and see them fighting the opponents. On the battle formation interface, at the bottom-left corner, tap the horseshoe icon -> tap the recall army -> this will clear all the set-up and bring back all the animals to the inventory. Tap on any animal from the inventory to place it on one of the battle formation slots; you can change their position if you want. Animal Warfare Cheats Strategy Guide Game

Also, on the same screen, you can check the enemy’s army – see what animals you are going to face. Based on that, you can strategically form a set-up. For example – if the enemy is using ranged-type animals, you can put the animals with high-speed and high melee attacking strength. Because of the fast speed, your animals will be able to reach the ranged-animals quickly and start attacking them. 

Don’t Forget To Claim The Idle Reward

On the home screen, you will see the animals fighting – they will continue to fight even if you are offline. As a reward, you get free coins and gems. Tap on the golden idle chest below the play button -> claim the rewards every few hours.Animal Warfare Cheats Strategy Guide Game

Play The Challenges To Earn Free Gems

Every day in the Animal Warfare game, you get limited attempts to play the challenges. From these challenges, you can earn free gems and coins. New challenges unlock when you reach a certain level. Go to the challenges menu -> participate and earn. 

Save Gems And Get High-Tier Animals

Don’t waste gems to get the coins. Instead, you can save these gems and get a high-tier card pack or animal from the store. The deals are refreshed every 24 hours. 

Complete The Missions For Freebies

Go to the mission menu page in the lower-right corner -> check the daily missions(Refreshed daily, 24 hours) -> complete them and get the free rewards; cards, card packs, coins, gems.

Always Double The Reward

After winning the battle, you get the option to double or triple the rewards by watching the video ads – make sure to do that – at least in the challenges because of the gems reward. 

Claim Daily Free Coins

Each day, you get x3 attempts to get free coins by watching the video ads. Go to the store and -> scroll down to card packs -> there you can see this offer. 

The Time Lapse Cheat In Animal Warfare Game

Unfortunately, the time-lapse cheat does not work in the Animal Warfare game. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Animal Warfare cheats, tips, strategy, and guide for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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