Animal Spa Game Tips & Tricks: Cheats, Guide & Strategy

Animal Spa game is published by the Loongcheer Game studio. Read on for Animal Spa game tips & tricks, cheats, guide, and strategy for beginners

Animal Spa GameLoongcheer, well-known for Idle Defense Dark Forest game, recently published a new game called Animal Spa. In this game, you take the role of a spa manager to make it expand further and make more money. You will have cute animal customers visit the spa center and relax for a while. In return, you will earn the money/currency that you can use for further expansion. If you are new to the Animal Spa game, then this post is for you. This Animal Spa game guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Animal Spa game tips, tricks & cheats to progress faster. So, let’s not waste any time and head to the main content. 

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Animal Spa Game Tips, Tricks, Guide & Cheats – 

First things first – the basic/normal currency in Animal Spa game is fish. You can use the fish to buy spas where animals can relax and enjoy. Also, you can build special decorative items such as the bonfire, bonsai, sunflower, pine tree, etc. for the animal guests. To increase the earnings, you will need to attract more guests and build high-level spas that you get by merging the two identical spas, which should be at the same level. The second currency, which is most valuable, is called gems. You can use it for auto-functions or attract more guests/increase guest limit. Let’s explore all the Animal Spa game tips & tricks featured in this walkthrough guide – 

Keep An Eye On Guests’ Needs

Animal Spa GameWhile enjoying the spa, the guests can demand items like juice cans, scrub brush, towel, body lotions, tea, etc. You will see an item bubble over their heads when they demand the items. You need to tap the bubble to give the item to the guest. Successful attempts give you more stars/EXP. Also, make sure that you have the items that guests need. In the bottom-center menu, head to the third tab – there you will see the gift items. Use the fish/currency to buy these items or use gems to buy a full pack that gives you items in bulk. 

Build Decorative Items In Animal Spa

These items can increase the earnings from the spa. For example – bonfire. When you place the bonfire on one of the slots, its aura buff will increase the fish income. Also, some of the guests that you attract often want these decorative items in the spa center. So, keep building and decorating. 

Claim The Doorplate Earnings

Doorplate also yields fish. It’s on the top-left of the screen(near the lobby). Tap on the bottom of the doorplate board and claim the earnings. Tap on the top of the doorplate board -> then you will be able to choose a different doorplate – there are lots of decorations available for doorplate. Choose the one that yields more fish. 

Choose A Great Lobby

The lobby also affects spa income. Tap on the lobby(the camp house on your screen) -> check the total income boost – select the one that gives more boost. You can unlock more by completing certain conditions; like adding more friends, unlocking special guests, etc. 

Guests In Animal Spa Game

All the guests in Animal Spa have different-different attributes and demands. On the lower-right corner, tap the file button -> there you can check the list of guests. Tap on the guest to read its profile; attribute and demand. The unlocked guests will visit the spa center now and then. Tap on the guest card, which is unlocked and you will see the information on how to unlock it. Unlock all the guests and complete the collection. 

Get Freebies In The Game

Now and then, Ad Meow guest visits the spa center( if you have unlocked that guest) – there would be a bubble message “click me” over its head. Tap on the guest and watch a video ad for freebies. 

Also, in the lower-right corner, you will find a lucky spin option – tap it – spin the wheel with heart and you may get fish, booster, guests, gems, auto-harvest item, etc. 

In the lower-left/right corner, you will find auto-merge/claim options – these auto-boosters can help you to progress fast. The auto-harvest function helps you by collecting the fish after the guests leave the spa spot. The auto-merge function helps you quickly merge the spas and decorations. 

Tap the bus station board on the screen -> you can attract more guests by watching a video ad. 

Progression Guide For Newbies

  • Build the spas and decorations
  • Merge to level up/upgrade the spas and decorations
  • Serve the guests and they will give you stars(required to level up) and the fish
  • Unlock new guests, doorplate decors, and lobby theme
  • Level up and buy more slots so that you can place more spas and decorations

So that’s all in this post on Animal Spa game guide and tips for beginners. If you have more tips or cheats to share, comment below. 

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