Fishing Cats cheats: tips, tricks, and guide

Fishing Cats is a new merge game by Zepni. Read on for Fishing Cats cheats, tips, tricks, and guide for beginners to progress fast

Fishing Cats Cheats Tips Guide

Fishing Cats cheats, tips, and guide: – 

This article covers “how to play Fishing Cats”, about the merging, coins, leveling, and other aspects such as tips & tricks to earn coins, and more. Wo, without further ado, let’s get straight to the Fishing Cats cheats, tips, and guide: – 

Get Started With The Fishing Cats Basics

In the Fishing Cats game or any other merge game like this, you progress by unlocking or discovering the new fish through merging. You merge the two identical cats and get a new one of the next level. For example – two level 5 cats bring level 6 cats. You can deploy the cats on the fishing spot and they catch fish you earn coins. The higher the level of the cat, the more coins you earn per second. 

Have The Best Cats On The Fishing Spots

To maximize the earnings, place the best/high-level cats on the fishing spots. For example – if you have like level 5 cats and level 4 cats, you would put the level 5 cats on the fishing spot as the higher the level, the more the earnings. 

Use The Time Lapse Cheat 

Well, we don’t recommend using it over and over again as it just ruins the gaming experience – but still, here it is – the game is idle and you continue to earn the coins while you are away. And, that’s for 4 hours. To use this Fishing Cats cheat, go to mobile settings, and change the time; forward it to the next four hours. Open the game again and claim your x4 hours of earnings in no time. 

Wait For The Free Fishing Cats

You will need more and more cats to merge so that you can get a higher level cat and earn more coins. The cost of cats increases every time you buy – we would advise you to wait for the free cats – the free cat boxes descend now and then. Tap on those boxes and get free cats. 

Check Out The Shop

Sometimes, you get a discount on Fishing Cats in the shop menu – tap on the shop button in the bottom-right corner -> watching a video ad gives you a discount or free cat. 

Guide To Leveling In Fishing Cats

Raising the level unlocks more slots on the merge area – allowing you to have more cats at a time so that you can merge them. In the upper-left corner, check the level bar – its gauge increases as you gain EXP. In Fishing Cats, you gain EXP by merging the Fishing Cats. 

Activate The Free Boosters

You can boost your income by watching a video ad. Tap on the cat booster icon in the bottom-left corner – the one with a play button. 

Tap On The Air Balloon

An air balloon appears on your screen from time to time. Tap it and get free rewards; coins. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Fishing Cats cheats, tips, tricks, and guide for beginners. 

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