Idle Defense: Dark Forest Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Idle Defense: Dark Forest is a brand new Idle game for mobile by Lemon Jam Studio. Check out this Idle Defense: Dark Forest guide, tips, cheats & strategiesIdle Defense: Dark Forest

In Idle Defense: Dark Forest game, you build turrets on the battlefield to protect the crystal which is in the center of the battlefield. The monsters in the dark forest will try their best to destroy it- and, you need to protect it. You can deploy a variety of turrets or towers on the turret slots to increase dark forest defense; wooden arrow, magic turret, poison, and there are so many options. If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. In this Idle Defense: Dark Forest guide, we will teach you all the fundamentals of the game. Also, with the help of our Idle Defense: Dark Forest tips, cheats & strategies, you will be able to progress fast. So without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Idle Defense: Dark Forest Guide –

The goal is to protect the crystal from being destroyed by the dark forest monsters who appear at every single stage. At the top-center of the screen, you can keep an eye on the stage timeline – if you get defeat or monsters get successful in invading the crystal, the game will ask you to revive or play again from the stage starting point. As you progress through the stages, you will face more powerful dark forest monsters with resisting, healing abilities; and, to beat them down, you will need to deploy more powerful turrets. For example – Wooden Arrow Tower’s attacks would be useless against the monsters having shield ability because their shield resists this type of attack. But Magic Turret Plus Tower’s attack can break their shield. So you will have to switch to another type of turret based on the monsters you are facing.

Unlocking New Turret Slots:-

On the battlefield area, there are many plots that you can buy with gold. More plots mean you can deploy more turrets and increase the defense. To buy a plot, you tap the unused plot -> then spend the gold. After that, a construction symbol will appear over that plot, which states how much time is left for the construction to be finished. You will have to wait until then. Once the construction is finished, the player can deploy turret.

Building The Turret: –

To build or deploy a turret, you must buy it first. In the footer menu, tap the build button to open the turret shop; it has two tabs – the common tab and the time-limited tab. In the common tab, all the unlocked turrets are available all the time. And, in the time-limited tab, the game offers turrets at a discounted price for a limited time. You can refresh the deals by tapping the refresh button. Spend the gold coins or diamonds and then choose a plot to deploy.

If you have turrets in the inventory, then tap the bag option in the bottom-left side, then tap the turret that you want to place. After selecting the turret in the bag, tap the place button and then choose a plot to deploy it. It takes a few seconds to install a new turret to a plot.

Selling A Turret: –

You can sell turret for gold coins. If it’s deployed, then tap its plot and then tap the gold coins button. If not, then go to the inventory/bag, select the turret that you want to sell -> tap the gold coins button.

Removing The Turret From The Plot: –

If you don’t want to sell a turret – instead, pack it in the bag, then tap its slot -> tap the pack-up button. This will remove that turret from that plot and send it to the bag.

Upgrading And Evolving A Turret: –

To improve the turret’s performance on the battlefield, you can raise its level and once it reaches the max level, you can evolve it for further improvement. Upgrading costs you gold coins. And evolving requires a duplicate tower at the same level. For example – To evolve a 2-star Magic Turret Plus at the max level, you will need another 2-star Magic Turret Plus or same attribute tower at the max level.Idle Defense: Dark Forest

Tap the turret that you want to evolve(it should be at its max level) – then tap the evolve button. After that, select a duplicate tower, which has the same attributes; max level, star-level. And then choose the evolvement. Evolve Upgrade increases the star-level, raises the tower’s stats; power, max level, damage, range, etc.

How To Unlock New Towers Or Turrets In Idle Defense: Dark Forest?

The player can discover new towers or turrets by evolving. For example – you can discover Wooden Ghoul Arrow Tower by evolving Tile Arrow. Evolve Wooden Arrow to discover Tile Arrow or Magic Turret Plus Tower. Evolve Tile Tower with Magic Turret Plus to discover Stone Cannon. Try different combinations. When you choose to evolve, the game asks you to choose an evolvement.Idle Defense: Dark Forest

Demons: –

Demons have special attributes and bonuses; DMG, Gold Earnings, Skill CD, Lucky Point, etc. You can unlock a Demon once you have all the relics. You can obtain the Demon relics from the summoning portal. After that, go to the bag – items – tap the relic – summon. Then deploy the demon to demon team.

So this would be all in this Idle Defense: Dark Forest guide for beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Idle Defense: Dark Forest tips, cheats & strategies.

Idle Defense: Dark Forest Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

1.) Raise The Defense

You can do it by buying more plots and deploying more turrets. Also, by increasing the tower level, evolving them. Keep an eye on time-limited turrets and grab the best ones at a discount.

2.) Use And Upgrade The Skills

There are many skills that you can use to inflict massive damage on the dark forest monsters. At the beginning of the game, you get a Lightning skill that strikes the enemies close to the crystal and inflicts a critical strike on the tenth attempt. Keep using the skill when fighting long waves of the enemies or their boss.

Also, you can upgrade these skills in the skill menu with gold coins.

3.) Complete The Daily Tasks For Free Diamonds

Head to the missions menu and then Daily tab; there you can check all the daily tasks. Complete all of them to receive a special reward; free diamonds. Other than the daily tasks, you have normal, repeat tasks that you should complete asap for gold coins.

4.) Tap The Chicken

In the bottom-left corner of the battlefield, a chicken with video Ad offer often appears. Tap it and get free diamonds.

5.) Get Freebies From The Store

Head to the store and there you will find a lot of Video Ad offers that you can accept for free gold, keys(to open the chests), game speed booster, diamonds, etc.

Also, On the top-right side on the main screen, tap the treasure(⇑) option -> there you can grab free DMG, Gold Coins booster. There is also a spinning wheel that features free diamonds, gold coins, secret key.

So these are some basic Idle Defense: Dark Forest tips for beginners. We will post more info on Demons, Skills, Research functions soon.

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