KleptoDogs Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide To Collect The Dogs Fast

Here are some KleptoDogs tips, cheats, tricks & a strategy guide for the players to complete the dog collection, obtain coins, gems, codes for free

The new KleptoDogs game features dozens of cute puppies and everyone is trying to complete the collection. But the game would not make it easy for you and you will have to wait for a long time. Our KleptoDogs tips, cheats, tricks & the strategy guide will help you to boost the progress. Let’s take a look at KleptoDogs tips & tricks: –

Make The Dog Happy By Filling The Heart Meter⇓

At the bottom-right corner(main screen of the game), there would be a heart meter and its gauge gets increased when you make the dog happy. When the meter’s gauge reaches its maximum point, send the dog on the adventure to get more rewards; coins+rare items.

There are a number of ways to make the dog happy;

  • Give a treat
  • Wash the dog
  • Pet

All you need to do is tap the dog and choose these options. This will make the dog happy and increase the heart’s meter gauge. Once full, send the dog to explore.

Play Mini-Games To Earn Coins⇓

Well, as you progress, the dogs will take more time on the expedition. The better way to kill this time period is by playing mini-games. You will also earn coins. All you need to do is tap the dog -> play and choose the game. If the dog is on the expedition, then at the bottom-right corner, there would be play option. Tap it and then choose a mini-game.

In these mini-games, there are three more items; a piece of meat, banana’s peel, and dog treat. Collect these items and the game will convert them into coins automatically once you gain 6 quantity.

Exchange The Coins For Gems⇓

KleptoDogs Tips and CheatsIn KleptoDogs game, it is one of the best ways to get gems for free. You can exchange 250 coins and get one gem. Go to the shop(at the top-right corner, tap the + icon).

If you have enough coins, then tap the exchange icon and get the gem. You can also convert gems into coins at half rate. But don’t do, because it’s easy to collect the coins.

Collect The Daily Reward⇓

You can claim the daily reward by watching a short video ad. To claim it, go to the menu(tap the paw icon) -> daily reward -> confirm. You could get gems, coins or other items.

Watch the video ad for coins⇓

You can easily obtain 50 or 50+ coins instantly by watching a short video ad. Go to the menu -> ad -> watch -> get free coins. Use the coins to get gems and use gems to obtain new dogs.

Follow and Get Codes⇓

If you go to the game’s settings(paw icon -> settings), there would be a safe icon. Tap it and the game will ask you to enter codes. Follow the game developers on social media and get the new codes. Enter the code and tap the paw icon. You could get a huge amount of coins or a few gems for free. Follow them and don’t miss the free offers.

Don’t waste coins and gems⇓

As you know, you can exchange coins and get gems. You can spend gems to get a new dog. These in-game currencies are also used in many more tasks; for instance; you can spend coins to call the dog instantly(from expedition) using the bell. Or we can also use coins and gems to get dress. It would be better to avoid spending on these tasks to save coins & gems.

Sharing is Caring⇓

Sometimes, when you unlock a new dog or get the outfit, the game clicks the selfie and if you share it with others(apps), you can claim free coins. Don’t miss this offer.

Save Gems And Unlock New Locations⇓

At the beginning of the game, backyard location is unlocked. The player can unlock new location by using the gems. At the top-left corner, tap the house icon and switch to a different location.

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