Arena Go Tips & Tricks: Guide, Cheats & Strategies

Arena Go is a brand new RPG by 111%, comes with PvP and tournament modes. Read on for Arena Go game tips, tricks, guide, cheats & strategy

Arena Go Guide Tips Strategies111%, one of the popular mobile game developers, with a portfolio of brilliant unique games such as Wild Tamer, Random Dice, and more, recently released another great game called Arena Go. Like all of their releases, Arena Go is pretty unique with a great approach in the auto-combat battles and character-building mechanisms. If you are new to this game, then you have landed on the right page. This Arena Go game guide covers the core concepts of the game. Also, we have shared a list of Arena Go game tips, cheats & strategies that you would love to read and use to win matches in PvP ranking and tournament modes. So, without any further ado, let’s go through this walkthrough guide!

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First things first – your goal in the Arena Go game is to build the character wisely. There are lots of characters in this game – each one has a unqiue skill that defines its main strength. Additionally, there are lots of equipment in the game – each one with different stats and unqiue effects. And, at last, you have special runes with unqiue passive effects. A character can equip four runes and two equipment. It’s up to you to choose a character, then gears, and the runes. We will help you build the characters wisely – so, let’s explore all the Arena Go tips & tricks featured in this walkthrough guide –

Choosing The Best Character In Arena Go

Characters in Arena Go come in different-grades; normal(colorless), magic(blue), hero(yellow), and legendary(red). Legendary(Red) and Hero(Yellow) are rare – so, it would be hard to upgrade them. Normal and Magic grade characters are not as good as legendary and hero-grade characters, but they are easy to obtain from the normal boxes – so, it would be easy for you to upgrade them. 

We have not obtained all the characters yet – based on what we have got so far, we have shared a list of best characters in Arena Go game: –

  • Moonlob – the best thing about this character is that he has a self-healing buff. (Normal-grade)
  • Shiba Boy – this one excels in attacking (Normal-grade)
  • Brain Jojo – the best thing about this character is that it unleashes missiles at the enemy that causes massive HP to lose. Hero
  • Malco – this character does decent damage – when the distance between you and the enemy is 10 m or more, charges at the target and inflicts damage. Legendary
  • Vinetooth – a great debuffer
  • Tallulah – massive self-healing – but needs to build wisely – this character needs more HP and DEF

Gear Up With Best Equipment

In Arena Go, you can choose x2 equipment for the character; one in the left hand and the other one in the right hand. Weapons/Equipment are mainly of two types; melee and ranged. Melee-type equipment – attack in close-range. Ranged-type equipment – attack from a long-distance. We recommend equipping one melee weapon and one ranged weapon – so that you can continue to attack the enemy whether you are in close-range or long-range. 

  • Rusty Great Sword – Slow, but does great close-range damage
  • Rusty Pistol – long-ranged attacks – but the damage is not that high
  • Rusty Dagger – less damage but attack speed is high
  • Rusty Javelin – great DMG
  • Rusty Boomerang – long-range attacks. Decent DMG
  • Whip – pulls target from afar and attack. 
  • Slingshot – fires bullet toward the target
  • Rusty Lance – slow, but does decent DMG
  • Rusty Sword dash behind the target at every fifth hit
  • Ninja Log – upon receiving a hit, spend ninja transformation technique to only take 50% of the incoming damage, transform into a log, deal ~240 damage to the enemy and move behind him or her. 
  • Mace – attack forward with swinging mace
  • Shield – grants HP
  • Poison Flash – continuous damage
  • Shotgun – multiple bullets at once
  • Land Mine – install a mine at a random location
  • Grimoire – gathers electric energy from the death zone and fires a lightning attack
  • Sniper Rifle – massive DMG – but slow
  • Sealed Katana – attacks when crossing the target
  • Magic Staff – inflicts DMG, heals, and stun
  • Random Dice – make a replica of the weapon on the other hand at 50% of stats at the beginning
  • Matchstick – leaves a fire trail for x2 seconds, dealing continuous damage to the target on it

Equip The Best Runes

A character in Arena Go can have four runes equipped at a time. Runes are important – they can give your character more health, damage, or other perks. We recommend choosing the runes based on the build that you want – for example; to have more health, equip the HP type runes, to increase firepower, equip the combat type runes. 

Check the rune stats and equip the ones that you like. 

Getting Characters, Equipment, And Runes

Win matches and you will earn the box coins. Once you have enough box coins, you will be able to open the box/chest containing the diamonds, runes, equipment, and characters. 

Upgrade And Get Stronger

From the boxes, you can get the duplicate character/equipment/rune cards – duplicate ones are required to make upgrades. The cost would be in gold coins. 

Complete The Daily Quests For Rewards

You can earn diamonds, gold coins, chests by completing the daily quests. So, make sure to complete the dailies and get the free stuff. 

Check Out The Shop

Arena Go Guide Tips StrategiesGo to the shop -> slide to the daily special shop -> there you can claim free diamonds daily. Also, free box coins by watching the video ad. Additionally, that section has deals – you can get some character cards, runes, equipment with gold coins. The deals are refreshed every day – so make sure to check daily and grab the ones that you need. 

So this would be all in this post on the Arena Go game guide and tips for beginners. Do you have more tips, cheats, or strategies to share? Comment below. 

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