Arrows & Bullets Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies For Beginners

Arrows & BulletsArrows & Bullets is a brand new tactical shooter game for mobile by Mechanist. Let’s have a look at Arrows & Bullets guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Mechanist, well-know for Game of Sultans game, has just released a brand new tactical shooter game called Arrows & Bullets on mobile app stores. In the game, the player deploys a team of heroes who shoot the monsters with their weapons. There are plenty of things to do in the game – PvE mode, PvP arena, game modes to grind in-game currency, heroes to collect & upgrade, and much more. In today’s post, we have shared the Arrows & Bullets guide and Arrows & Bullets tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content.

Arrows & Bullets Guide

There are a couple of things that you need to know and we have covered all of them in this basics part. All the players start the game from adventure mode in which you complete the stages in two different difficulty game modes; normal and elite. In these stages, you fight the monsters – deploy the heroes in the formation menu and they will fight them automatically. At the full unlock stage, you can deploy up to six heroes on the battlefield.

Apart from the PvE stages mode, there is a variety of game modes where you face monsters with increasing difficulty. All these game modes can be accessed from the home screen(tap the home option at the bottom menu to visit home screen) -> tap challenges. There you will find the arena mode where you fight other players for arena tokens & the ranking. Now, how do you unlock more modes in the Arrows & Bullets game?

You need to increase the core level. Let’s learn about it!

Arrows & Bullets City Core

Arrows & BulletsCity Core or the Castle on the home screen of the game is the core building of the city. Upgrading it unlocks new functions such as forge, market, daily quests, vanquish, temple, tavern, etc. Tap the city core building and hit the upgrade button on the right side of the screen. You need a certain number of core shards to upgrade the city core. Core Shards can be obtained by: –

  • Clearing normal stages in stages/adventure mode – random drops
  • From elite stages
  • Cosmic Challenges; Raid or Challenge
  • Activity Chests

Arrows & Bullets Hero Guide

Arrows & BulletsHeroes rarity – SSR, SR, R. Higher the rarity, higher the stats of a hero.

How to get heroes?

To unlock a full hero, you must collect enough number of shards. For example – to unlock or get Odin(hero), you need to collect 200 shards of Odin. You get the shards from the elite stages reward, arena store, and summoning. The main method to obtain hero shards in Arrows & Bullets is through summon function.

Head to the home screen and tap the statue -> you will enter the summoning portal. Tap the summon button and there you can spend crystals or diamonds or summon stones to obtain the hero shards. There are three banners; normal, master, and pool. Tap it to check the drop rates of heroes. 

Go back to the home screen and tap the backpack option on the bottom-right side -> head to the hero shard tab -> there you can see all the shards that you have collected so far. Tap any character there > a small pop-up window will open where you can see the number of cards that you own and the number of cards needed to combine/summon him/her.

Hero Skills

All the heroes possess unique skills that trigger in the battle. For example – support type heroes have healing skills. With this skill, they can heal the allies in the battle. So you should read the skills of the heroes that you are using in the battle. And, to check the hero’s skills, follow these steps: –

  • Tap the power-up option at the bottom menu and choose heroes
  • In the heroes tab, tap the hero and on the next screen, head to the description tab
  • In the description tab, under the skill section, you can see all the skills a hero possess
  • Tap the skill icon to read its details

When you have lots of heroes – then you must compare their skills. We would recommend focusing on SR or SSR rarity heroes because they help you in the end game. While rare heroes are only good in the early stages.

How to get hero equipment?

You can forge the equipment in the workshop. The workshop is in the city – head to the home screen -> workshop building -> forge -> spend diamonds or forge stones to forge the equipment. You will get the equipment shards – just like the hero shards, you need a certain number of equipment shards to unlock an equipment. In the backpack, head to the equipment shard to check all the acquired shards.

Once you have enough, combine and get the equipment.

Equipment Quality – SSR, SR, R, N+, N. Higher the equipment quality, higher its stats. So focus on getting high-quality equipment asap. SSR>SR>R>N+>N.

Challenges: –

  • Arena – Arena Tokens
  • Gladium – Gladium Tokens – Minion Materials
  • Monster Hunt – Hunting Tokens – Relic Materials
  • Treasure Hunt – Treasure Tokens – Redeem Treasure Maps
  • Cosmic Field – Cosmic Tokens – Redeem Rare Items

Quests: –

  • Achievements – Diamonds, Summon Crystal, Promotion Stones, Upgrade Stones, Ascend Tome, Soul Ore, Etc.
  • Daily Quests – Diamonds, Enchant Stone, Vanquish Token, Core Shards
  • Bounty – Talent Orbs

So this would be all in this Arrows & Bullets guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our Arrows & Bullets tips, cheats & strategies!

Arrows & Bullets Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Power Up The Heroes

Developing the heroes as you progress through the game is extremely important. First, we would recommend focusing on SSR or SR quality heroes. And, these are the ways to develop heroes and make them powerful so that they can crush the boss and monsters in normal and elite stages: –

  • Always have the best equipment equipped – SSR>SR>R>N+>N
  • Upgrade the equipment; need upgrade stone
  • Promote the equipment; need promotion stone
  • Ascend the equipment; need ascend stones, universal parts, blueprint
  • Upgrade the hero; XP tome
  • Promote the hero; promotion tome
  • Ascend the hero – Ascend tome, scrolls, promotion stone
  • Equip runes, talent orbs, runes, relics

You can grind all these items in the stages mode; repeat the stages or elite stages mode to farm these items. And, then invest in the equipment and hero. Max out all the gears & heroes before you initiate the fight.

2.) Complete The Quests

Go to the home screen -> tap quests option on the top-right side -> achievements, daily, and bounty. Focus on completing these quests to earn diamonds or summon stones or forge stones or other valuable items. Summon the heroes and forge the high-quality gears; try getting SSR or SR quality heroes and equipment as soon as possible. And, work on developing them.

3.) Upgrade The City Core

To unlock new functions in the game – as most of them are locked in the early game, you must upgrade the city core. Focus on collecting core shards so that you can upgrade the city core and access to more functions.

4.) Play All The Challenge Modes

Bored of playing the PvE mode? Then you should try the challenges where you fight other players in the arena, monsters with increasing difficulty. It’s much better than the PvE game mode because it challenges you to be the best! Play the arena, monster hunt, Gladium, cosmic field, and other challenge modes.

5.) Go AFK And Grind Items

This is a kind of Idle RPG – when low on resources and all the heroes are already at their max level – but still the enemy is powerful – then the only way to progress is to go AFK and grind items – go to the home screen; tap the idle option on the top-left corner -> claim the free rewards now and then. Or play the past stages, repeat them for the items.

Keep developing the heroes!

So these are some basic Arrows & Bullets tips for beginners. If you have more tips to share with other fellow players, comment below.

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