Crossing Void Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Crossing Void Global is a brand new Anime RPG for Android and iOS by 91Act. Let’s have a look at our Crossing Void  guide, tips, cheats & strategies

91Act has just published the anime RPG Crossing Void Global on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It features the turn-based strategy battles where you fight the enemies in a variety of game modes such as story mode, challenges, etc. There are lots of Anime characters from popular Anime series to collect, build, and play with. And, if you have just started playing the game, then you are on the right page. This Crossing Void guide helps you understand all the basic concepts of the game. Also, we have a bunch of Crossing Void tips, cheats & strategies that may help you progress fast.

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Crossing Void Guide: –

At first, you will have to progress through the story mode because most of the content like challenges, game functions, etc. are unlocked in the beginning. In the story mode, you complete the chapters – In each chapter, the game feature challenging stages that you will need to complete to progress to the next chapter. At the end of each chapter, you fight the boss. The player can repeat these chapter mode stages to grind rewards. The basic rewards you get by completing these chapter stages are: –

  • EXP – To raise the level/player level
  • Star Upgrade Material – To raise the star level of characters
  • Coins – The basic in-game currency in Crossing Void
  • Equipment – Equip the gears to the character to make her/him stronger

Crossing Void Guide To Team Building

Crossing Void GlobalIn Crossing Void, the player builds the team of six characters; three main characters who fight the enemies – and, three support characters who support the main characters with their skills & abilities. Let’s learn how to build a team. First, go to the character menu from the lobby. In the character menu, you can see all the units that you have obtained so far. Tap on any character’s portrait to check his/her details. To edit the team, head to the character menu -> at the top of the character menu screen, tap the party icon(three characters icon).

On the team editing screen, select a character that you want to remove -> then tap the remove button on the right side of the screen. To replace a character, select him/her – and, then select the character from the character inventory at the bottom. And, as mentioned above, three support characters and three main characters. So don’t get confused. Also, see –

Team Formation – Mid, Front, and Rear

Positioning the characters is also important. There are three slots; mid, front, and rear. Characters/Enemies have the skills with front damage, rear damage, and middle damage.

Crossing Void Guide To Battles

Crossing Void GlobalOnce you are done with the team set-up, it’s time to learn the battle mechanics. The characters in the battle use their skills to defeat the enemies. Most of the characters excel in four DPS Skills; AoE(Hit all enemies), F.Damage(hit front enemy), M.Damage(Hit middle enemy), and R.Damage(Hit rear enemy). Depending on the missions or enemy, you should adjust the team.

At the top-center of the screen, you can check the battle duration, round number – In some missions, you will have to defeat the enemy team in a certain number of rounds.

Using The Skills In Battles: –

There are three types of skill a character possesses; normal skill, climax skill, and passive skill. The normal skill requires skill points, climax skill requires climax points and the passive skills are unlocked by raising the star level of the character.

At the bottom-center of the battle screen, you can check the skills of the character who has the turn to attack – and, just below the skills, two bars display the number of skill points(blue points), climax points(yellow points). Skill Points are gained as you play the turns. And, as you use the skills that require skill points, you get climax points. For example – spending 3 skill points on casting a normal skill gives (3) climax points.

With climax points, you can cast the ultimate climax skill.

At the top of the battle screen, you can check the character and enemy’s HP. Once the character/enemy loses all the HP, he/she will disappear/die.

Crossing Void Guide To Characters

We would strongly recommend you to check the character’s info & list to get more details. Here’s the link to that post: –

How To Get Characters?

Crossing Void GlobalYou can get the characters from the gacha. Navigate to the main screen and then tap the gacha option on your screen. There you will see lots of banners – well, most of them are locked because of the level restrictions. You can access the Gacha(N) banner in the beginning. Tap it -> now you are on the Purchase Gacha screen.

At the bottom-left corner of that screen, select the event banner(in the event banner, the game increases the drop rate of specific character; for example – Asuna drop rate UP, Kirito drop rate UP) or normal banner. Another banner, which is perfect 10, is paid. You will have to spend $10 on that gacha. You can shuffle for free until you roll the best character. Once you get that character, claim it by spending $10. If you are a f2p player, then use the event banner or normal banner.

In those banners, you can use the gacha voucher. Gacha Vouchers can be obtained by completing the missions.

And, if you don’t have gacha vouchers, you can use Maigo, the premium in-game currency. Also, see –

So this would be all in this Crossing Void guide for beginners. Let’s have a look at our Crossing Void tips, cheats & strategies.

Crossing Void Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

  1. Make the characters stronger by leveling them up, raising star-level, skill, equipping them gears, awakening them
  2. Activate the cross skills for additional benefits
  3. Build the team wisely; all AoE characters for DPS, AoE + Assist for balanced
  4. Complete the missions
  5. Repeat the stages to grind EXP, potions, gears, basic in-game currency
  6. Claim gift codes
  7. Play challenge mode for equipment, EXP, items
  8. Get S-grade equipment by completing Golden Time quests

Make The Characters Stronger

Level Up: –

  • You can raise the character’s level using the food items. Head to the character profile from the character menu -> tap the level bar below stars -> level -> use the food items(can be obtained from the chapter mode stages or other game sources).
  • Also, characters gain EXP from the battles. Just add that character in the team and win battles.
  • Raising the character’s level improves attributes such as HP, DEF, ATK

Star: –

  • Star Level unlocks new abilities and improves the attributes.
  • Rank-up or raise star level by using the upgrade material(can be obtained from the story mode)
  • Character -> Character profile -> Stars -> Rank Up

Skill: –

  • Upgrade the skills

Equip: –

  • Equip the gears
  • Upgrade the gears

A character can equip a weapon, hat, sandals, cards, etc. Head to the character profile -> equip -> I/II/III/IV -> tap the gear -> equip. Tap the research button -> use the fantasy potions(quick select) to upgrade the gears. You can learn more about the equipment in this equipment guide: –

Awaken the character

  • You need Soul(s) to awaken the character

Activate The Cross Skills

All the characters have cross skills. Cross Skill gets activated when you pair two specific characters in the team; one main character and one support character. To check the partner of character to activate the cross skill, head to his/her profile -> cross -> cross skill -> there you can see his/her partner. For example – Kuroneko and Kirino.

The other way to check cross skill details; on the team editing screen, select a character and then tap cross skill button on the right side. This will take you to the character’s profile page where you can check his/her partner and cross skill buff. You will see a cross skill icon over the pair when the cross skill gets activated.

Build The Team Wisely

Depending on the missions, you have to build the team. For example – if the mission is to kill the enemy at the front, then build the team of characters who excel in dealing damage to the front enemy. The same strategy when it comes to dealing with rear or middle guy. If the mission is to kill all the enemies in certain rounds, build the team of characters who excel in AoE damage.

And, if you are struggling on stage, you can try a balanced team: –

  • AoE Damage
  • Assist – Assist type characters have healing and supportive skill that can help you

And, to build a team wisely, must get familiar with all the skills of a character. Head to his/her profile -> skill -> read the details. Also, you can check our characters info guide here: –

Complete The Missions

Coins, Maigo, Gacha Vouchers, and many more premium items can be obtained from the missions. So make sure to complete all the daily missions as well as do the main story missions. Head to the lobby -> on the left side, tap mission -> there you get the details of the mission that you need to complete for rewards.

Repeat The Story Mode Stages

Low on resources? Repeat the past stages in the story mode to grind rewards; coins, EXP, food items, upgrade material, equipment, etc.

Redeem The Gift Codes

You can get the gift codes⇒ here.

Play Challenges For Resources

  • The Pinnacle – Gacha Vouchers, Equipment, and Materials
  • Treasure Hunt – Equipment and Character EXP
  • Global Storm – Coins
  • Void Trial – Character Fragments and Maigo
  • Void Expedition – Expedition Coin
  • Agency – Coins and Intimacy Gifts
  • Mirage – Coins, Fragments, Equipment EXP
  • Decrepit Dream – Maigo
  • Burst Link – EXP
  • Uncharted Void – EXP
  • Breaking Event – EXP and Coins
  • Pandemonium – Weapon Materials

Get Free S-Grade Character

S-Grade Character is hard to get because of low-drop rates. But the game lets you pick free an S-grade character of your choice. All you need to do is complete the Welfare/Golden Time main quests. In the bottom-left corner of the game screen, tap the cat mask -> complete all the six-phase -> acquire S-grade character of your choice. We would recommend you to pick Shana. Also, see –

So this would be all in this Crossing Void guide and Crossing Void tips, cheats & strategies.

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