Assassin’s Creed Rebellion Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Assassin's Creed RebellionAssassin’s Creed Rebellion is a brand new Fallout-Shelter like game for mobile by Ubisoft. Check out our Assassin’s Creed Rebellion guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Soft-launched in 2017, Assassin’s Creed Rebellion is now finally available worldwide for all the players. In the game, you will assemble a team of assassin heroes and complete a variety of loot missions. You will go room-to-room, discover the treasure chests, find the supplies, fight against enemies, and complete the missions. Assassin’s Creed Rebellion also features the event mode in which you will compete against other players for the better rewards. AC Rebellion features over 40 heroes, each with unique skills, game-style. Some of the annoying features such as energy, shard-collecting are also there. If you are looking for some tips or having the problem understanding the game’s mechanics, then our Assassin’s Creed Rebellion guide and Assassin’s Creed Rebellion tips, cheats & strategy will help you. Let’s dive in!

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In AC Rebellion, you will build your top-class HQ by building a wide range of rooms; workshop, library, training rooms, treasury, and many more. To unlock these rooms, you will have to increase the Brotherhood level. You increase it by gaining experience; completing the daily objectives is one of the best ways to level up fast in Assassin’s Creed Rebellion game. Additionally, completing the story mode missions, legacy missions, loot missions, standard missions also grant your Brotherhood EXP. As you upgrade your fortress or progress, the game will become hard. And here comes the part of “building the heroes”. The player trains the heroes, promotes the heroes, equip them gears, rank-up skills to make them stronger.

The gameplay is also pretty simple; select a hero for the next room, then tap the gate icon to enter and get to the exit by dodging the obstacles, facing the enemies, and looting the treasure. It also features auto-mode and the speed-up feature that lets you complete the mission automatically. From these missions, you earn EXP, coins, crafting material, codex, and Heroes’ DNA. However, in hard missions, you will have to take care of plenty of things; hero’s role, power, skills, enemies, and more.


When you send the heroes to the missions, their health will reduce because of enemy attacks. And after the mission, they will take time to heal themselves. You can heal them instantly using the healing potions(you get these potions(medicines) as a reward, by completing the objectives or from the shop in exchange for helix credits or from events). If you have not, then wait until they heal automatically. You can increase the HP regeneration speed by upgrading the living quarters room in the HQ.

To heal instantly – go to the heroes tab -> tap the hero icon-> just below the hero portrait, tap the potion button and choose the medicine.


You need DNA fragments to unlock a hero in AC Rebellion. Tap the heroes option at the bottom -> there you can check the complete list of AC Rebellion heroes. Tap on any locked hero -> tap the Find DNA button -> there you can check the source. Usually, you get DNA fragments from the DNA Cube. However, some heroes’ DNA Fragments can also be obtained from the story mode missions, legacy missions. The game gifts you free DNA Cubes daily after every set amount of time in the shop menu.

Or you can also get by using helix credits(earn from objectives, events, missions).

After gaining enough DNA Fragments of a specific hero, it will get unlocked.


Heroes come in four grades;

  1. Common
  2. Rare
  3. Epic
  4. Legendary

You can easily promote common and rare heroes as their drop rate(DNA Fragments) is high as compared to epic and legendary grade heroes.

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion Heroes Roles 

All the heroes in AC Rebellion have one of these roles(they are specialized): –

  1. Tank – With good defense stats, but poor attack stats
  2. DPS – Attackers
  3. AOE – With AoE skills(attack multiple/all enemies), attackers
  4. Heal/Healers – Restores the health of allies
  5. Support/Supporters – Helps party members
  6. Disarm – Helps you in trap rooms by disarming the mechanical objects
  7. Navigation – Good in wall climbing, lifting, and in navigating
  8. Stealth – With Assassination, disarming, and navigation abilities
  9. Assassination – Silently kill the enemies or avoid enemies

How To Promote Heroes In Assassin’s Creed Rebellion?

You can promote the heroes in the ceremony room. If you have enough DNA Fragments for a hero(Required in the promoting process), head to the ceremony room -> tap the + button -> select the hero -> confirm. Promoting a hero will increase its star-level as well as stats, power score+improves skills.

How To Increase The Power Of Heroes In AC Rebellion?

  1. Train the heroes
  2. Promote the heroes
  3. Equip gears

Training – In the training room, you can send the heroes for training, using the codex. Codex page/scroll can be obtained from the missions, objectives, and shop. Training grants EXP to that hero and after gaining enough, hero’s level will rise up. Upgrade the training room to reduce the training time and increase the training slots. Note: – You can not go beyond the brotherhood level. For example; Brotherhood level is 9. So you can not increase the hero level to 10. First, level up the HQ.

Promoting – Promoting is another one of the best ways of increasing the power score of heroes. Gather the DNA fragments from the cubes or missions and promote the heroes ASAP.

Equip Gears ->

  1. Workshop
  2. Armorsmith
  3. Weaponsmith

In the workshop, you craft accessories for the heroes. In armorsmith, you craft armors for the heroes. And in the weaponsmith, you can craft weapons for the heroes. Play the loot missions, participate in the events for the crafting material and craft the gears. Head to the hero’s menu -> gears -> equip.

Upgrade these rooms to unlock high-rank gear blueprints. And craft them.

Production Rooms

In the production rooms, assign the heroes to boost the production rate. For example; treasury room produces coins, intel room produces intel. Upgrade these rooms to boost the production rate and unlock more slots.

You will be able to build more rooms after unlocking a new wing in AC Rebellion. New Wing unlocks at certain HQ Levels.

So that’s all for now as Assassin’s Creed Rebellion guide. Let’s take a look at our top Assassin’s Creed Rebellion tips, cheats & strategies.

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion Tips: –

1.) Choose The Right Heroes In The Team

Assassin's Creed RebellionBefore you start the missions, take a look at the team recommendations mentioned on the mission preparation screen. It will show you which hero’s role is suitable for this mission and how much power is required to beat the mission. Pay attention to all these recommendations and choose the right heroes in the team.

2.) Choose The Right Hero For The Next Room

Assassin's Creed RebellionIn a mission, you can send one hero out of all to the next room. You should choose wisely, based on the role requirement. For example; the next room has mechanical objects, lockpicks, traps. In this situation, you should choose the hero with disarm role. Simply select the hero and check the failure and success rate. And act accordingly.

3.) Use The Hero’s Skills At The Right Time

Assassin's Creed RebellionHealers and supporter type characters can restore the health of allies, increase the attack/defense/critical-hit rate stats(buffs). Simply select the hero and tap the skill icon, displayed just above the hero’s head. Long press on the skill icon to get more details.

4.) Get Three Stars In Missions, Then RUSH For Instant Rewards

In standard/loot/legacy missions, try to get three-stars at every stage. This will unlock the rush mode and you will be able to get instant rewards. However, it also reduces the HP of party members.

5.) Participate In The Events

Complete the event missions for premium rewards; helix credits, medicines, codex, and much more.

6.) Keep Improving, Upgrading

To level up fast, complete all the objectives ASAP. Train the heroes to improve power score. And complete the gear set; weapon, armor, accessory. Upgrade the rooms to get more benefits.

Try the auto-mode(tap the auto button at the bottom-left) if you are having the trouble in choosing wise decisions.

So that’s all for now as Assassin’s Creed Rebellion tips, guide. If you have any tips, share with us in the comment section below. Also, see – Top new Android games

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  1. I finished region 4, but región 5 remains locked. So Iˋm pretty much stuck with no missions to play.
    Does anybody know how to unlock region 5?


  2. I have an iPhone, so that might be where the problem is.. I’ve emailed the developers so I’ll just have to wait and see..
    Thank you anyway! 🙂

  3. I’ve tried to reset the game but it doesn’t seem to matter what I do, I always get “we found your previous save on the cloud”.
    As far as I know I’ve tried everything to reset it. It’s not linked to Facebook and I can’t find any data to clear in the app settings.. Kind of annoying…

    • @Jessie If it’s not linked to the FB, then it means you are playing as a guest. If you are on Android, go to settings -> apps -> AC rebellion -> manage data -> clear data. Then open the game and link to FB. It works fine for me. If nothing works, then contact the developers.

  4. For all who have issues upgrading Xiphos gear, even if you have 3 or more for upgrade they need to be in stock to have the button active. I equip them from all heroes to make it possible. Enjoy!

  5. If i farm my common heros up to max prestige what happens if you buy a DNA cube? can i still get that character’s dna or will it choose a different character? Asking cause Im wanting to know if i should farm up all my common heros and stop wasting credits on cubes until i can increase my odds of getting Epic/legendary hero DNA

  6. I need progress help after region 2, power requirement just goes from mid 2xx to mid 4xx while am stuck with low power cuz no DNA to upgrade. How do I do it efficiently ?

    • @Ping Try this: –
      Craft/equip Gears for your heroes(Upgrade gear facilities to craft high-tier gears)
      Level up to max
      Repeat old stages to farm DNA fragments and promote the heroes(Promoting increases the power of heroes by a massive amount).
      Increase brotherhood level(Complete daily quests, standard, loot, legacy missions to earn XP) to increase the level cap of heroes, then level up them.

  7. @Yatin QueenB is talking about a current bug in the game. I also have 5 words and 4 spears. neither of which is T2 is craftable. Best just to wait it out. Atleast until after the event

  8. I am having problems upgrading the Ritualistic Xiphos in the latest event. I have 3 of the Tier 1 and I want to upgrade to tier 2 but I cannot “select” the upgrade / crafting for this item.

    • @QueenB It becomes available to craft when you reach the weaponsmith building level 4. After that, the blueprint for Ritualistic Xiphos (Tier 2) will get unlocked. Spend 7,500 coins and 3 tier 1 ritualistic Xiphos(you have) to get a tier 2 item.

  9. I really disagree with the auto option, I used it a few times only to see that my heroes uses the worst decisions. One being that a high lvl opponent can be easily assassinated but auto sends an Attacker which ends in wasted hp. Personally I prefer to conserve hp as much as possible

    • Try this –
      If you want to start over, simply link the game to a new Facebook account. On the HQ screen, at the top-left, tap your name -> log out. The game will restart from the beginning.
      If you are already playing with a guest account, then go to mobile settings -> apps -> AC Rebellion -> manage space – clear data. It should work.