Summon Princess Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

Summon Princess is a brand new Idle RPG for mobile by TOJOY. Let’s have a look at our Summon Princess guide, tips, cheats & strategies

TOJOY, the publisher of Zombie Strike game, has just published another Idle RPG on mobile app stores, where you set up the team of heroes and fight the enemies, their boss for the treasure. In today’s post, we have shared the Summon Princess guide and Summon Princess tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content!

Summon Princess Guide

Summon PrincessThe Battles – Team Set-Up, Stage, Level, And More

The game features PvE as well as PvP arena mode. All the player start from the PvE mode where you progress through the stages on the world map – and, at each stage, you fight the boss. Without defeating the boss, you would not be able to progress. And, as you clear more stages, the income from the idle game mode gets increased – that means you get more rewards from the battles.

Once you reach level 18, you will be able to participate in the arena mode – where you fight other players’ team for rankings and arena currency. Let’s learn how the battle works, what is idle mode, and much more.

⇒Setting-Up The Team

To set-up the team, you tap the hero side on the battle screen Or In simple words, tap on the left side of the battle screen -> after that, you can select the heroes that you want to be in the team for the fights. And, then hit the Idle button to confirm.

When you challenge the boss, the game lets you change the formation and heroes. So you are free to change the team anytime. Let’s learn how you progress in the adventure mode.

⇒Game Progress Guide

In the battle screen, at the top-center, you can check the stage number you are playing. The heroes will keep fighting the monsters at this stage and you earn rewards. This nature of gaming is called Idle. You just let the heroes fight and grind in-game items.

Your objective is to progress to the next stage asap and defeat every boss in the region. To reach the next stage, you need to crush the leader. At the top-center, tap the leader battle button(or tap next, then you will see the option to challenge the leader).

If you get defeat in the battle, the game will push you back to the previous stage. Read the Summon Princess tips & tricks part below to pass every stage.

If you get the victory, you will be able to play the next stage. What’s the benefit? As you progress to the high-level stage, the rewards drop rate from Idle battles will increase – you get more rewards from high-level stages.

⇒Rewards From Battles In Summon Princess

From the Idle battles or by playing the stages, you earn these rewards: –

  • EXP – EXP is required to raise the player level, you can check your current level at the upper-left corner
  • Coins – To upgrade the characters/heroes
  • Soul – To upgrade the characters/heroes
  • Equipment
  • Hero Shards
  • Gold Souls – to raise hero’s grade

To check the rewards or reward drop rate, tap the stage number info at the top-center of the battle screen. After that, on the next screen, you can check the earnings per minute, drop rate of specific items.

Tap the Pig to collect the rewards.

Summon Princess Combat Guide

Heroes and enemies attack automatically. Above the hero’s head, there are two bars; HP bar(green), SP bar(yellow bar). The HP bar shows the health of the hero – once it drops down to the endpoint(0), your hero will disappear from the combat screen. The same rule applies to the enemy.

The second bar, which is SP bar, shows the skill casting time. Once the purple bar turns yellow – the hero will unleash her skill upon turn. The SP bar fills gradually.

Front Line – When fighting against the leader, you have to put the tank class characters in the front row because their survivability is quite high and they are good at soaking damage.

Back Line – Deploy the heroes who can deal massive damage on the enemy.

Let’s learn about heroes!

Summon Princess Heroes Guide

Hero Classes: –

  • Rangers
  • Soldiers
  • Assassin
  • Wizards
  • Priest

There are five hero classes in the game; rangers, soldiers, assassin, wizard, and priest. Each class excels in a specific aspect of the combat. To check the hero class, go to the hero interface -> tap the hero -> below the hero name, the game shows the hero class. Let’s learn about each class!

  • Rangers – Ranger is a DPS class in the game. Heroes with this tag excel in dealing decent damage on the enemies from a range. Position – Backline
  • Soldiers – Soldier is a Tank class in the game. Heroes with this tag excel in soaking damage from the enemies and leading from the front. Position – Front
  • Assassin – DPS Class – excels in dealing damage – also, has high speed, evasion rate. Position – Backline
  • Wizards – DPS Class – magical spells! Excels in dealing damage on the enemy – has crowd control skill, applies buffs/debuffs. Position – Backline
  • Priest – Supporter class – buff the allies, healing skills. Position – Backline

Hero Grade: –

The grade of a hero determines his max power potential. The higher the grade, the more powerful a hero. For example – Grade(1) hero’s maxed level cap is 40. So you would not be able to power up that character after level 40. On the other hand, Grade(5) hero’s maxed level cap is 100. So you can power them up more than the low-grade heroes. To check the grade, head to the hero interface and pay attention to the star. The number of star determines the grade.

High-grade heroes help you in the long game, while low-grade heroes only help in the early-mid game. Here’s the grade info: –

  • Grade 1 – 40(Max Level)
  • Grade 2 – 50(Max Level)
  • 3-Stars – 60(Max Level)
  • 4-Stars – 80(Max Level)
  • 5-Stars – 100(Max Level)

Summon Princess Heroes List

There are over (50) heroes featured in Summon Princess game. To check the complete list, tap the hero’s helmet tab at the bottom-left corner of the game screen -> heroes interface will open -> head to the gallery tab -> there you can check the complete list of heroes featured in Summon Princess game.

Castle: –

  • Summon – Use the bliss book, silver valley book, Oath book to get heroes
  • Arena – Set-up the team of six heroes. Battle other players in the league for arena points and rewards; runestone, diamond
  • Sun Mart – Black Market(spend diamonds for items), Soul Shop(Use soul dust to get hero shards), Lucky Shop(use lucky grass for items), Guild Shop(spend guild coins for hero shards),
  • Smithy – Forge gears; weapon, armor, accessory, helmet
  • Integration – Fuse materials for a random/specific hero
  • Post – Dispatch the heroes for summoning books, diamonds
  • Virtual Altar – Decompose the useless heroes for souls, gold souls, soul dust, gears, and other rewards. Select the heroes that you want to decompose and then tap the preview to check the rewards that you will get upon decomposing that hero
  • Wishing Well – Spin the wheel to get rewards. You need prayer coins
  • Bliss Tree – Summon the heroes by spending seeds
  • Tower – At each floor in the tower, you fight the monsters. To participate in the battles, you need charm points. Charm Points restore automatically.

So this would be all in this Summon Princess guide for beginners. We will update this post with more information as soon as possible – pets, in-game currency grinding, hills, gates of void mode, etc. Let’s head to the Summon Princess tips, cheats & strategies part.

Summon Princess Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

1.) Kill The Thieves

Summon PrincessNow and then, thieves appear on the battle screen. They may steal the treasure or rewards stored in the piggy bank or dropped on the battlefield. If you don’t want to lose the hard-earned rewards, kill the thieves asap. All you have to do is tap the thief until he dies.

2.) Get Free Diamonds

Summon PrincessYou can get (30) diamonds for free by watching the video ad. At the top of the screen, tap the + button next to diamond figure -> there would be the first offer – watch a video ad to get free diamonds.

3.) Set-Up The Team Formation

Selecting the best heroes, positioning them at the right place are the two main things that you need to take care of while setting up the team. When fighting against the boss or in the arena mode, you can deploy up to three heroes in the front line and three heroes in the backline.

  • Front Row – Deploy the soldiers in the front row or melee fighters
  • Back Row – Deplopyer rangers or supporters

4.) Focus On High-Grade Heroes

As mentioned above, the grade of a hero determines her strength – high-grade heroes(grade-4, 5) have the best stats. And, these high-grade heroes help you clear the stages. So try getting high-grade heroes from the summons.

In the beginning, it’s hard to get high-grade heroes. So don’t hesitate to strength up the low-grade heroes. Once you have high-grade heroes, decompose the low-grade heroes in the virtual altar – you will get the resources and in-game items. Then spend those RSS/items in strengthing the high-grade heroes.

5.) Make The Party More Powerful

  • Level Up Heroes – Grind soul in the Idle battles
  • Equip high-quality gears – Forge high-quality heroes in the smithy facility
  • Advance the heroes – reach the max level -> advance -> use coins and gold souls

6.) Apply Elemental Bonus Effects

Water(blue), Fire(red), Wood(green), Light(star), Censu(yellow) and Dark Spirit(purple) – these are five elements – heroes & enemies belong to one of these featured elements. On the left side of the HP bar – you can check the hero’s element, as well as the enemy’s element. Or go the hero interface to check the hero’s element.

  • Fire beats Wood
  • Wood beats Censu
  • Censu beats Water
  • Light & Dark spirit deals bonus damage to each other

Check the enemy’s element and deploy the heroes based on its element – if you want the bonus. For example – if the enemy’s element is wood, then fire element heroes get advantage – because fire beats wood.

7.) Get Attribute Bonus – Halo Effect

Summon PrincessHalo effect gets activated when you build a team of heroes – keeping the attribute bonuses in mind.

  • Deploy (6) Water element or fire or wood or census or light or dark element heroes to get attribute bonus

When fighting against the leader, at the bottom-left corner, tap the halo effect button to check the attribute bonuses – there you get the details of formation that you need to use when building the team.

8.) Do The Daily Activities

Tap the menu button at the top-left corner -> there you can check the daily missions, events -> complete them for a bunch of rewards.

9.) GO AFK

You don’t need to be active all the time – let the heroes fight when you are offline – if you want to grind the loot rewards – EXP, gears, souls, gold souls, hero fragments, etc. And, once you have enough, invest in developing the best heroes.

10.) Join A Guild

Sign-In to guild daily and participate in the normal guild events/activities to earn guild coins. You can spend these guild coins in the shop for rare in-game items.

If you are stuck on the stage or leader is powerful to beat + you are low on the resources, it’s better to go AFK and grind resources so that you can invest these resources to strengthen them up.

So these are the basic Summon Princess tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below.

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