Auto Brawl Chess Code: Cheats & Gift Code

Do you want free items in the Auto Brawl Chess game without cheat? Why don’t you use the legit codes? Here’s the list of Auto Brawl Chess code

Auto Brawl Chess Code CodesAuto Brawl Chess Codes

Auto Brawl Chess is a pretty new mobile game that offers idle genre and auto chess gameplay into one. You summon the heroes, develop them with in-game items, gear them up with quality equipment, and much more in the hero development part. And, it costs a lot of in-game items/currencies. With Auto Brawl Chess codes, you can get some of these items/currencies for free. Of course, no one would say no to any freebie, right? So, let’s check out the Auto Brawl Chess codes – 

Auto Brawl Chess Codes List

In this section of this post, we have listed all the gift codes that are issued by the devs – so far. And, we will make sure that this post is updated regularly so that you would never miss any new code. Here’s the list – 

  • HANSONOMORE – Use this Auto Brawl code free rewards. Expires after the event; September 14, 2020
  • GHASTLYHORDE – Use this Auto Brawl code free rewards. The code will work during the event (September 4  to September 6). Tap the code below to copy it. 
  • release2020 – redeem this code for valuable rewards

How To Redeem Auto Brawl Chess Codes

Redeeming a gift code in Auto Brawl Chess can be done by completing the tutorial. If you have already passed the stage, tap the “event” option in the upper-right. In the events screen, on the left side, scroll down until you see the redeem a gift tab. Tap it. In this tab, enter the code and tap the redeem button. If the code is active, you should get the rewards immediately. 

How To Get More Auto Brawl Chess Codes

Well, to be honest, there are several sources of acquiring the codes. The best one in our opinion is following the game’s FB channel or Discord. You can find the links to these channels in the Google Play Store’s description page(Auto Brawl Chess). Another source is this page. We will list out all the codes here. 

So that’s all we have got in this article on Auto Brawl Chess codes. Got any code that’s not listed in this article? Please do share it in the comments so that other readers can also get freebies. 

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