Guardian Tales Reroll Guide: How To Reroll?

Guardian Tales is a new mobile RPG available on Android & iOS platforms. Read on for Guardian Tales reroll guide: rerolling steps

Guardian Tales Reroll GuideGuardian Tales Reroll Guide: Rerolling Steps –

First things first – “we don’t recommend rerolling in this game” because it’s a time-consuming process with little chance to get the benefit – thanks to the long tutorial and lengthy stages to complete before you can summon the heroes and weapons. 

If you don’t mind spending time on the lengthy rerolling process, then follow these steps: –

Goal – you can reroll for heroes or equipment. For heroes, check this Guardian Tales tier list and try rerolling for the tier 1 heroes. If you want equipment, reroll for 3-star equipment (drop rates are very low). 

Requirement – 2, 700 gems for x10 pull(equipment and hero). How to get – claim the newbie rewards, do the dailies, challenges, events, etc. Or you can just go for single summons to ease the reroll process. 

Step 1.) Follow the tutorial, complete the adventure mode stage 1-4 to unlock the summon function. Claim all the rewards from the mailbox, achievements(bottom-center; dailies, beginner, challenges, events). 

Step 2.) Now, you can either play more to collect more gems for x10 pull or spend what you have got so far. Go to main screen -> summon -> spend gems on heroes or equipment banner.  

If you are happy with the pulls, continue playing the Guardian Tales game. If not, you will have to start over. Tap the gear icon in the top-right corner -> log out -> open the game again -> tap the sign-in button on the top-right corner on the start screen -> login with a new account; use another Gmail address or Facebook account or Apple account. Or, go with the guest account and clear the game data to start over. 

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So this would be all in this article on Guardian Tales reroll guide. 

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