Ragnarok: Click H5 Cheats – Tips & Tricks To Grind Emperium, Progress Fast

Read on and find out Ragnarok: Click H5 Cheats – Tips & Tricks to grind Emperium, Zeny, and everything you need to know to progress fast

Ragnarok: Click H5 CheatsIn this post, we have shared all the RO: Click H5 cheats, tips & tricks that we have gathered so far. With these Ragnarok: Click H5 cheats, tips & tricks, you will be able to progress fast, beat down the powerful bosses, grind Emperium, Zeny. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

1.) Save Emperium In The Early Game

You will need a lot of Emperium later in the game to unlock adventurers that cost a high amount of Zeny. First, the question is should you buy or hire the Adventurer using Emperium? Well, we would recommend you to save the Emperium in the early game and not to spend on early Adventurers. Your main goal is to unlock the Rebirth function asap. And, to reach that goal, you will have to unlock and level up the Valkyrie to level 150. And, it will consume a lot of Zeny.

But if you have lots of Emperium saved, you can use them to convert into Zeny and level up the Valkyrie quicker. So the first RO: Click H5 tip would be saving the Emperium in the early game. You will get lots of Emperium as the pre-registration reward. Also, there are lots of ways to grind it; login reward, quest, achievements, video ads, boxes.

2.) Make Use Of Emperium

If you want to unlock the rebirth function asap, you will have to reach the Valkyrie level 150. And, it would cost you lots of amount of Zeny, right? In the first tip, we mentioned not to spend Emperium in the early game because later in the game, you can use it to convert into Zeny.

The higher your DPS, the more Zeny you can get by converting Emperium. For example – if you convert Emperium in the early game- suppose, your DPS is 5. So in exchnage for 5 Emperium, you will get around 500 Zeny.

Now, with the same amount of Emperium, you can get a massive amount of Zeny if the DPS is high. So spending Emperium in the early game would be useless. (example – if the DPS is 55.3E, you can earn over 5.5F Zeny). So save Emperium in the early game and spend later when you want to level up an adventurer like Valkyrie quickly.

How to convert Emperium?

Head to the shop tab in the footer menu – scroll down until you see the item shop section. There you can spend (5) Emperium for Zeny. Remember that; higher the DPS, the higher the amount of Zeny you get.

To use the Zeny Box that you purchased from the item shop; head to the home screen of the game; tap the bag in the left-center of the screen – there you will find the Zeny Box. Tap it and use/spend.

Also, you can spend Zeny on other consumable items such as reset scroll, ad booster, damage booster, battle manual, etc.

3.) Get Free Zeny and Free Emperium In RO: Click H5

Every 30 minutes, you can grab free Zeny and free Emperium. All you have to do is watch the video ads. Head to the shop menu and scroll down to the footer -> ads -> Zeny, ads -> free Emperium. Zeny reward amount depends on the DPS, while the Emperium reward would be around 5.

4.) Get Those Old Blue Boxes

From the blue boxes, you may get Emperium or the basic in-game currency Zeny. If you don’t know what are blue boxes in Ragnarok: Click H5, then follow this article: –

5.) Make Sure To Bind The Account

If you don’t want to lose the game progress, make sure to bind the game to Facebook or Google Play Games or Gamecenter. Tap the gear icon on the right side of the screen -> settings -> link the game to Facebook/Google Play Games to save progress.

6.) Level Up The Adventurers Wisely

Ragnarok: Click H5 game features lots of Adventurers that you can hire to increase the DPS/Combat Power. But what are the best Adventurers to level them up first? Well, every new Adventurer would be better than the previous ones. So start leveling up from bottom adventurers to the top adventurers. You can compare the DPS of adventurers at the same level – you will find that every other adventurer has better DPS than the previous ones who are at the same level.

In other words, don’t stick to a particular adventurer – hire new adventurers as soon as possible and start upgrading them.

So this would be all in this Ragnarok: Click H5 cheats, tips & tricks post.

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