Avabel Lupinus Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

Avabel Lupinus is a brand new MMORPG for mobile by Asobimo, Inc. Let’s have a look at our Avabel Lupinus guide, tips, cheats & strategy

In the latest title from Asobimo, you will be playing as Warrior, Ranger, Magician, Rogue, Wanderer, and there are many character classes to choose from. All with the different stats, skills, and the attack style. Avabel Lupinus also features a wide range of game modes; PvE, PvP, dungeon, guild, etc. You will start the game by creating and customizing the character and then you will progress through the quests – level up, build your character, increase BP, and become the stronger character! If you are having trouble understanding the game’s mechanics, then our today’s Avabel Lupinus guide and Avabel Lupinus tips, cheats & strategies will help you. Let’s not waste any time and head to the main content.

Avabel Lupinus Guide

Avabel LupinusLet’s go through the character classes part first – the game lets you choose one of the available classes and also allows you to change it anytime. To change the class, go to the base and find class change manager NPC -> tap her and choose to change the class. When you change the class, JEXP will be restored. JEXP is used in increasing the character’s skill level. These classes are: –

  • Warrior – The warrior in Avabel Lupinus uses melee weapons such as Dagger, One Hand Sword, Two Hand Sword, Blunt Weapon, Axe, etc. to fight enemies. He has good DMG skills that you can use to inflict heavy damage to the enemies during the battle. Good for the beginners.
  • Ranger – Long-ranged weapons such as guns, bows are used by the ranger to attack enemies. If you are good in aiming enemies, you should pick ranger.
  • Rogue – The rogue attacks the enemies by throwing poisonous knives – attack from near as well as from a long-range. He uses 1H sword and Dagger as the main weapons. For intermediates.
  • Wanderer – The wanderer uses the same set of weapons which is used by the warrior. However, both have unqiue skills. For intermediates.
  • Revenger – Revenger is one of the best classes in Avabel Lupinus game. The revenger uses dagger, handgun, and knuckle in the fight and has a high survivability rate.
  • Creator – Creator has the healing skill and can help allies in the battle by restoring their health. In addition to it, she also posses some great attack skills.
  • Acolyte – Acolyte is another character who has healing skills. If you are looking for a healer, you should give her a shot. If you are looking for a healer with good attacking skills, Creator would be a good choice.

The Walkthrough

Once you have selected a character, the game will teleport you to the base where your quests begin. All you have to do is progress through the quests, participate in the PvP, dungeon and guild game modes to grind in-game currency/items and make the character stronger. Let’s learn how to access these game modes and travel to different locations in the game.

Avabel Lupinus Transferer NPC and The Portal

AVABEL LUPINUSThe transferer NPC in the base helps you to move to different locations and the game modes specific locations such as quest dungeon, PvP reception, User Raid, 1F, 2F, 3F, etc. At the upper-right corner of the screen, there is a mini-map -> tap it to zoom in and there you can see your current location. The transferer NPC would be near the quest board.

The Portal – The blue point on the map displays the location of portals through which you can travel to different locations in the game. Go there and you will see the location name over it. The base is the place where you can access most of the in-game feature such as pets, synthesis, equipment enhancement, etc.

Avabel Lupinus Character Guide

Skill Guide – JEXP is required to acquire new skills and upgrade the existing skills to the next level for more benefits. You earn JEXP by hunting the monsters. There are passive skills, active skills – active skills should be placed on the shortcut menu. In the skill menu, tap the shortcut button after selecting a skill from the list – choose a page and select an empty slot and then confirm. On the right side of the screen, there is a big round-shaped reloading type button – at the bottom of the mini-map – tap it to switch between the shortcuts/pages; combat skills, potions, etc. You can recover HP, SP using these potions/pills/consumables.

To access the skill menu, tap the character button at the bottom-center menu -> choose the skill option.

Status Guide – 

Your character’s strength or total BP/battle points depends on the stats such as STR, INT, VIT, MEN, DEF, DEX. You can raise these stats using the status points, which are earned or acquired by increasing the player level. At the top-left corner of the screen, you can check your current player level – complete the quest, defeat the monsters to earn EXP and raise the player level.

If you have status points, use them to raise these stats. Tap the character option at the bottom-center menu -> status -> status up -> tap the + button next to a status and then confirm. Here’s brief info on the status: –

  • STR – Physical Attack/ATK
  • INT – Magical Attack/MATK
  • VIT – HP and Physical Defense
  • MEN – SP and Magic Defense

You should spend the status points wisely; for example – if you want to increase the survivability of the character in the fight, then spending points on HP and DEF status would be useful.

In the same status menu, there is a pet section -> let’s learn about the pets.

Avabel Lupinus Pets

Avabel LupinusThe player gets his/her first pet for free as a tutorial reward. It’s up to the player to use them as companion or just put them in a box. The pet helps you in the battle by boosting the character’s stats. For example – HP, SP. When you take out the pet, you will see the effect in the character’s stats.

Go to the base and find Pet Breeder NPC. She is on the right side of the quest board. Interact with her to open the pets menu. Box – Here you can see all the pets that you owned -> take out to get the benefit. You can sell the pets for coins. Combine and Evolve – Evolving materials can be acquired from the dungeon modes. The combine function allows you to level up a pet by combining other pets(material). At the max level, you can evolve a pet.

Go to the status menu -> pets -> feed the pet to level up.

You can acquire pets from the pet packs.

Equipment Guide

Avabel LupinusYou can obtain the equipment from the weapon shop, from the NPC quests, in the shop – equipment pack. The weapon shop can be accessed by interacting with the NPC, behind guild board on the base. You can buy all kinds of weapons there – but make sure to check the class first. Go to the class change manager NPC and read about the character classes. There you will get the information on the weapons, used by characters. Or check the class guide above.

For example – A warrior can not use the gun as the main weapon because it’s a class-specific weapon.

Tap the character option at the bottom-center menu -> equipment -> tap the suggested equipment button to auto-equip the weapons or defense items.

How To Upgrade Equipment?

To increase the BP or character’s power, it’s important to raise or enhance the weapons, armors. The blacksmith on the base helps you to do so. He is on the right side of the quest board. Go, explore and find him -> then tap him -> enhance, evolve, awake arms, add an element, add monster type. One more thing we would like to mention is if you don’t know about all the functions in a menu, just tap the (?) symbol at the top-left/right of the menu pop-up. There would be the same symbol in the blacksmith menu -> tap it to know all about these functions.

  • Enhance – Choose a weapon that you want to level up -> tap the enhance button -> select the material items; useless gears, pills, crystal, fragment, etc. Once done, hit the enhance button again and confirm. It will cost you a certain amount of gold. You can earn gold by completing the quests, selling items at a weapon shop or items shop.
  • Evolve – Evolving lets you raise the rank of equipment. Max level equipment to evolve. Check the material required to evolve -> if you have, use it and evolve.
  • Awake Arms – Make the equipment stronger by adding DMG effects
  • Add Element – Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Light, Dark are the elements that you can add to the arm for elemental advantage.
  • Add Monster Type – Choose a monster type and consume materials/gold to add special effects.

That would be all in this Avabel Lupinus Guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our Avabel Lupinus tips, cheats & strategies!

Avabel Lupinus Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Farm The Items In Dungeon Mode

Challenge the monsters in a variety of dungeon modes and get the items for your pets, characters. You can use these items to produce more items at Synthesis.

  • Treasure Quest – Arms, Kodora Statue, Sharp Crystal, Hard Crystal, etc.
  • Pet’s Hideout – Rainbow Seed, Time Seed, Rare Seed
  • Mixed Cave – Element items
  • Beast Advent – Pet materials, evolution gangue
  • Furniture – Furniture materials

2.) Hunt The Monsters

Go to any PvE map and hunt the monsters. You will earn a bunch of items that you can use as a material to upgrade the main gears, you will also earn EXP. If you want to level up fast in Avabel Lupinus game, defeat or hunt high-level monsters. At the upper-left corner, tap the level button -> there you can track the EXP or level progress.

And, on the top-center, In the chat tab, the System tag messages display the items dropped by the monsters. Tap the bag option at the top-left and keep an eye on the storage. If the bag is full, you will not get any item.

3.) Manage The Inventory

If your bag is full, go to the base and find Storage Manager NPC. Interact with the NPC and transfer the bag items to the storage. You can take out the stored items anytime.


Sell the items at item shop or arms shop for gold.


Go to Synthesis NPC and produce items such as pills, rift stone, ORB, materials, etc.

4.) Use The Return To Base Function

If you don’t know your current location or want to go to the base directly – without walking through the portals, use the return to base function. On the left-center side of the screen, tap the (>) key to expand the menu and choose to return to the base.

5.) Know About The Items

Open the bag menu and tap on an item. On the right side, the game will display its info/details. Make sure to read the items’ descriptions if you don’t know what it does. Some items are rare and you don’t get often – better to not to sell these items. That’s why it’s important to know about each item.

6.) Use The Pills

At the upper-left corner, you can check the current HP and SP stats of the character. As you battle the enemies, the HP or SP may drop. Use the HP/SP pills to recover these stats. You can produce these pills at synthesis. To use, tap the shortcut reload button at the bottom of the mini-map -> tap the pill.

7.) Use The Gems

Go to the shop and spend gems for high-quality gears. As per our details, all the players get over 550 gems for free. You can spend thee gems in the shop on equipment, items, and avatars.

8.) Get Free Draw Daily

In the shop, under the pickup section, you get (1) free item draw for free. From the free pack, you may get a high-quality weapon or other items.

If you have more Avabel Lupinus tips, cheats, cheat codes, more info, etc. – feel free to share in the comment section below.

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