Popo’s Mine: Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Popo’s Mine is a brand new idle game for Android & iOS by STORMX. Read on for Popo’s Mine guide, tips, cheats & strategies to build the best tycoon

Popo's MineStormx, the publisher of Foodpia Tycoon and Ide Egg Tycoon games, has just expanded its portfolio with a new Idle Tycoon game called Popo’s Mine. In this game, you will mine the minerals like Emerald in the tunnels with the help of cute characters and managers. As you progress further in the game, you will get to discover new mines and minerals. 

If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. This Popo’s Mine guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Popo’s Mine tips, cheats & strategies that you may like. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content. 

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At the beginning of the game, you mine in the emerald mine, which is in the forest continent. In each continent of Popo’s Mine game, you can build or work on multiple mines. For example – Ice Continent, Fire Continent, Sand Continent, etc. To unlock new Mines or Continent, you will need Idle Cash that you earn by selling the minerals like Emerald. For example – to unlock Ice Continent, you need 191 ah, Sand Continent costs 8.84 ah, and Fire Continent costs 330 ah. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Popo’s Mine tips & tricks: –

Refuel The Drill Machine For Free Potions

Potions are the magical items in Popo’s Mine that you can use to get a temporarily buff like increase in miner walking speed. You can get free potions by refueling the drill machine on the ground level. If you have not unlocked the potion function yet, then unlock new tunnels and progress by making upgrades. In the footer menu, tap the green potion bottle button -> select the potion that you want to use. 

Popo's MineDrill Machine – Drill Machine is on the ground level – tap the fuel can button to refuel. After that, wait for a few minutes until the drill machine comes back with a treasure chest. Claim the treasure for the potion. 

Make The Upgrades Wisely In Popo’s Mine

You can upgrade the tunnels, elevator, and storage building. Tunnel – this is where the characters dig and mine the emerald-like minerals. Each new tunnel that you unlock produces more minerals than the previous one. So start making tunnel upgrades from the bottom tunnels to the top-ones. 

Elevator Upgrade – the elevator is responsible for collecting the minerals from the tunnels and taking it to the ground. Make sure to upgrade it to increase the load so that the worker at this elevator can collect the max minerals possible in one turn. 

Storage – it is responsible for collecting the cargo from the elevator and selling it for Idle Cash. Upgrade it to increase the load so that you can collect the max minerals possible in one turn. 

As you make these upgrades and balanced the production/loading process, you will see an increase in offline earnings. In the top-left corner, you can check the offline earnings per second.

Also, when you reach a certain milestone level; 100, 150, and so on, you will get the rubies for free. 

Activate The Ad Boost In Mine

You can increase your income by 2 times with the Ad boost activated in the mine. All you need to do is watch a short video ad and that’s it. Tap the Ad boost button below the shop icon in the bottom-left side -> watch the video ad and get the boost. You can watch multiple times to increase the duration of this boost. 

Assign And Activate Manager’s Skills

Managers are the characters with special abilities that can boost your progress. Popo’s Mine game features many managers; common managers, rare managers, epic managers, and legendary managers. Each manager with unqiue abilities that you can use every few minutes. Also, you can upgrade them with the upgrade material that you can get by digging deep into the continent. 

Tap the manager tab in the footer menu -> assign them -> go back to the main screen -> tap the volt/ability sign to use their skills. You can upgrade the manager once you have enough duplicate cards. Upgrading costs rubies. You get the manager cards from the shop or treasure chests; start digging to get the chest. Popo's Mine

Get The Tools In Popo’s Mine Game

Tools and treasure items like Wagon, Lift, Laster, Pickaxe, Shovel, Jackhammer, etc. are the gears that provide a unqiue boost. You can get these gears from the treasure chests. Head to the world map -> treasure isle -> tap the blocks to dig and find the key. The key could be in any block – you need it to unlock the chest, which contains gear cards; required to unlock or upgrade the gear. 

Start Digging For The Treasure Chest

At the top-center of the game screen, it displays the number of coins you must collect to start digging deep into the tunnel for the skill upgrade material, rubies, and cards. 

Prestige In Popo’s Mine

Head to the world map -> prestige -> from there you can prestige and get stars to increase the income permanently. It resets the progress but gives you a permanent income boost so that you can start strong. Is it a good idea to do prestige? Well, you will need a massive amount of coins to unlock the new continents and expand the mining tycoon – since prestige gives you a permanent boost, it’s a good idea to perform it whenever you think the progress rate is bit slow. 

Unlock New Mines

Head to the world map -> there you can see all the continents, locked/unlocked mines. Spend the coins and unlock mines to expand the mining tycoon all over the continent. 

Use The Rubies Wisely

Ruby is the precious in-game currency of Popo’s Mine that you can use to shop for chests, manager cards, and boosters. You can get it from the treasure isle, by digging, leveling up the tunnels/elevator/storage, and from the login reward. It’s better to use it wisely; for cards – rather than spending on temporary boosters. 

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So this would be all in this post on Popo’s Mine guide, tips, cheats & tricks for beginners. 

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