Baseball Superstars 2020 guide: tips, cheats & strategies

New to the Baseball Superstars 2020 game? Master all of its concepts with this Baseball Superstars 2020 guide packed with tips, cheats, and strategies

Baseball Superstars 2020 guide, tips, cheats & strategy: –

This article covers “how to play Baseball Superstars 2020”, about the players, trainers, development guide, tips for training, super skills, and other things such as detailed info on game modes, players’ stats, in-game currencies, grinding, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and check out the Baseball Superstars 2020 guide and tips: –

1.) Getting Started With The Basics

The very first thing you do in the Baseball Superstars game is “create a team” – remember, at the start, when the game asks you to choose the team name and pick other customizations; emblem, uniform?

You are the owner of the team and it’s your responsibility to lead the team forward. You have to train the players with the help of trainers, build a great team, and participate in all sorts of game modes. Let’s learn about trainers and players ->

2.) Trainers And Players In Baseball Superstars 2020

Trainers are the characters in Baseball Superstars 2020 game that help you train the players. Players with high stats can deliver good performance in the baseball matches. Initially, you have a team of players with low stats – it’s your goal to develop the players and raise their stats. Let’s learn how to develop the players in Baseball Superstars. 

3.) Guide To Develop Players In Baseball Superstars 2020

Baseball Superstars Guide And tips 2020On the home screen of the game, in the lower-right corner -> tap the “my player” button. This will take you to the screen where you can select the leagues such as GAMEVIL Superstars, Cruel Pumas, Shining Angels, Mechanic Steamboys, etc. At first, you will have access to the GAMEVIL Superstars. Tap that banner -> on the next screen, you can select the player that you want to develop. There are lots of settings on the page that you should check out before proceeding to the player development.

Here’s the list: –

  • Position – In this tab, you can select batters or pitchers players. If you are developing a batter player, you can select its role; CF, RF, LF, SS, 2B, 1B, 3B, C. If you are developing a pitcher player, you can select its roles; SP, RP, and CP. Also, you can change the hand preference; left or right. 
  • Appearance: – In this tab, you can change the appearance of the player that you are going to develop. 

⇒Once you are all down with player settings, tap the “Next” button. On the next screen, you will have to choose a deck of trainers. You can create the deck anytime in the trainer menu of the game. Read the trainers guide below for more information. 

Tap the start button, select the buff item if you have, and proceed further by tapping the OK button. This will take you to the town where players undergo in training. 

Now, you can control the player that you customized at the start(at My Player menu). Go through all weeks and complete the progress to develop the player. Read the tips below to develop the player wisely. 

Baseball Superstars Guide And tips 2020

4.) Tips To Develop The Player

(Make sure to read the development guide above first). Once you are in the town, you have to make sure that the player is being trained every week. You will have six weeks to train the player. At the top-left corner, you can check the weekly progress and player’s stats; S, I, M, and D. 

  • S – STR
  • I – INT
  • D – DEX
  • M – MNT

Read the player’s stats guide below. 

Tip #1.) Tap the “Train” button on the lower-right corner -> select the stats that you want to raise -> tap the button in the lower-right; move to the training field. It would cost stamina and the player will get a boost in the selected stats. Also, you will gain skill points and G points + affinity(if the trainer was assigned). Affinity points will help you team up with a trainer at superstars day when you do the rapport event. A random trainer with a 50+ affinity will be paired. 

Tip #2.) Tap the lodge button in the lower-right corner -> rest -> recover stamina(to improve training success rate. Lodge -> recreation -> to restore the mood. Lodge -> heal -> if you get injured, do healing. 

Tip #3.) As you do training, complete the events, weekly matches, you will gain skill points and G points. Use the skill points to learn the skills and raise the player’s stats. On the town screen, in the lower-right, tap the “learn skill” button. G-points are used to get the gears for the character. On the town screen, tap the “purchase gear” option. This will open the shopping mall where you can get the gears for the player. Don’t waste G-points in low-grade gears. Save them and go for SSR or UR quality gear.

Tip #4.) As you continue the weekly progress, you will get to play the league game. Win league game matches to get more skill points and G-points. You can develop the skills and get better gears if you manage to grab these points. You can pick a hard mission in the league to get better rewards. 

Tip #5.) You can do the whole development process quickly by choosing the auto mode. Tap the “auto” option on the top-right of the town screen in Baseball Superstars 2020. Choose the end option; check the box next to end auto when currency is full. This way, your player will progress through training, events, leagues all by auto. 

Tip #6.) As you continue to the weekly progress, there would be events occurring in the top-right side, tap the trainer/friend support -> choose the reward. 

Baseball Superstars Guide And tips 2020Tip #7.) Learn a superstars team skill. During the week progress, there is a chance of getting trained by elite players. that manager invites. In Baseball Superstars 2020, you can earn superstar skill by getting trained by these elite players. Tap the train button -> choose the training attribute offered by an elite player -> move to the club office. 

Tip #8.) At superstars day, you will have to team up with a trainer. That’s random. After that, the Rapport event starts. if you complete all the three Rapport events, the player will get/learn the super skill. 

Tip #9.) After completing all the weeks and grabbing the trophy, you will end up with the player profile screen(the one that you trained). You will see its all stats, super skill(if you get), gears(purchased gears), etc. Tap the “complete button” -> get tier ratings and start again. Keep training more players and build a great team.

The trained player will be added to the players’ list and you can assign it to the team line-up. Go to home screen -> players -> manager players -> there you will see the player that you trained. Go to manage team -> swap the low-stat score player with the one that you trained. 

So these are the top tips and a complete walkthrough on developing players in Baseball Superstars 2020 game. If you have more tips, comment below. 

Baseball Superstars Guide And tips 2020

5.) Special Training & Personal Training In Baseball Stars 2020

Baseball Superstars 2020 Guide And tipsIn the “my player” mode, when you train the player; there are two types of training(more like training effects); personal training and special training. Personal Training: – this training effect is triggered “randomly” – an (!) exclamation mark icon will appear on the training list. Special Training: – special training is also triggered “randomly” when a trainer’s “training type” coincides with the training. A flame(red, green, blue) appears on the training symbol when it gets triggered! Also, when the training completes, on the reward screen, in the lower-left corner, there would be an effect option; tap it and you will see the special training reward. 

6.) Guide To Trainers In Baseball Stars 2020

Trainers help you develop the players’ stats in my player mode. On the home screen, in the lower-left corner, tap the “trainer” option in the lower-left. You will have a bunch of options to access in that menu: –

  • Manage trainers – here you can level up the trainers with level up memories. You can get/grind it in “my player” mode, “player league”, get form the “item shop”. Upgrade the trainers with upgrade robot(obtain from item cube, R-point shop, and craft in Lecter’s Lab). And, use cores to develop further; cores. Go to the 2nd tab, you can merge trainers to get a new one. Cube Conversion – here you can dismiss the useless trainers to get item cubes. 

It’s important to develop trainers, but don’t develop the useless ones. The SSR and UR tier trainers are the best. Avoid developing R and N tier trainers. UR > SSR > SR. Higher the tier, the better the training abilities. If you have low-tier/grade trainers, you can trade them and get better trainers! 

  • Deck – in this menu, you can set up the deck consisting of trainers that you can use to train the players in my player mode. Consider the trainer’s stats, position property, tier, etc. while building the deck. For example – if you are going to develop a player positioned at 1B, you must select the trainer with 1B position property. If you want to build the INT stats of a player, make sure to select the INT type trainers. You can get the trainers’ details in the trainer index. 

7.) Getting Trainers In The Game

You can get new trainers by trading(merge x3 to get a new one) or from the “recruit” portal. On the home screen, tap “recruit” on the right side -> spend diamonds or friendship points to get random trainers. Each banner has a different drop rate; so, make sure to check it first. Usually, event banners have high drop-rate for UR trainers. 

8.) Lecter’s Lab In Baseball Superstars 2020

In Lecter’s Lab, you can research trainers and items. There are three types of researches; basic research, standard research, and advanced research. You will need “Hologram” to request the research in Lecter’s Lab. Also, you will need to provide certain items to the doctor to start the research. The higher the research tier, the better the rewards – but, more cost. You can craft a bunch of items such as UR trainer ticket, skill capsule, upgrade robot, skill book, destiny tarot card, and more. 

9.) Tips To Progress In Baseball Superstars 2020

We would recommend following the owner guide missions if you are new to the game. On the home screen, tap “owner guide” option -> do these missions and you will learn all the aspects of the game + get quality rewards. 

Start building the players’ team; play my trainer mode and develop the players, get/learn a super skill, get gears. 

Play all sorts of game modes; galaxy cup, Superstar League/PvP mode to earn diamonds, superstar coins, item cubes containing in-game items(skill capsule, upgrade robot, trainer gene, power energy, schedule table, gold, etc.). 

Planet league mode to earn gold, premium recruit coupon to recruit trainers, planet cube(contains core cubes, gold, and other items). 

Daily game mode to earn gold, training gene. 

DIA Home Run Champ to earn diamonds. 

10.) Complete The Missions For Freebies

On the home screen, tap the “mission” option. There you can check daily missions, weekly missions, achievements, growth missions, super pass progress. Complete these missions to earn free rewards.

11.) Quick Walkthrough To Learn A Super Skill

Baseball Superstars Guide And tips 2020Super skill can be learned while developing the player in my player mode. All you need to do is complete the rapport events. To participate in the rapport events, you will have to team up with a trainer. A trainer with affinity points; +50, will team up with you. To reach +50 points affinity status with one of the trainers, you need to get trained by them from the starting week. Read the tips to develop the player part above for more details. 

12.) Guide To Player Stats Meaning

You can check the player’s stats in the in-game wiki. Tap the “gear” icon in the top-right corner of the main lobby/home screen -> go to the info tab -> tap the “help” button to open wiki page -> players -> stats. 

13.) Redeem Coupon Code

To redeem the Baseball Superstars 2020 coupon code, go to the game settings by tapping the gear icon in the upper-right -> info -> enter coupon code -> enter. Keep an eye on events and social media pages of Baseball Superstars for coupon codes!

So that’s all we got in this post on Baseball Superstars 2020 guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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