Rilakkuma Farm Cheats: Tips, Guide & Strategies

Rilakkuma Farm is a brand new farming game for Android and iOS by Imagineer. Check out our Rilakkuma Farm guide, tips, cheats & strategies

In this post, we have shared the Rilakkuma Farm guide for beginners. Also, we have posted a bunch of Rilakkuma Farm cheats, tips & strategies that may help you progress fast. It is a cute relaxing farming game where you plant/harvest crops, make dairy products, fill the orders, and earn money. So without further ado, let’s dive in.Rilakkuma Farm

Rilakkuma Farm Guide: –

Your goal is to grow and expand the farm. After the tutorial, you can do plenty of things; for example – do the quests, fill the orders, start growing corps in the field, and making products in the shops like a cow barn, sweet shop, etc. As you level up in the game, you will be able to expand the farm; it will cost you gold coins or hammer or shovel. If you don’t know what are these resources and how to obtain them in Rilakkuma Farm game, then read these two posts: –

Let’s learn how do you progress and expand the farm quickly – Rilakkuma Farm cheats, tips & strategies: –

Participate In The Events To Level Up Quickly In Rilakkuma Farm: –

You get jewels, new buildings, decorations by leveling up in the Rilakkuma Farm game. And, one of the best ways to level up quickly is by participating in the events. Events are like filling orders – but they grant more rewards. For example – at the time of writing this guide, the Christmas Preparation event is going on where you give the items to the characters. And as a result, you earn a ton of EXP in no time. So we would recommend you to focus on the event missions if you want to level up fast.

Expand The Farm Boundaries

You can open new farm areas by paying the gold coins or tools like hammer/shovel. There would be signboards around the farm boundary. Tap these boards and pay the gold or use tools to expand the boundaries. When you level up, you get new shops, decorative items, and much more. And to place them, you will need space – so make sure to keep expanding the farm boundaries.

Complete All The Quests To Earn Big Box

In the top-left side of the game interface, tap the medal type button to open the quest menu. There you will find some missions/quests that you should complete for the rewards. When you complete all the quests, the game gives you a bog box, which contains valuable rewards.

Save Jewels For Later

Jewel(s) is the premium in-game currency of the Rilakkuma Farm game. You can use it to complete the orders immediately, for doing tasks instantly; growing crops, making products, doing event missions, etc. You earn jewels when you level up or from boxes. Since it’s a premium in-game currency, you should use it wisely. We would recommend you to save it for the end game; after level 30, you can add more shops to the farm, which costs jewels and for the premium tools like hammer, shovel. If you are not going to play it for long, use it based on the needs.

You Can Sell Items For Coins

You can sell the items for coins. Go to the Items tab in the footer menu -> head to the items tab -> select the item that you want to sell -> adjust the quantity -> hit the sell button. You may use this feature when the storage is full, you are low on coins.

Rank Up Decorations To Get Characters

Rilakkuma Farm game features over 123 character Illustrations that you can obtain by ranking up the decorations. To rank-up the decoration, you need coins and the duplicate cards of the original decoration. For example – if you want to rank-up to sunflower decoration from a small flower, you will need its duplicate. Original decorations can be obtained from the present boxes.Rilakkuma Farm

Fill Up The Orders To Become Rich

Do you want those present boxes? Well then focus on completing the local orders. Head to the Orders screen and complete the orders of people. All you need to do is tap the building -> check the order – grow the crops or make products in the shop depending on the order – fill. You will earn XP, coins, and heart. Fill up the heart meter to get the present box. Then deliver the present box to open it. You will get coins, decorations, and other items from the present box.

Keep An Eye On Sale

Head to the shops’ menu in Rilakkuma Farm game -> scroll down below to today’s sale section -> there you will find some deals that you can grab in exchange for gold coins or jewels. You could get premium decorations, duplicate decorations or tools like hammer, shovel.

Customize The Farm

Don’t mess up the things. Place the house building, crops field, shops in groups so that you can easily access particular types of things in one area. To move the buildings or objects, tap and hold on it for a few seconds. Then select the area where you want to move it -> hit the OK button to place.

Get Jewels For Free

  • Level up to get jewels

Use Secret Room

As per the current event, you get Rilakkuma Topiary for free. You will find it in the items tab; decorations. Place it on the farm. After that, tap on it to open the secret room -> there you can use the items like quick fertilizer, slow feed, the swift cookbook for perks.

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So this would be all in this post on Rilakumma Farm cheats, tips & a strategy guide for beginners.

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  1. May 2023- I purchased the rainy day flower bed for 1500 gems. Why is the snail not coming off the rainy day flowerbed and walking around my farm? Everyone else that has one has a walking snail.

    • you can get those at the store !! i don’t think u can get them anywhere else , they’re usually on sale , u can buy with jewels 😀