Kingsense Reroll Guide: How To Reroll, Who To Reroll For?

Our Kingsense Reroll guide will teach you how to reroll in Kingsense; step-by-step instructions on rerolling, reroll tier list(characters to reroll for)

Kingsense Reroll Guide

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Kingsense Reroll Guide⇓

The following Kingsense reroll guide is based on the English Global version of the game. Let’s get started with the TLDR version; you will have to log in as a guest, complete the tutorial, go through the first X10 multi pull(part of the tutorial).

Then you will claim the rewards from the mailbox; it will give you an X10 multi pull hack chip(10x hack chip) and an MR unit Mio. Your reroll target would be X1 more MR unit; K as reroll target #1, Lohja, Thion as reroll target #2.

For instance, K(from 10X pulls; hack chip or tutorial) + Mio(free reward).

If you don’t get a top-tier character, you can reroll by deleting the current guest account.

Go to the main start screen of the game, tap on the account switch button on the left, then tap on “new guest account” -> type OK -> you will be assigned a new guest account that you can use for rerolling. 

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So that’s the Kingsense Reroll guide TLDR version. Now, let’s check out the detailed version: –

Kingsense Reroll Guide: How To Reroll?

To reroll in Kingsense, the very first step you have to do is log in as a guest. When you start the game, you will be asked to log in with a FB, Google, or Guest account. If you are on iOS, you will get Gamecenter, Apple ID options(most likely), or guest ID. 

You need to log in as a guest account – you can easily delete the guest account and start over without downloading the game data or game over and over again at each reroll attempt. Continue to the game, a tutorial will start where you will learn how to deploy the character and defeat enemies. 

As you continue through the tutorial and do some stage missions, the “Hack” feature will unlock. You will tap on the HACK button in the lobby to navigate to the gacha menu; it will give you 10X free pull. You might get an MR or UR unit from this pull. 

Finish the tutorial gacha and next on-screen instructions until you can manually access the game’s menu. Once you get access to all these functions manually, go to the lobby of the game and tap on the mail option in the lower-right corner. Kingsense Reroll Guide

On the mail screen, you will see a “welcome note” mail. Tap it and claim the reward. This welcome note will give you 10X hack tickets, MR Unit Mio, and other rewards.

Kingsense Reroll Guide

Go to hack option -> choose a banner featuring your favorite unit or top-tier unit that you want to aim for while rerolling -> spend 10X gacha tickets. If you get the top-tier MR unit, continue playing the game; bind it by going to the game’s start screen, tap the account switch button in the top-left corner -> bind -> choose a binding method. 

If you didn’t get any top-tier MR unit from the X2 10X Multi Pulls, you need to delete the current guest account. Follow these steps to reroll in Kingsense: –

Kingsense Reroll Guide: Steps To Reroll⇓

Tap the character avatar icon in the top-left -> go to other tab on the left -> switch account -> you will be navigated to the game’s start screen. Close the notice screen, tap on the “Account Switch” option in the top-left corner. Then tap on “New guest account” -> enter OK to delete the guest current account and get a new guest account ID to start the game again from scratch. Kingsense Reroll Guide

Kingsense Reroll Tier List: Who To Reroll?

Kingsense Reroll Tier List features the characters that you should aim for if you are going to reroll; 

  • K – K is an MR unit in Kingsense. The best unit in the game with skills that do PHY DMG to all enemies and randomly pulls all the enemies to a location. You should reroll for K
  • Lohja – Tier 2 Rank MR Unit
  • Thion – Tier 2 Rank MR Unit

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So this would be all in this post on Kingsense Reroll Guide & Reroll Tier List. 

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