Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes Cheats: Guide, Tips, Strategy & Tricks

Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes is a new TD game for Android & iOS. Read on for Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes cheats, strategy guide, tips & tricks

Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes

Animoca Brands, well-known for Crazy Defense Heroes game, recently published a brand new mobile game called Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. In the game, you fight the waves of enemies by deploying the towers, heroes – also, you can use the magical abilities that can be poured over the enemies for high damage. If you are familiar with the TD concept, then you would not have any trouble understanding the basics. In today’s post, we have shared Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes cheats, tips & a strategy guide that you may love. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

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Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes Cheats, Guide, Tips & Tricks: –

First thing first – you will progress through adventure mode that features multiple locations – each location with lots of stages that you can complete in two difficulty modes; easy and hard. By clearing the stages, you will get the materials that you can use in building up the best deck of cards. Speaking of the deck, you can add towers, heroes, and magical spells. There are lots of towers, heroes, and magical spells to discover and use in different combinations to build the best deck ever. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes cheats, tips & tricks: –

Deploy The Units On The Start That Can Stall Enemies

Beast Quest Ultimate HeroesSome units in the game can slow down the enemies with their basic attacks. For example – “Koldo”. Koldo is the legendary tower unit in Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes that can reduce the enemies’ movement speed with the basic attacks. We believe you all get Koldo as a newbie reward from the tutorial chests! So the first tip here is to deploy these types of units right on the spots where the enemy enters or where you want to slow them down. 

  • Use these type of units to stall the enemies going towards the crystal
  • Back up these units by deploying damage dealers; the towers with great decent ranged-DPS – to cause more damage while they are debuffed with the slow speed effect

Why do you need to slow them down? Well, slowing down their movement speed can help damaged dealers inflict more damage. As their speed decreases, they will take more time passing the line – in all the time, your damage dealer would be doing the best job. 

Getting Gems For Free In Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes

Gem – it’s the most valuable and precious currency out there in the Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes game. You can use the gem to buy chests containing the tower, heroes, and magical spell cards. You might be wondering how to get gems for free. We have listed all the ways of acquiring gems in this game: –

  • Conquer the new stages – every new stage in the adventure mode gives you free gems
  • Daily Quests – finish all the daily missions and get free gems
  • Log-in – as a login reward, you will get the gems
  • From the endless mode

Building The Best Deck Of Cards

In Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes, by level 7, you will have all the slots unlocked in the deck. You can get one more slot by activating the VIP. By default, we all have seven slots where one can put seven different cards. There are three types of cards in this game – heroes, magical spells, and the towers. Among all these, tower cards are placed on the spots to build up the defense. Speaking of hero, you can move him all across the battlefield during the combat and make him attack the enemies. 

Magical Spells are the powerful cards that you can use to inflict AoE or massive damage to the enemies targeting the crystal. Since there are so many cards in the game, you might be wondering which one is the best. Well, we don’t have a card tier list yet – we recommend building the balanced deck where you add at least two magical spells, one hero, and four towers. Now, to determine which one, we recommend getting familiar with the stats. You might not have all the cards yet if you are just starting – so the best thing you can do is check their stats like the mana cost, attack power, range, etc. to figure out the best ones. 

Auto-Clear To Farm Materials In Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes

Beast Quest Ultimate HeroesThe adventure mode stages in this game can be cleared automatically with the battle tickets. Well, only those stages where you have conquered all three stars. You go to the adventure mode screen -> select the stage completed with all the three golden stars -> auto-clear. It’s the best way to farm materials required to upgrade all sorts of cards. You can get the battle tickets, which are required to auto-clear, from the daily quest.

Check Out The Events

In the event section, you can access the endless mode and dungeon modes. From the dungeon modes, you can grind the material items or gold. From the endless mode, you can acquire the basic currency, gem, etc. If you are a free-to-play player, you better make use of all these events and grind the stuff free. 

Making The Deck Stronger In Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes

If you have the deck with all sorts of better cards that can deliver the best and you still getting the defeat, you might want to invest in those cards: –

  • Grind the material and upgrade those cards – auto-clear the stages
  • Equip the equipment to hero
  • Or change the combinations 

Watch Video Ads For Free Chests

On the top-left side, below the character avatar, you will often see the watch video ad offer. It gives you a chest for free. You might get a card or equipment. 

Getting Cards In The Game

Head to the chest menu and there you will see different-different chests; from the premium battle chest, you can get random tower cards or spell cards. Hero chest contains hero cards. The material chest gives you upgrade materials. You can claim one chest there for free every x4 hours. The star chest gives you cards – you can collect it once you have earned x16 stars from the adventure battles(repeated stages would not be counted). 

Complete The Daily Quests

Beast Quest Ultimate HeroesTap the quest board in the bottom-menu. There you will see all the daily quests that you can complete for coins, battle tickets. Once you finish them all, you will get the x20 gems for free. 

So this would be all in this post on Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes guide, tips & tricks for beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below. 

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