Blade and Soul Revolution Crafting Guide: Fire Pit, Equipment Enhancement, And More

In this Blade and Soul Revolution crafting guide, you will learn how to craft the gears, enhance gears, craft outfits, potions, and much more

Crafting is one of the main aspects of this game. You can either spend the currency and get the items immediately or you can grind the crafting materials by defeating the monsters and use them in crafting the items. In Blade and Soul Revolution, players can craft equipment, potions, outfits, enhancement materials, and much more. This Blade and Soul Revolution crafting guide covers the basics. Also, we have shared the firepit guide where you can enhance the gears. If you are new to the game, you can check out our beginner’s walkthrough guide and class guide. So let’s not waste any time and check out the Blade and Soul Revolution crafting guide for beginners. 

Blade and Soul Revolution Crafting, Enhancement, Fire Pit, And Trading⇓

First of all, you must be in the village area – it’s because the village or town is the place where you can find a fire pit and the NPCs who help you in crafting, trading the items. Where you can find the village/area? Open the world map(read beginner’s guide here to learn navigation) -> on the world map -> there would be lots of locations; Viridian Coast, Silverfrost MountainsCinderlands are the locations where you will find a village. Viridian Coast -> Bamboo Village. Cinderlands – Yehara’s Mirage. Silverfrost Mountains -> Zaiwei South District, Talus Imperial Palace. In the early game, visit Bamboo Village, which is on Viridian Coast location. 

Crafting Equipment In Blade and Soul Revolution⇓

Blade and Soul Revolution Crafting Equipment Enhancement GuideIn the town area, you need to find the equipment merchant to proceed further into the crafting process. For example – Equipment Merchant “Unhae” in Bamboo Village, Viridian Coast. Tap the globe icon in the left-center -> tap the globe icon on the mini-map ->others -> Unhae -> move. When you stand next to him, you will see the two options; bag/trading and crafting/spanner. Tap the spanner/crafting icon and you will get to cart a bunch of items; weapon, earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. 

Select an item and you will see the material requirements; tap on the material icon to check its info. You can get the equipment materials from the field boss mode or buy from the same merchant. Interact with him and tap on the bag button -> equipment materials -> you can buy these materials with the silver. 

Go to the sell tab (after tapping the bag option) -> there you can sell the stuff for silver. 

Crafting Potions, Outfits, Materials, Headgear, Chests⇓

Blade and Soul Revolution Crafting Equipment Enhancement GuideGeneral Merchant NPC in the town can help you craft potions, outfits, headgear, chests, materials, and event items. For example – General Merchant “Wa Chuga” in the Bamboo Village, Viridian Coast. Tap the globe icon on the left-center of the game screen -> tap the globe icon on mini-map -> other -> Wa Chuga(must be in Viridian Coast, Bamboo Village). 

Interact with her and you will get the two options; trade bag and crafting/spanner. Tap the trade bag button to buy potions and other stuff. Go to the materials tab to get the crafting materials for outfits, potions, chests, headgear, etc. Go to the sell tab to sell the items for silver. 

Tap the crafting icon that pops up when you interact with her. On the next screen, you will get the option to craft Blade and Soul Revolution outfits, potions, headgear, chests, materials, etc. You can gather the materials required for these items from the same merchant or by defeating monsters. Tap on the material icon to learn how to obtain it by playing the game. 

Blade and Soul Revolution Equipment Enhancement Guide With Firepit⇓

Blade and Soul Revolution Crafting Equipment Enhancement GuideYou can find the firepit in the village areas. For example – Bamboo Village in Viridian Coast. Go to the map by tapping the globe icon on the left-center -> tap the globe icon on the mini-map -> Viridian Coast -> Bamboo Village -> other -> Fire Pit. 

Go near the fire pit and tap the anvil icon -> five options will pop-out: –

  1. Sword-With Stars/Enhancement -> select the equipment that you want to enhance. Register it. Use the enhancement stones to enhance the equipment. You can craft the enhancement stones or obtain by playing the game modes
  2. Hammer/Restore Durability -> select the damaged equipment and use the material items to restore its durability so that you can use it again
  3. Sword/Reforge – here you can change the equipment options. Each piece of equipment gives specific stats such as HP, piercing, CRIT, etc. You can change these options by reforging it. You will need forge stones to reforge the equipment. Make sure to do is wisely; if you are playing as a DPS class, focus on ATK, CRIT options. If you are playing as a tank class, focus on DEF, HP-related options
  4. (+)/Reinforce Soul Shields – here you can reinforce the soul shields to the character. Tap on the soul shield to check its stats. Register the one that you want to enhance and use the replicates for the enhancement. You can remove the soul shields from the character info’s second tab. And, equip it from the bag menu
  5. Break/Salvage – here you can select the gears that you don’t use and salvage them for the crafting material items

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So this would be all in this post on Blade and Soul Revolution crafting guide and equipment enhancement guide for beginners. 

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