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BTS World Guide & Tips
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BTS World is a brand new mobile game by Netmarble where you progress through the stories of BTS Members. Read on our BTS World guide, tips, cheats & strategies – cards, affinity, level, get unstuck, and more

It is a BTS Management game where the player manages BTS and help them on their quests to become a successful artist. The game lets you interact with the members through texts, call, social media feed, and many more means. You will progress through the story mode missions and unlock new stories, videos. There is a ton of content in the game; stories, videos, photos, missions, etc. Your goal is to discover all the content and make the members successful. Let’s navigate to our BTS World guide and BTS World tips, cheats & strategies to clear all the missions without getting stuck.

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BTS World Guide

The Basics – BTS Cards, Stats, Raising The Stats, Mission Details, And More

BTS World features all the (7) members; RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jung Kook. You will get all these members cards in the game as you progress through the story mode missions. Let’s be more specific on how to get cards: –

  • From the Draws; Gold Draw, Gems Draw.

Gold Draw – Tap the draw button at the bottom of the game screen and slide to the right for gold draw options. The gold draw method summons low-tier cards; 1* to 3*.

Gem Draw – In this draw, you will have to spend gems. From this draw, you get high-tier cards; 3* to 5*.

  • From the events – Tap the event banner at the bottom of the lobby to check event details. Complete those events for the cards
  • Progress through the story mode

What’s Cards’ tier?

The tier of a card determines its quality. The higher the tier is, the better will be the stats of that card. In BTS World, the cards are classified into the five tiers; (1)*, (2)*, (3)*, (4)*, (5)*. As you progress through the chapters, you will need high tier cards to clear the stages. So save the gems; don’t spend it on energy or other stuff and use it to draw better cards.

BTS World Cards Guide – The Stats, DNA, Missions, Type, And More

⇒The Stats – All the members’ cards have four stats; empathy, passion, stamina, and wisdom. And, all these cards are particularly good in one attribute. For example; if the card is wisdom type, then the wisdom attribute would be better than empathy, passion, and stamina. Go to the main interface of the game and at the bottom, tap the manage cards option – now, at the top-right corner of the card icon, you can check the card type; empathy, passion, stamina, wisdom.

To clear a mission, the cards that you select should reach the target score. And, before you start the missions, you can check the required stats for that mission. For example; if the required stats are empathy and passion, then you should select the cards with high passion/empathy score.

How to raise the cards’ attributes?

Level Up – As we mentioned before, you will need better cards as you progress to high-level stages. The cards that you select should have high stats. And, getting a good tier card is not the only thing. You will have to raise the stats of the card every now and then. Go to manage cards interface -> use the blossoms, flower, bouquet to grant EXP to that specific card. You can acquire these EXP items by clearing the missions. If you are stuck, repeat the past stages and grind blossoms. You can try the auto-clear function to get instant rewards.

Upgrade – Upgrade is another way to raise the card stats. Basically, it lets you level up further more than the previous cap. To upgrade the cards, you need upgrade stones. In the BTS World game, you can obtain the upgrade stones in exchange for DNA and the duplicate cards. We will learn about the duplicate cards and DNA in the below BTS World guide.

Exchange and DNA Guide

⇒How to get and use DNA in BTS World?

You can get the DNA of a specific card by exchanging the duplicates. Navigate to the manage cards interface -> head to the exchange tab -> here you can exchange the duplicate cards for upgrade stones, bouquet, and DNA. To use the DNA, tap the shop button on the top-right side of the card profile interface. You can exchange the DNA for upgrade stones,

Crafting Guide

⇒How do you craft member cards?

You need to collect the pieces of the card or fragments through another story stages. On the left side of the screen, tap the (⇒) floating icon and navigate to another story mode stages. There you will find all the BTS members. Raise the affinity -> unlock chapters -> complete the missions in another story mode -> get card pieces.

Keep in mind that you can not craft some cards. Only a few cards can be crafted. For example; You can craft Professional card of RM. But, you can not craft the Red Carpet RM card.

How to get free wings?

This energy function is now in almost all the games. In this game, it’s referred to the wings. To play the missions or story mode, you need wings. As you progress a bit, you will be soon out of the wings. Now, how do you get free wings? You can receive the free wings from the friends; so try to add as many friends as you can. Read the friends guide below. Another way is to use the gems. You can buy wings in the shop in exchange for the gems. However, we would not recommend you to spend the gems on the wings. Or wait until the game recuperates it automatically.

How to get free gold?

Gold is another currency in this game. For the agency tasks, draws, and much more stuff, you need gold. You can get the gold by completing the missions, achievements, quests, story mode.

How to get free gems?

  • Complete the quests
  • Daily sign in(get 100 gems on the 14th day)
  • Complete daily missions
  • Complete the achievements
  • Finish training missions(event)
  • Finish all the chapters with 3-stars and get chapter reward

Training missions – At the bottom of the lobby, the game displays the current event. For example; at the time of writing this post, there is an event named BTS World Launch celebration event is in progress. Tap that banner and navigate to the event/training missions. Complete these missions to get high-tier cards, gold, gems, and much more.

Friends Guide

Go to the lobby -> tap the + button -> friends -> go to add friends tab and add the friends. Use the search box to search using the code. To check the code, go back to the lobby -> tap the profile avatar at the top-left -> there you can copy the code.

Go to the friend list and tap the wings share button to send the wings to friends.

BTS World Agency Guide & Tips

In the agency menu screen, you can see all the members condition and their daily schedule. As you clear the daily schedule missions, the group stats will increase. The group stat is a combination of all the stats; empathy, wisdom, stamina, and passion. Tap on any daily schedule banner -> select the members(you can select multiple members) -> start training. After the training ends, the particular stat will gain EXP and its level will increase.

This group stat score is applied to the mission score. For example; to clear a mission, you need 4K points. And with the cards, you reach 3.9K points. Now, the game will automatically apply the group stats(suppose, it’s 300) to the mission score. So the total score would be 3.9K+300=4.2K. So we would recommend to you increase the group stats score and it will surely help you in later missions.

If the members are in bad condition, tap their icons and give them gifts.

Don’t Get Stuck and Progress Fast In BTS World – Tips

  • If you are stuck, repeat the past stages and grind EXP, coins, etc. Use the blossoms/EXP to raise the best cards
  • Always pay attention to the required stats
  • Draw high-tier cards; save gems, gold
  • Participate in the events for better rewards
  • Complete the quests, daily missions, achievements
  • Play another story mode for card pieces
  • Complete the photo album
  • Sign in daily
  • Auto-clear the stage for instant rewards
  • Level up and upgrade the cards
  • Do the daily schedule(Agency) and raise group stats
  • Add friends and share wings to each other

So that would be all in our BTS World guide and BTS World tips & tricks. If you have more tricks, tips, strategies, feel free to share in the comment section below!

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  1. First, if anyone needs some friends my ID is – YY8P8F3. Just add me and I will send you wings everyday!!!

    @Nina the reward for finishing a photo album is a special video, I haven’t accessed any of mine yet. But I am close on one of the albums.

    @Madeline I know for the photos in the album you may need a certain amount, and if it says that you need 1 copy of the photo, it really means 2. Because when you collect all the cards for the photos it takes away the cards you collected away too, so you have the original card left but the copies taken away.

    @OutandProud did you press the plus mark at the bottom of your phone screen the friend list should be in their it should be the first app (after you press the plus button) then, styling, downloading, and settings apps.

  2. For some reason in my photo album I have the right cards for the photo but it says I don’t have them? I’ve gone on the hamburger icon and it still says I don’t have it. Is this an issue for anyone else and can I sort it??

  3. pls add me im lvl 36 lol and i need friends : 567N2AL
    have a great day
    (btw what kind of reward do u get when u finish the photo album?)

  4. Hey please add me I’ll send wings too
    459JDB3 is my code. I added many people by learning their hope you can do the same… Thanks!

  5. I figured out crafting cards

    Everytime you successfully clear a level in Another Story, you get a puzzle piece.

    Go to Manage Cards > All Cards
    Select card > Craft
    then you will see how many pieces you need (only certain cards can be crafted, try to rmb the picture of the puzzle piece).

    You can also craft extra cards to exchange for Upgrade Stones. For 4 star cards you can exchange for 45 Upgrade Stones

    PS: I clicked on each card to checked, and there’s 1 five-stars card, 4 four-stars cards, and 1 three-stars card that can be crafted for each member – meaning a total of 42 cards that can be crafted!

    Hope that helps!

  6. I have cards that I would need for the BTS photo album but it won’t give the check mark that I have it. Do I have to level up the card before I get the check mark or is this a glitch?

  7. Am I the only one who doesn’t have the icon to add friends? I’ve had the game since it came out and I’ve tried to delete the game and get it back but it still doesn’t work. P.s I have an android

  8. How to complete bts world photo album?!
    Although i have some of the cards for completing a photo, the percentage is still 0

  9. Hello.

    Is there a particular reason why some photos from the photo set does not count cards which I already own? For example, for the “Game Over” photo, I have to collect four cards, Yoongi’s “Hello,” Jungkook’s “Pit-a-pat,” Namjoon’s “Bingo!” and “Brain Fully Activated.” I have all of them, but it only counts three of them–excluding Yoongi’s card.

    For the “Can’t End Like This” photo the same thing occurs, excluding Hoseok’s card, despite another photo using the very same to complete it.

    Does it only count a card once? Needing a duplicate of the same one in order to finish another photo from the set? And even then, it doesn’t seem plausible because Yoongi’s card, despite needing it for different photos to be completed, is counted in none.

    What is going on?


  10. Hi everyone o/
    I’m having a trouble with friends
    When I started adding them it had just stopped at 9/50, and I can’t accept more
    When I try to, it only says “this player cannot add any more friends”
    It is some kind of a bug?

    • @Anna That means the friend you are trying to add has already reached the max friends limit. The max friends you can add in this game are 50. Once you reach this limit, you will not get any friend request.

  11. For trainings in agency, is the EXP stated for one member each or is it just given one time in addition to the no. of members exp?
    I am sending 2 members to training –
    Schedule Exp + 2 members Exp:
    290 + 290 = 580 Exp

    Is the total exp 580 or is it 290(2) + 290 = 870 exp
    Is the Schedule Exp or does it increases with every addition of a member?

    I don’t think the Schedule Exp increases with the addition of each member, only the members exp increases with each member.
    Hence I think sending one member at a time is more worth it, although more expensive, but they need lesser food which is hard to find

  12. Is anyone else having trouble with the upgrade stones? I’m maxed at lvl 30 but the problem is just getting stones and I already used all my DNA :,(.
    Anyways feel free to add me: 8TFW7PW
    I’m pretty active and send out wings regularly!

  13. I am literally stuck on BTS story chapter 5, the pass few days I’ve been just trying to level up my cards to pass level 30 so I can pass one stage. Its getting more and more difficult for sure! Patience is key.
    my code is :LQFSD7B
    feel free to add me! i send wings out every morning when I can.

  14. @Yuki Make sure you are both in the same region & both don’t have 50 friends already. If it says 9/50 on your friend list, make sure you scroll down to see your total friends (9 load at a time).

  15. I tried to add my friend with her ID code but it doesn’t show up in search. Same thing when she did mine. How come?

    • @Vicky Tap the side menu button on the main screen to open another story mode. It looks like this on iOS, I don’t know about the Android version though BTS World Another Story Mode

    • @Aciee Go to manage cards -> tap the card that you want to select as a profile picture -> download it -> tap the avatar icon at the top-right corner -> set as profile image

  16. Where do i go to play each member’s story i can only access if i have a mission that requirs to play a member’s story other that that i don’t where do i go ?? Please show me !! Thanks

  17. Ok, question: if I have some gems and I want to use them…when I click on them, it says ‘ paid gems will be used first’ Does that mean that let’s say if I still want to use those, I will get charged with real money? Or it’s safe to use them because they are currency/reward in the game? Thanks!

    • @Sky That means if you buy something in the shop, paid gems will be used first. For example; Suppose, you have 100 gems(earned by playing the game). And, you make transactions worth $4.99 for 55 gems. So, paid gems – 55. Free Gems – 100.
      Now suppose you are out of wings. You can buy it(Bargain Wings Pack) from the shop in exchange for 30 gems. After making the purchase in the shop, you will have –
      Paid Gems – 25(55-30). Free Gems – 100.

      If you don’t have paid gems, then free gems will be used. You will not get charged.

  18. How do you complete photo album. I have the cards but for some reason they don’t show up in the photo album

    • @Anonymous In the photo album menu, tap the sort button(hamburger type icon – black color – on the right side) to see the card progress and check again. You will see all the cards that you need to complete a photo album.

  19. Something that I’ve noticed is that in the missions the required stat that goes first gives you more %
    (Ex: required stat Stamina Passion )
    So, when the calculation is taking place the stamina stats will be add 180% of its value, whereas the passion stats will add 150%, that means the stamina stat will be slightly more important so keep this in mind when choosing the cards you will use for the missions cause as you advance it will be harder to get 3 stars. Oh, make sure all your missions in every chapter have 3 stars, that will give you tons of rewards. Also, another story missions are HARD AF, I’m suck in all members’ chapter 1 and I’m far from being able to clear mission, specially bc in those you can only use one member’s cards so if they aren’t upgraded, don’t have 3+ stars or you don’t have enough then you will be wating wings… trust me, make sure you have plenty cards of each member and that they are upgraded with high stats before diving in another story.

  20. do the member missions… like just take JK for example.. when you are doing HIS story you get stars yea ? when u collect the stars you can get gifts 🙂 press on the level thingy , like it will show sth like 3/20 .. which means that u have 3 stars out of 20.. and when u press on that they will tell u sth like 3 stars – 5 games or sth like it… hope this helped 🙂

  21. Guys apparently your card has to be maxed to level 30 before you can use the stones. Upgrading will change the face of the card and up the max level 50. Hope this helps!