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Bit Legends is the latest retro RPG title from DH-Publisher. Read on for Bit Legends guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners

DH-Publisher is known for its Animal Restaurant game. Recently they released a top-notch retro RPG where players build the character class and team up with monster characters to clear the enemies’ waves. The Bit Legends game is packed with a classic campaign mode where you proceed through different-different areas. As you clear the campaign mode stages, players get to participate in dungeon and PvP game modes. If you are just starting in Bit Legends game, then this post is for you. In this article, we have shared a beginner-friendly Bit Legends guide that covers the core concepts of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Bit Legends tips, cheats & strategies to progress fast. So, let’s not waste any time and read the main walkthrough guide. 

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Bit Legends Guide TipsFirst things first – your goal in this game is to make the main character stronger and assemble the team of monsters to eliminate any powerful enemy squad. To make the character stronger, you can upgrade its class perks, equip high-tier gears, pets, mount, chip, amplifier, etc. Only making the character stronger would not be enough as fights are fought as a team. In a team, you can add monsters; monsters are the characters in Bit Legends – with unqiue skills, stats, and roles. When you start the Bit Legends game, you will have to pick an identity – Rogue, Police, and Maniac. The starter character identity only affects the appearance skills(in the early game) – so, feel free to choose anyone. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Bit Legends tips & tricks featured in this walkthrough guide – 

Learn About The Character Classes

Bit Legends Guide TipsAs of writing this guide, Bit Legends game features three character classes; Bounty Hunter, Kung Fu Hunter, and Engineer. The 4th class Artist will probably available in future updates.

Choosing the class – after entering the game and completing the tutorial, look around and you will find an NPC with the book icon over it – next to the market building on the map. Go close to the NPC and tap on it to choose the class. 

Bounty Hunter uses ranged-weapons; assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, etc. Kung Fu Master class uses melee weapons, and Engineer uses energy weapons like a beam weapon, laser weapon, etc. 

All these three classes provide unqiue perks to the player; Kung Fu Master perks; Wildness, Armament, Pilgrimage. Bounty Hunter Perks; Hunt, Survival, and Fitness. Engineer perks; Machinery, Program, and System. 

Leveling up the class(requires guidebook – obtain by exchanging materials or doing the quests) will give you a perk point that you can allocate or distribute between these perks – each perk grants unqiue buffs/bonuses to the main character. For example – Bounty Hunter Hunter perk tree; Brute – increases the damage stats of the main character. Read the perk stats and invest the perk points wisely. 

Bit Legends All Perks List

Kung Fu Master class perks: – Wildness, Armament, Pilgrimage.

Wildness: –
  • Body Augmentation – Increases HP
  • Bloodlust – Lifesteal
  • Laceration – Gains CRIT Bonus
  • Dodge – Dodge rate
  • Flashbang – AoE Damage
  • Parry – Block Rate
  • Rejuvenate – Restores HP each turn
  • Power Conversion – Absorb %
  • Enhanced Torso – Damage Mit +
Armament: –
  • First Strike – more damage on the first strike
  • Dual Wield – (+) CRIT when you equip sword, katana, lightsaber, claymore, sword, spear, chainsaw, claw, hammer in both hands
  • Storming: + Damage
  • Momentum: + CRIT Damage
  • Impulse: chances to generate SP upon basic attacks
  • Weapon Mastery: increases CRIT DMG based on the rarity of the main hand and off-hand weapon
  • Shield: increases Block rate when you equip a shield in your off-hand
  • Briskness – increases DMG, HP, and SPD
  • Swordstorm: massive strike DMG
Pilgrimage: –
  • Benevolence: Healing Effect +
  • Mana Resonance: Gains a shield 
  • Elemental Resistance: + Elemental Resistance
  • Mirror Image: + Reflect Stats
  • Self-Cultivation: +HP, DMG
  • Wind Rider: +Speed
  • Bulwark: + Damage MIT
  • Sanctification: when you are healed, your allies will be healed as well
  • Emergency Shield: generates shield for all of the allies

Bounty Hunter class has three perks: Survival, Fitness, and Hunt. 

Survival: –
  • Life Force: + HP
  • Toughness: Damage MIT +
  • Tenacity: Gains SP upon receiving damage
  • Survivor’s Fitness: +Healed Effect
  • Survivor’s Will: For every certain amount of HP lost, receives a certain amount of less damage from all sources
  • Defensive Skill: Block+
  • Versatility: Damage+
  • Urgent Recharge: activates the ultimate defense system. Restores HP and fully recharges all of the shields
Fitness: –
  • Sharp Shooter: Inflicts DMG(+) when equipping a Rifle or Sniper Rifle as the main weapon
  • Exploit the Weakspot: +CRIT
  • Swiftness: +Speed
  • Engineering Knowledge: +EM Damage, Thermal Damage
  • Vault: +Dodge
  • Eagle Eye Deflection: when the unit’s HP falls below a certain amount of parameter for the first time, triggers the Eagle Eye Deflection System, gaining a 100% bonus to Reflect. This effect expires after being attacked and can only be triggered once per battle
  • Reversed Coordination: +Speed
  • Gale: gains SP upon receiving the damage
  • Devil Sting: Inflicts damage + strikes random enemies multiple times
Hunt: –
  • Strike the Weakspot: + CRIT
  • Critical Feedback: gains SP upon inflicting critical damage
  • Raider: +smite
  • Commando: + damage when equipping AR or shotgun
  • Tempest of Bullets: each attack increase this unit’s attack
  • Brute: + DMG
  • Steady DMG: All the skill’s SP cost(reduction)
  • Monster Hunter: CRIT Damage
  • Open Fire: Restores SP and uses the random attack skills until SP is depleted

Engineer Class Perks: Machinery, Program, and System. 

Machinery: –
  • Life Support Device: + HP
  • Nano Repairing: Restores HP each turn
  • Enhanced Absorption: Shield generated by Absorb +
  • Energy Refraction: upon inflicting damage, generates a shield equal to a certain amount of max HP of yourself and a random ally
  • Incremental Shield: increases shield capacity
  • Anti-Power Armor – grants anti-power armor to the target ally, increasing the absorb, nullifying the next combo attacks they receive, and increasing the damage-shield conversation rate
  • Mechanized Bipedal: +Speed
  • Calculus: +Dodge
  • Energy Drain: +shield conversation
Program: –
  • Weakspot Dialysis: +Smite
  • Phase Switching: +Dodge
  • Battlefield Insight: +Damage
  • Frontal Defense: Block
  • Mirror Algorithm: +Reflect
  • Quantization: at the start of each turn, chances to restore SP
  • Super Algorithm: increases the target ally’s attack and critical 
  • Elemental Attack: +elemental resistance
  • Index Resources: chances to restore SP for a random ally whose SP is not full

Choose the best class based on the perks that you want to get. Bit Legends Guide Tips

Learn To Improve The Strength Of Main Character

In the Bit Legends, your main character fights along with the team of monsters. You can greatly enhance the power of the main character by equipping and upgrading the gears; main weapon and sub-weapon, chips, amplifier, mount, pets, necklace, device, wings, etc. In the upper-left corner, tap the main character avatar -> this will open the profile page where you can check the gears allotted to the main character. Tap on the slot to change. Let’s learn how to get all these gears. 

How To Get Pets In Bit Legends

You can get pets from Pet Gashapon; on the right-center of the screen, tap the Gashapon button -> Pet Gashapon -> spend diamonds and get a random pet. Other than this method, keep an eye on the events; you can exchange event currency for pets. 

How To Get Monsters In Bit Legends

Monsters are your companions. You can get them by playing the game; in the campaign mode missions, during the fight, you will get the chance to catch the monster. If it gets successful, you will get the monster.

Or, go to Gashapon (main screen -> Gashapon) -> monster Gashapon -> spend diamonds to get a random rarity monster; legendary > epic > rare > common. Legendary and epic tier monsters are the best ones but they are hard to obtain. 

Note – you can fuse monster and materials to get a monster of higher-rarity. Monster Fusion.

Getting Mounts

You can get the mount as a daily login reward, from the quests, by exchanging material items, from the Elimination mode store where you can exchange bounty points for Mount. If you know more ways, share in the comments. 

Progression & Farming Guide

The early stages in the campaign mode are easy to clear; as you proceed further, you will have hard stages to complete. And, to get stronger, you will have to upgrade the gears and that requires upgrading material. And, to get upgrading material, you will need a lot of raw material items that you can exchange. 

  • Repeat Campaign Mode – choose the area; in each area, there are some stages that you can repeat again and again for the material items. For example – 2-4 stage in Area 2. These stages can be completed in normal, hard, and epic difficulties. Repeat them and get the items, EXP to level up, gold, and monsters
  • Elimination mode – farm bounty coins and exchange them for exclusive things like mount, guidebook(use to level up class), chip fragments, material items(common, rare, epic, legendary), Gashapon coupons, gold, energy, etc. 
  • Dungeon mode – farm enhancement materials. Earn silver/gold/copper coins from the arena and exchange.
  • Join a guild and participate in guild war for chip material items
  • Complete the main quests(in the top-left corner, you can check the quests)
  • Complete daily missions
  • Do fishing
  • Complete achievements
  • Pay attention to events

Upgrade, Dismantle, Exchange, And Reforge

Tap the enhance button on the lower-right corner: –

  • Upgrade – upgrade the equipped item
  • Dismantle – farm the items in campaign and dungeon and dismantle useless items for the materials
  • Exchange – exchange materials for items. For example – main weapon, zone pass, class guidebook, mount
  • Reforge -spend gold and materials to get random stats for the mount 

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