Game of Khans Guide: Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Strategies

Game of Khans is a brand new RPG for Android & iOS by Clicktouch Co., Ltd. Read on for Game of Khans guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Game of Khans Guide Tips CheatsClicktouch, the mobile game publisher, well-known for Call me emperor game, recently published another RPG called Game of Khans. In the game, you will be playing as Khan and manage the kingdom activities related to all sectors such as advisors, consorts, heirs, troops, and more. The game features PvE and PvP content + dating and heir concept that lets you get to date beautiful consorts and raise babies. If you are new to it, then this Game of Khans guide will help you understand the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Game of Khans tips, cheats & strategies that you would love to read and implement to progress faster than others. So, let’s not waste any time and head to the main walkthrough guide!

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First things first – the three main resources in the game are silver coins, meat, and warriors. All these resources are required to develop the empire. You will need silver coins to upgrade advisors. Meat to raise the village level. And, the warriors to fight enemy bosses. Without warriors, you would not be able to progress. On the world map, you fight and conquer the villages. Conquered villages produce these three resources; silver coins, meat, and warriors. Go to the world map -> tap the bag icon in the bottom-right corner to gather the resources from time to time. Another currency in this game is “diamond”. Diamonds can be used to shop premium items from the item shop and other things. Let’s learn all the tips & tricks in detail featured in this Game of Khans walkthrough guide. 

Get Familiar With Advisors

Advisors are the main characters in Game of Khans that help you fight the bosses and other players in the arena mode. Also, their collective power affects the total Khan/empire power – sovereignty. 

Advisors are classified into four different classes; fighters, traders, hunters, and mentors. And, all the advisors on Game of Khans belong to one of these attributes; Strength, Intellect, Survival, and Charisma. Fighter class advisors have more strength, traders have higher intellect stats, hunters have more survival stats, and mentors have high charisma. 

“Strength” attribute affects casualties and sovereignty of the empire. “Intellect” attributes affect silver production and sovereignty of the empire. “Survival” attributes affect meat production and sovereignty of the Empire. And, Charisma attributes affect warrior production and sovereignty. 

In Game of Khans, you can get advisors from “Proving Ground”. You will need the “Summoning Seal” to summon the advisors. Players can get “Summoning Seal” from the daily quests, world map, store, and achievements. 

Build The Advisors In Game of Khans

Go to the “Advisor” menu -> select an advisor -> use silver coins to level up, talent pendant/medallion/EXP to level up talents, and equipment upgrade material to enhance equipment. All these upgrades will make the character stronger; strength, charisma, intellect, and survival stats will improve – ultimately, sovereignty and meat/silver/warrior production. 

Get Familiar With Consorts

Game of Khans Guide Tips CheatsYou get consorts from the flower market, by reaching certain Sovereignty, from login rewards, and VIP level. Most of the consorts in Game of Khans can be acquired from the flower market. On the main screen, slide to the left and tap on the flower building. There, you need to tap the romance lane to meet the beautiful consorts. Reveal the consort cards – you can meet a certain number of consorts per day. Once met, tap on the consort card and give them flowers – this process is called “Dating” in the game. Dating will increase the affection with the consorts – keep dating to reach the romance stage – and, eventually, you will get married. 

Learn How To Date Consorts

Flower Market -> Romance Lane -> Tap to reveal -> give consorts flowers. Flowers can be acquired from the flower shop or “Sea of Flowers” screen -> pluck the flowers from the garden. It costs energy. Energy replenishes every few minutes. You can use an energy pill to recover it instantly. 

Focus On All Sorts Of Quests

In the bottom-left corner, above the world button, tap the quest bar to check the current quests; campaign, and decree. Focus on completing these quests as a walkthrough. In the footer menu of the game, tap “quests” -> complete the daily quests to earn diamonds, warriors, and other in-game items.

Do Visit Harem And Consorts

Go to Harem -> consorts -> visit to get consort EXP or conceive an heir. Tap the consort to open her profile -> there you can level her up, check the skills, and give gifts like a ring and earrings. 

Join A Horde

Horde is like the guild function; you can either create one or join the one created by other players. It would cost diamonds to create the horde. Joining horde gives you access to horde events and functions. 

Gathering And Increasing Resources

Game of Khans Guide Tips CheatsGo to the world map -> tap on the conquered village -> in each village, you can assign an advisor to start the production. If you assign the preferred advisors(there would be a green arrow on their cards), production will increase. Also, on the bottom-right corner of the conquered village -> tap the upgrade button; spend meat and level up the village to boost production. 

Level Up Khan

Khan gains EXP by defeating enemies on the world map, completing daily quests, or, go throne -> decrees -> handle decrees. EXP is required to raise Khan level. 

Progression Guide For Game of Khans Newbies

  • Go to the world map -> fight and conquer the villages. 
  • Follow the campaign and decree quests
  • Don’t forget to gather resources from the world map
  • Play the arena mode
  • Keep meeting and dating the consorts
  • Visit married consorts in the harem and raise their level or to get kids/heirs
  • Raise heirs
  • Visit throne building to handle decrees
  • Get more advisors
  • Upgrade advisors
  • Send advisors to barracks to gain talent EXP
  • Join a horde

So that’s all for now in this post of Game of Khans guide and Game of Khans tips and tricks for beginners. If you have more tips, gift codes to share, please comment below. 

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30 thoughts on “Game of Khans Guide: Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Strategies”

  1. Some general tips:

    – If you’re new and you’re the type that really wants to maximize their use of supplies, time and energy, be aware that you end up picking up a lot of new wives/consorts throughout the game and it’s very possible, maybe even likely, that you won’t always have the linked advisor for that consort in which case, I would prioritize leveling up, training consort exp points, improving stats, or using gems on the “Cherish” feature to level up intimacy and whatnot on those consorts which you do have the linked advisor for, which can be checked but clicking on the scroll icon when viewing your consorts.

    – After the initial tutorials and when logging back on, a good practice of the first thing you should do would be to open the world map and collect resource, that way, after you do all your tasks, you can collect resources again

    – On that note, I would suggest saving attacking villages or fighting in the arena as one of the last things on the list (unless you need hay for the horses or something) so that as you do everything else, you will continually complete daily quests and achievements that will give you resource coupons (scrolls), equipment scrolls etc. that can be used to level up your advisor, your cohorts, or something and once you’ve used up all your resources leveling up and enhancing your advisors you’ll be able to attack while your advisors are the most upgraded. (And note that, after attacking villages, you’ll likely get daily quests rewards and achievement awards for more resources and item coupons to use to level up or enhance your advisors again).

    – As something I didn’t really think about or realize until later but may be more like common sense to some others, was that when sending advisors to the barracks for training. Initially you you’ll be able to immediately complete their training up to two times by watching ads so I always do 2 rounds of training before actually leaving the barracks. However, this later gets removed so if you want to save those uses for when the advisors are higher level or something, that might be one reason to consider.
    — From there, you can do the same with advisors when you have too many to focus on, in which case, focus on leveling up the ones that are assigned to a village so that your production rates will improve. (This really more so applies to the mid game experience when you have too many advisors to choose from for leveling up or enhancing equipment for or whatnot)

    – You can reduce the number of times you go to your treasury to open items such as equipment scrolls or resources coupons simply by using up all of what you have, say for example at the advisors equipment screen, and then after using it all up, clicking on Get Materials. It’s useful for quickly and easily bringing up and item use menu that helps making sure you use up all the resources potentially available at your disposal, as sometimes for equipment, you might not know you have some equipment scrolls to open before you can use them and you wouldn’t know without checking the treasury directly (or memorizing every reward you earn lol), but by using up all the equipment you have and then using the Get Materials button, you’ll be shown all the potential scrolls or coupons you can use to generate more items. Same works for leveling up villages and using up all your meat.

    Some FYI tips that I figured out as I played more that might’ve been useful to know if I had been aware:

    – If you open the support bot that’s in the socials screen, there will be a help section that also has announcements or special events going on which can score you free in-game items like powerups
    – If there’s ever a new event or building where you’re not sure what to do or what everything means, there’s usually a small question mark circle icon at the top left which includes a guide for that particular event or section, and has explanations for everything (particularly for weekly events that come and go it’s useful)
    – You might eventually notice that even when you have equipment for advisors, the equipment tab won’t show exclamation marks or notification markers to let you know you can upgrade an advisor’s equipment. That’s because the notification marks only show you if there’s equipment available to completely level up the advisor’s equipment. So when your higher level advisors get well-equipped, you may find it easier to recognize when there’s equipment available for lower ranked ones available

    I had some more in mind but they escape me now….

  2. Is this the only written game guide for GoK available?

    I’m looking for info on advisors. Specifically, which advisors are better to level above 300 if you’re not a big spender?

  3. I had just played this game and it’s asking me who to marry, Otchi or Bortei.
    If I choose one or the other, how does it change the story?

    • It won’t matter, you end up marrying both anyway. AFAIK the only significance it makes will be the items you get from either one which doesn’t include anything that significantly impacts the story line or gameplay (items like common level power ups)