Animal Restaurant Game guide: tips, cheats & strategies

New to the Animal Restaurant game? Master all of its core concepts with this Animal Restaurant game guide packed with tips, cheats & strategiesAnimal Restaurant Game

Animal Restaurant Game guide and tips⇓

In the game, you will be running a restaurant. Customers visit the restaurant, give the orders – you cook the food recipe as demanded by the customer and in return, you earn Cod, which is the basic in-game currency in Animal Restaurant. You need Cod to buy more facilities for the restaurant, garden, buffet, and kitchen. Let’s learn about everything in detail and explore all the Animal Restaurant game tips & tricks. Extras: Animal Restaurant Codes 2021

Learn About The Customers

As of now, there are over 150 customers in the Animal Restaurant game. Among all these customers, some special customers don’t stay in the restaurant to eat. These customers can give you a huge amount of Cod for free, while some are annoying who can take your business down. For example – Ad Salesman is a special customer who gives you the offer to earn Cod by watching the video Ad. Rick Kid – if you tap this special customer, he will give you free Cod.

On the other hand, some annoying customers are Cod-Stealing Rabit – he steals the Cod from the restaurant. To get rid of him, tap him over and over again until he leaves the restaurant. Skunk – this special customer stenches that make the customer leave the restaurant. Before he spreads the smell, tap him over and over again.

Extras: Animal Restaurant Codes 2021

Unlock New Customers In Animal Restaurant Game

⇒ Customers visit the restaurant now and then. But you can attract more customers to the restaurant by promoting it with brochures. In the bottom-right corner of the game interface, tap the flyer promo button to attract more customers. Customers who have brochures in hand are the ones who are attracted by this Ad.

⇒ There are different ways to unlock or attract a specific customer. For example – completing a specific order, growing a specific flower in the garden, unlocking a specific recipe, from a particular advertisement, etc. On the top-right side of the game interface, tap the book button – this will take you to the customer(s) menu; it has two tabs – Customers and Memento. In the customer tab, tap on a customer avatar to get his details. Tap on a locked customer avatar to check how to unlock him.

Check Out The Promotions

You can promote the restaurant in many ways. At the beginning of the game, you have the option to promote it through brochures. You can upgrade the promotion to unlock new ways to promote it;

  • Flyer Promo – Attracts Salesman and the Rich Kid
  • Radio Promo – Attracts the Magician and Wandering Singer
  • TV Promo – Attracts the Fortuneteller
  • Cellphone Promo – Attracts the Mysterious Merchant

In the bottom-right corner, tap the green color upgrade button to open the promotion menu where you can upgrade the promotion to unlock new ways to promote the restaurant.

Increase The Star Ratings In Animal Restaurant

Restaurant Ratings can be increased by improving the restaurant facilities. In the restaurant, you can add several facilities; Tip Desk, Six Tables where customers can eat, Kitchen Appliances, Decorative items, etc. Tap the menu button in the bottom-left corner and navigate to the restaurant facilities tab -> there can purchase a new facility or level up the existing one. For example – Upgrade small table to Elegant Table to increase ratings by 8.

Tapping the facility avatar will give you the details like how many points the rating will increase, tips amount, required ratings to upgrade, etc. So add and upgrade the facilities to increase ratings in the Animal Restaurant game. Also, you can earn more star ratings from the letters, garden table(using flowers).

So this would be all in this Animal Restaurant guide for beginners. Let’s have a look at the tips, cheats & strategies!

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Buy The Garden And Buffet

Other than the restaurant, you can manage the buffet and garden and add more cool facilities like wishing well, gardens, Ice Cream, Drinks, etc. Slide to the left on the restaurant screen or tap the (<) button to visit the garden. You can buy the garden for 100000 Cod. Ratings must be 500 or above to complete the purchase. Swipe from bottom to top on the restaurant screen to enter the buffet. You can buy it once you have 30000 Cod and ratings are 1500 or more.

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Send Hedwig To Receive Letters

Hedwig is one of the staff members who bring letters. First, the player needs to install a mailbox in the garden and then hire Hedwig from the staff menu. After that, on the Garden screen, tap Hedwig -> there are three slots in her suitcase -> add flowers to these suitcase’s slots to discover new letters -> tap the green color button send her. So that’s how you receive letters in the Animal Restaurant game.

Complete Five Daily Tasks For Star Ratings

In the footer menu, tap the tasks button to open the daily tasks menu screen. There you will see the tasks that rewards; Cod. When you complete these tasks(5), the game gives you 25-star rating points – watching the video Ad doubles the reward. Since star ratings are hard to get, we would recommend completing all these tasks asap and watch the video Ad for more points.

Upgrade Tip Desk To Store More Cod

Customers give you the tip before leaving the restaurant. They will leave Cod as a tip in the tip desk, which is on the left side of the restaurant entrance. At the beginning of the game, you have a Stone Bowl, which can be upgraded to the premium quality versions; Saving Jar, Piggy Bank, Cash Register, Pumpkin Tip Desk. HIgh-quality Tip Desk(s) can store more Cod. So when you are not playing the game, you can earn more Cod. Go to the menu -> restaurant -> there you can buy the upgraded Tip Desks.

Keep An Eye On The Special Customers

As we mentioned in the Customers guide above, they could be rewarding as well as annoying. You have to keep an eye on all these special customers; don’t miss the opportunity to grab rewards from the special customers and don’t let the annoying customers take your business down.

Complete The Orders

Customers can give you the orders; these orders should be completed within the given time. All you have to do is log in to the game when the countdown ends. This will automatically complete the order. Completing orders can unlock specific customers.

Hire And Upgrade The Staff

You can recruit the staff members who help you running the Animal Restaurant. These staff members do specific things automatically – for example – Jiji the Waiter takes customer’s orders for 120 seconds at level 2. When you give him more raise, he will work for an extra 20 seconds. Go to the menu -> staff -> there you can hire the staff members/characters and give them a raise. The staff members gain experience over time – you can watch the video Ad to grant them EXP immediately.

Watch The Video Ad To Promote Restaurant

In the bottom-right corner, tap the Promote x15 button -> can watch -> this will bring more customers to the restaurant. More customers mean more orders – and, more orders mean more Cod.

Increase The Recipe Price

You earn a specific amount of Cod from a food recipe. For example – Taiyaki gives you around 100 Cod from a customer. By raising the price, you can earn more Cod(700~). Go to the menu -> recipe tab -> tap the recipe -> increase price(bottom-right corner).

Keep An Eye On Events

Now and then, Animal Restaurant game developers release events. For example – at the time of writing this post, the Chinese Lunar Year event is going on. During this event, you can collect exclusive Lunar New Year Mementos. Mementos are dropped by customers when certain requirements are met and these mementos increase the star rating.

Unlock Fishing Pond

The Fishing Pond area is on the left side of the Garden. It unlocks when the player reaches 4000-star ratings. There you can hire Fisherman Rabbit Dog and catch the fish.

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So these are some Animal Restaurant game tips & tricks for beginners. Do you have more tips to share with other fellow players? Comment below!

This article was last updated on January 27, 2020.

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    • just click on the facility and from wich you want and than click on what you want to pay if you have enough flower or other thing from the garden you can buy the item for the takeout

  1. Tip, Trick, Strategy:
    Next to your Cod count in the upper left hand corner there is a plus ➕ sign. Click it. You can claim 10 free diamonds per day. Eventually those diamonds will add up and you can trade them in for Film, Bells or Plates.

    • Don’t bother upgrading all 6 stoves at first. The table does not coincide with the stove. Upgrade stoves 1, 2 and 3. Spend your earned cod on recipes and staff raises. Wait to upgrade stoves 4, 5 and 6 until you are earning plenty of cod. Those stoves don’t really add much increase to game play.

      • Add friends:
        In the courtyard you can add friends. Adding friends allows you to go to their restaurant to “treasure hunt”. Treasure hunting you earn lots of FILM, cod and performer invites.
        Choose friends that have high star ratings. Those players are more likely to visit your restaurant too, which also earns YOU “treasures”.

  2. So it looks like you posted this Jan 6th 2020, but when I started playing Dec30th 2019 there were already 136 characters to unlock, and a new area called the fishing pond. You may want to update your post.