Bleach Mobile 3D Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Bleach Mobile 3D is a great MMORPG for mobile by Siamgame Mobile. Let’s have a look at our Bleach Mobile 3D guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Bleach Mobile 3D is quite a fun game that features a wide range of game modes where you will be fighting against other players, boss, hordes of enemies for rewards such as EXP, gear, refining stone, upgrade material, and more. If you have just started playing it, then our today’s Bleach Mobile 3D guide and some basic Bleach Mobile 3D tips, cheats & strategies will help you get stronger. You will learn about the characters, how you can increase their power, how you can level up faster, about the gears, and many more concepts in this guide. So let’s get started: –

Bleach Mobile 3D GuideBleach Mobile 3D

1.) How Do You Get The Characters In Bleach Mobile 3D Game?

In Bleach Mobile 3D, characters come in three rarities; R, SR, and SSR. And, there are two ways to recruit the characters; normal recruitment and advanced recruitment. The drop rate is quite different in both these methods. Normally, you get R rarity characters from the normal recruitment and SR/SSR rarity characters from the advanced recruitment. At the top of the game screen, tap the recruit option to enter the recruitment screen. There you spend recruitment coupons. Tap the (?) symbol at the top of the recruitment menu to check the drop rate. Also, keep in mind that you can also get character fragments(Soulstones) from there. Once you have enough soulstones, you can summon that particular character. To check the complete list of characters featured in Bleach Mobile 3D, tap the deploy option at the bottom-right side of the game screen. Tap gallery -> here you can check the complete list of characters. Tap on a character to check how many soulstones/fragments are required to summon him/her. Once you have enough, tap the compose button and that’s it.

Another question that you may have in your mind is how to get these coupons. You can get these recruitment coupons through quests, events, daily mission, using diamonds.

2.) How Do You Increase The Characters Power In Bleach Mobile 3D?

Bleach Mobile 3DWell, if you want to dominate in the PvP modes or beat the powerful monsters in challenge modes, dungeon modes or time-limited event modes, you must increase the character power. By increasing the character power, we mean increasing their stats such as attack power, defense, HP, critical hit chances, and more. Let’s learn all the ways to increase characters strength in Bleach Mobile 3D game: –

Level Up -> To level up a character, you need EXP item. You can obtain EXP items from the quests, store, at mart or by playing the Soul Reaper mode(Gameplay -> Assoc -> Soul Reaper Agent). If you have this EXP item, go to the characters menu -> then tap upgrade -> tap the EXP item.

Quality Upgrade -> In the same characters menu, tap the quality option and tap the breakthrough button to increase its stats. In this upgrade, you need silver and material that is used to breakthrough. In the early game, you get this item from the quests, challenges. To use this feature, your character must meet the minimum level requirement. Read the above paragraph to know about the leveling up characters.

Advanced Upgrade -> In this upgrade, you will increase the character’s rank. When you rank-up a character, its advanced attributes get unlocked or power up. To do this upgrade, you need advancements stones. Play the Seireitei Contest mode to get these advanced stones. You can also get these stones from the black market. In addition to these advancement stones, you need silver.

Gear Up/Enhance -> This is one of the best ways to increase the character’s stats in Bleach Mobile 3D. For example; dodge stats, defense, pierce. Tap the gear option at the bottom-right side -> at this screen, you have three tabs on the left; inventory, enhance, refine. In the inventory tab, you can see all the items that you have. Tap on gear and choose to equip. Tap on an equipped gear and choose to enhance. You can recycle useless gears for refining stones. You can refine high-quality gears(blue or above). And, you get gears in the gameplay modes(Gameplay -> Endless Trial, Time-Limited).

Upgrade Weapon Skills -> You should upgrade the weapon skills over time. To upgrade the weapon skills, you need EXP scrolls. Farm EXP scrolls in Gameplay Mode(Gameplay -> Tough Foe, Time-Limited). If you have, enter the characters menu screen -> tap the weapon icon(attack/swords) -> skill -> select the skill – upgrade.

Equip/Upgrade Accessories -> At level 43, Inner Selection will get unlocked. From this mode, you can earn rank reputation points and spend in the Sanctum Store for the accessory fragment. To equip the accessory, tap the accessory option at the bottom-right side. Tap the green color armor(equip) option and choose the accessory. Go to the upgrade menu to upgrade the accessory.

Equip/Upgrade Jade -> You can purchase Jade from mart, black market or from the dungeon mode. To equip the jade, tap the jade option on the bottom-right side -> there you will see the slots where you can equip various types of Jades; HP, Crit, Dodge, Defense. Tap on a slot and choose to equip. Once equipped, tap the Jade and choose to upgrade.

So these all are the ways to increase the power of Bleach Mobile 3D characters.

3.) Bleach Mobile 3D: Character Deployment, Battle

Bleach Mobile 3DThe battle is similar to other Action RPGs. You use the combat button to attack the enemies, weapon skills to inflict massive damage, rage skill to inflict massive damage. Before you start the battle in Bleach Mobile 3D, you can make some changes in the team; you can choose one main character and two assist characters. Assist characters can be summoned in the battle by tapping the icons. Tap the deploy option at the bottom-right side; this screen has three tabs; formation, gallery, and bond. Formation -> Tap the set up button to change the characters; assist, main. In the gallery tab, you can view all the characters. And, the bond tab shows the relationship between characters. You will get buff if you own that character or playing with the character who is in the relationship(bond).

So this is the Bleach Mobile 3D guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Bleach Mobile 3D tips, cheats & strategies!

Bleach Mobile 3D Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Get Familiar With The Characters

The very first tip we would like to give is to get familiar with the characters. Bleach Mobile 3D features so many characters. But you can choose one as the main character and two as assist characters. Make sure to read the assist skill details of the character that you have deployed. You can get all the details in the gallery -> select the character -> details. In the skill tab, under the assist skill section, you can read the assist skill details. Some characters have healing skill. You can use these characters to heal your teammates. We would strongly recommend you to choose a healer as an assist character.

2.) Don’t Play The Auto-Mode

Auto-Mode is good when you are doing easy battles. But, In hard battles or In multiplayer battles, we would not recommend you to use this auto mode. Control the character wisely; dodge the enemy attacks, get out of the enemy’s attack range, use skills wisely, summon assist characters at the right time. These are some small things that you need to take care of while battling in hard mode.

3.) Complete The Main, Sub-Quests

If you have just started playing it or want to level up fast(player level), then complete these main quests and sub-quests. These quests reward huge amount of XP. At the bottom of the screen, you can check the amount of EXP required to reach the next player. As you level up, new game modes/functions get unlocked.

4.) Finish All The Daily Tasks

On the right side of the screen, tap the daily option -> here you can check the daily tasks that reward EXP, diamonds, recruitment coupons, sweep coupons, and more. Make sure to finish all these tasks daily for superb rewards.

5.) Pay Attention To The Player Info

At the upper-left corner, tap the player avatar icon. That screen has four tabs; moniker, title, achievements. Moniker – Here you can advance the main player(increases all the stats). To advance the main player, you must meet the minimum requirements. Requirements are displayed on the same menu. Title; As you progress through the game, you will earn these titles. You get a special boost from these titles. Make sure to select the best title. Achievements – Complete these achievements to earn crystals.

6.) Increase The Team Power

We’ve shared all the ways to increase the power in Bleach Mobile 3D guide part above. Make sure to check all these ways if you want to beat strong enemies.

7.) Farm The Items

On the right side of the screen, tap the gameplay option. Here you can see a variety of modes; a dungeon, time-limited, association, and more. You can play all these modes a certain number of times daily. Farm items such as EXP, gear, advancement stone, and more in these modes.

8.) Get Access To Association Store

The association store features many useful items that you can buy using association points. Make sure to join an association in Bleach Mobile 3D if you want to get access to this store. You can get recruitment coupons, EXP pills, character fragments and much more from this store in exchange for association store points. To earn association contribution points, sign-in daily, donate and participate in the association events.

So these are the top Bleach Mobile 3D tips for the beginners. If you have more Bleach Mobile 3D tips, feel free to share in the comment section below.

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  1. How do I change my main character in the game ?
    Like I don’t want ichigo to be the main character I’m using I want to chat to other characters
    Please let me know step by step

  2. @Tofu To change the main character, tap the deploy option at the bottom right side of the game screen -> then tap the main character -> then choose the character that you want to save as the main character.
    If you are talking about the avatar(the character that you want to show in chat), then tap the current avatar at the top-left corner -> near your name, tap the pencil icon and choose an avatar(character picture).

  3. Any list on farming character fragments through Memories battle? Right now i’m only doing quest that give Urahara’s fragment8

  4. whats the diff between a SSR character VS SSR character with bankai?? does the once with bankai has the advantage?

  5. how to activate controlling attributes? my level almost 80 but still these attribute remain zero

  6. Stop wasting people’s time with such lame queries. Except for the one about controlling attributes, the rest are lazy worthless dogo’s

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