Bleach Mobile 3D: Item Farming Guide For Rookies

Bleach Mobile 3D Item FarmingLet’s have a look at our Bleach Mobile 3D item farming guide and learn how to get items that you will need in a thrilling long journey

There are loads of items that you will need to develop the characters/team characters in Bleach Mobile 3D. If you have just started it, it may be difficult to figure out all the items and their source. We have shared all these details in today’s Bleach Mobile 3D item farming guide. If you have not checked our beginner’s guide, make sure to read it(Here – Bleach Mobile 3D guide). Let’s get started: –

1.) Bleach Mobile 3D – EXP Pills

EXP Pill is one of the essential items to develop the characters. You will need this item to grant massive EXP to the target character. There are six types of EXP pills – (1-star, 2-star, 3-star, 4-star, 5-star, 6-star). Depending on the EXP pill star rating, the character will get EXP. 1-Star EXP Pill – 500 EXP. 2-Star EXP Pill – 1500 EXP. 3-Star EXP Pill – 4000 EXP. 4-Star EXP Pill – 10,000 EXP. 5-Star EXP Pill – 20,000 EXP. And, 6-Star EXP Pill – 50,000 EXP.

How to get EXP Pills in Bleach Mobile 3D – Association Store, Mart, online reward(welfare -> online reward -> start), level pack(main game screen -> welfare -> level pack), login reward, daily sign in, Soul Reaper Agent, Quests, Challenges(star reward).

2.) Bleach Mobile 3D Item Farming – Breakthrough Material

To improve the quality of team character, the player can use the breakthrough function, which increases the stats as well as the quality of character. For this upgrade, you need breakthrough material. How to get breakthrough material – Challenge mode. You can play challenge mode in three difficulties; normal, elite, and nightmare. High-difficulty stages give better rewards. You can play a stage multiple times a day.

3.) Bleach Mobile 3D Advancement Stones

You need these stones to make the character more powerful. Advancing the character increases its rank, unlock powerful advance attributes, and improves overall stats. How do I get advancement stones – Arena(Seireltel Contest. Gameplay -> Seirelter Contest). Black Market – It will cost crystals.

4.) Crystals – Bleach Mobile 3D

Crystal is the premium in-game currency in Bleach Mobile 3D that you can use in the store for a bunch of items. You can earn crystals by completing the main/sub-quests, daily sign-in reward, login reward, level pack(welfare), friends target(welfare), arena(Seirelteri Contest), Quiz(Gameplay -> Quiz), Association(School Party), achievements.

5.) EXP Scrolls

EXP Scroll is another one of the rare items in the game that you need to upgrade the weapon skills. Depending on the scroll quality/rarity, the weapon gets EXP(required to upgrade the skill). How to get EXP scrolls – Fortune Store, Mart, daily sign-in, tough foe mode(Gameplay -> Tough Foe),  daily quests.

6.) Jade

You can earn Jade from The Dojo mode(Gameplay -> Dungeon -> The Dojo), In time-limited events mode, from the Jade chests(you get these chests from; online reward, level pack, retrieve reward), Black Market.

7.) Accessory

You can obtain accessory fragments from the Sanctum Store or quests.

8.) Gear Refining Stones

You can get these refining stones from the endless tower mode, black market, and mart.

Bleach Mobile 3D Game Modes & Quests Farming Summary: –

  • Daily Quests – Sweep Coupons, Weapon Skill Scrolls, EXP Scroll, Recruit Coupons, EXP, Stamina, Activity Points
  • Association – Sweep Coupons, Stamina, Association Contribution Points, Jade, Crystal, Mod Spray, Exp Scroll, Soul Jade, Treasure Hunt Map, EXP Pill, Gear Refine Stone
  • Seireitei Contest Mode – Crystals, Advancement Stones, Character Fragments
  • Endless Trial – Gear, Refine Stone, Character Fragments
  • Tough Foe – Weapon Skill Scrolls
  • Solo Quiz – EXP, Crystals, Gold
  • Mod Plan – EXP
  • Treasure Cavern – EXP, Silver
  • The Dojo – Jade, EXP, Silver
  • TLEs – Trinkets, Gearm Gold, Jade, Silver, Mod Spray, Weapon Skill Scrolls

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