Brave Conquest Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

Brave Conquest is a brand new strategy game for mobile by IGG. Let’s have a look at our Brave Conquest guide, tips, cheats & strategies

The publisher of Lords Mobile, IGG(I Got Games), has just released their new stratgey game on mobile app stores. The game, Brave Conquest, features the base-building and epic combat battles mechanics. It let you play PvP as well as PvE. There is also an arena mode. In the game, you will manage your kingdom where you can train the troops, power-up the heroes, produce the resources, trade, and rule the world. In today’s Brave Conquest guide and Brave Conquest tips, cheats & strategies, you will learn all the basics, tactics, etc.

Brave Conquest Guide

Brave Conquest is the combination of multiple genres – MMORTS, base-building, farming, management, etc. There are plenty of things that you will need to take care of daily to progress. For example – At your base, you can plant fruits, produce food items in the factories and trade them for the gold coins, medals, blessing, etc. Your objective is to grow the kingdom and make it powerful so that enemies fail to steal the resources. Yes, In the PvP(expedition mode), players can raid each other and steal plenty of resources such as alliance magic stone, gold, medal, stones, and farm/factory resources. In the defense part, you will learn how to defense work, how to boost the defense, etc. In the attack guide part, you will learn how to strategically use the army units and the heroes & their spells. Let’s dive into our Brave Conquest guide!

Brave Conquest – Attack & Defense Guide, Tips

Brave ConquestThe Defense – As stated above, players can attack each other in the PvP Expedition mode and loot the resources. If you don’t want to lose the PvP battles, you will have to focus on the kingdom’s defense. In the defense, you can deploy heroes, troops, spells, and the reinforcements. To change the defense or set up a defense, enter the barrack building. The barrack building is on the left side of the castle crossover. Once you enter the barracks, tap the defense icon at the bottom-left corner -> here you can change the heroes and troops position. Read the heroes and troops guide below for more details.

Reinforcement in Defense – If you have joined an alliance in Brave Conquest game, then you can request the reinforcements from the alliance members. They will be able to send the troops. When the army’s HP falls below 75%, reinforcements come into the battle. To request, tap the message icon at the bottom-left side -> tap the green color icon -> SOS!

The Attack – To attack a player, you should set up the best-attacking army. In an attack, you can choose two heroes, six type of troops, and two spells. For much more details, you should check the Brave Conquest troops guide below. In the barrack building, you can set up the attack -> choose two heroes, troops(the limit varies based on barrack level), and the spells. You can build three formations with different troops combos/combinations. Before initiating the battle, you can change the troops’ position and formation.

To build the best army set-up, you should know about the troops: –

Brave Conquest Troops – Infantry, Cavalry, Ranged, Mechanical, Support, Beast

  • Infantry – These troops are the frontline units. You should deploy them in the frontline because they soak most of the enemy’s damage and protect other troops
  • Cavalry – These units have awesome speed stats. They are fast and the best unit against ranged type troops
  • Ranged – These units should be deployed in the backline because of ranged attack.
  • Mechanical – Long-ranged units
  • Support – The support units can heal units
  • Beast – These units have high CRIT rate and taunt abilities

Before you start the battle, you can check the enemy strength and the troops’ type. Depending on the enemy’s army combination, you should build/deploy/choose the army. For example – If the enemy is using ranged units, then you should use the cavalry units because they are fast and strong against the ranged units. Here’s the troop advantage chart –

  • Infantry > Cavalry
  • Cavalry > Ranged
  • Ranged > Infantry

Example – If the enemy is using infantry units, then ranged units will help you more. That’s why you should make use of all the formation slots and build different combos of army units.

How to power up the troops: –

You can increase the troops level in troops hall(this building is near the barracks). Enter the troops’ hall -0 > tap the troop unit that you want to level up -> upgrade. The troop upgrade costs you medals. Medals are produced in the hall of honor building or can be obtained by getting victories in the PvP, PvE, Arena battles or from trading.

You can also train the troops in the hidden cave. Increase the troops level to increase their stats – attack, defense HP, etc.

Brave Conquest Heroes Guide

How to get the heroes -> Tap the castle -> vault -> use the keys to draw heroes from the chests. On the imperial vault menu screen, tap the reward list option at the top-right corner to check the drop rates. You can get heroes, gold, medals, hero shards, stones, etc. from silver and gold chests.

Skills, Evolve, Upgrade – Enter the hero hall and you will see all the heroes featured in Brave Conquest game: –

  • Paladin
  • Mountain King
  • Grand Huntress
  • Twilight Crusader
  • Lunar Sentinel
  • Roselia
  • Ice Queen
  • Seth
  • Divine Sage
  • Wolfina
  • Abyssal Lord
  • Three Musketeers
  • Mech Beth
  • Dragon Knight
  • Vampire Lord

Tap on a hero -> upgrade to increase the stats; attack, HP, might, etc. Evolve – Upgrade the skill stats, stats, and the grade(for example – common to uncommon). Go to the skills tab -> there you can check all the skills that the hero possesses. Tap it to read the details. There are two types of skills – active and passive. Active – You tap the hero icon in the battle to use this skill. Passive Skill – The passive skill effect remains active all the time.

Brave Conquest – Currency Guide

  • Diamond – You can use it for instant construction, upgrades, etc. Collect the diamond tiles, chests – appears on the base – to get diamonds
  • Stones – Produced in the stone mine. Upgrade the stone mine to increase its production
  • Gold – From the PvE, PvP, chests, quests – produced in the cabin building
  • Medals – To upgrade the troops. Get medals from the battles, chests, quests
  • Gold Key – To open the gold chests
  • Silver Key – To open the silver chest
  • Blessing – Use this currency to shop in the cathedral
  • Starforce – Use this to summon soul beasts at astral Island
  • Saint Shard – At the chapel of Staind, you can convert these shards into hero shards
  • Topaz – Use this at spearmen monument to increase the attributes of spearmen units
  • Ruby – Use this at cavalry monument to increase the attributes of cavalry units
  • Sapphire – Use this at the ranged monument to increase the attributes of ranged units

You can obtain special currencies like keys, shards, etc. from the chests and the events.

That would be all in our Brave Conquest guide. Let’s read our top basic Brave Conquest tips, cheats & strategies!

Focus On Every Mode; PvE, PvP, Arena

PvE and War Modes – Progress through the PvE mode stages and you will be able to discover more areas and collect the loot from there. If you spend some time looking at all the map, you will find many chests, coins tiles, diamonds tile, etc. Complete these stages to get the free loot. War Mode – You can access the war mode stages from war college building. From this mode, you can earn the same reward(as same as the PvE) – but you also get a special reward when you have enough stars. Get victory in the war mode stages to get stars and unlock star-chests.

Brave ConquestPvP Expedition – From this mode, you can earn EXP, Gold, Medals, RSS. Make sure to check the enemy army’s heroes level, troops level and compare it with your army. If the enemy is more powerful, tap the refresh button to change it. Also, check the enemy’s troop type and build the army set-up according to it. For more details, check the troops guide above.

Arena- Play this mode to earn special currencies – keys, shards, speed-ups, etc.

Join An Alliance

You should join an alliance to get rewards from the alliance events. Also, you can spend the alliance stones in mana pool and earn alliance currency. You can spend it in the alliance shop.

Produce and Trade

Brave ConquestIn the buildings or fields such as farm, restaurant, factory, you can produce a bunch of items. Tap on the farm field to grow crops. In the restaurant, you can produce pies, meads, etc. In the factory, you can produce lumber, iron, etc. You can trade these resources and earn gold, medals, alliance stones, Starforce, and blessings. Tap the trading vessel(near the dock) -> sail.

Explore The Chests

Once you discover the goblin sky hover, you will see an explore button on the bottom-right side. Tap it and explore the chests. From these chests, you can acquire a  bunch of useful items.

Check The Mails

At the bottom-right corner, above the expedition button, tap the mail icon -> there you receive the battle reports; defense attack. Make sure to keep an eye on it and make changes in the army if you are losing in every single raid.

Power Up The Army

Upgrade/train the troops and power up the heroes.

Complete The Side Quests, Quests, And Event Quests

From the quests, you can receive lucrative rewards. Tap the quest button at the bottom-left corner to check side quests. Main quests are displayed on the right side of the quest button. Tap the events button at the top-right to check ongoing events.

Build and Upgrade

Build and upgrade the buildings to increase population, might, and earn EXP to level up.

Unlock and Upgrade The Boosters In Academy

In the academy building, you can upgrade the boosters; combat, production, etc. Upgrade the academy to unlock new boosters.

So these are the top Brave Conquest tips and tricks for the beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below!

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