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Call Me Emperor is a strategy RPG for Android and iOS by Clicktouch Co., Ltd. Check out our Call Me Emperor guide, tips, cheats & strategiesCall Me Emperor

In the Call Me Emperor game, you play as an emperor or empress and rule the kingdom and its people. As an emperor/empress, you are responsible for the kingdom’s growth. The game is much like Game of Sultans, which is published by Mechanist Games, on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. In this post, we have shared Call Me Emperor guide for beginners. Also, we have shared a bunch of Call Me Emperor tips, cheats & strategies to progress fast. So without any further ado, let’s get started.Call Me Emperor Guide

Call Me Emperor Guide: –

In the Call Me Emperor, your goal is to increase the national power, manage all kinds of political/battle/education-related activities, and become the eternal emperor. In the top-left corner of the main screen, the total power or national power figure is displayed. You can increase the national power by upgrading the ministers and there are plenty of ways that we will discuss in this guide. So let’s dive in!Call Me Emperor Guide

Governance Hall: –

Governance Hall is the building in Call Me Emperor game where you can conduct the exams and levy the tax, grain, and troops. Enter the governance building; there are two options – exam and govern. Tap the govern option and on the next screen, you can levy the tax, grain, and troops.

  • Tax – Levy tax to obtain Tael, the basic in-game currency in Call Me Emperor
  • Grain – Levy grain to obtain food, the food is required to recruit troops
  • Recruitment – Recruit troops. It costs food. You need troops for the battles.

There is a limit to levy the tax, grain, and recruit troops. Once you reach the limit, you will have to wait until the cooldown period ends. Although, you can recover it instantly using the levy tokens. Levy Tokens can be obtained from the shop or other game sources like quest, event, missions.

So that would be all on the Govern function of the game. Let’s learn about the Exam.

Exam –

You can conduct an exam in Call Me Emperor to obtain new ministers. In other words, if you want to obtain new ministers, you can conduct the Imperial Exam. It is one of the main ways to obtain new ministers. If it says that “No Imperial Exam for now”, then it means that you are out of attempts. To get one more attempt, level up the lord or emperor. Let’s learn how to level up the lord or emperor.

How do you level up the lord or emperor?

You need fame points to level up the lord in Call Me Emperor game. In the upper-left side, tap the lord avatar to enter the lord profile. On that screen, at the bottom-left side, pay attention to the lord level bar. It shows the number of fame points that you need to acquire to reach the next level. For example – to reach level 6, you need 650 fame points. Fame Points are earned from the battles.

How do you earn fame points?

By defeating the waves of enemies, you can earn the fame points. Head to the Kingdom Map by tapping the “Go Out” button in the bottom-right corner. On the map screen, tap the stage option-> complete the stages by defeating the waves of enemies. When you defeat the enemy wave, the game displays the rewards that you have earned; including fame, tael, potential fruit, books(Baijia Congshu), etc.Call Me Emperor

Call Me Emperor Battle Guide: –

For the normal battles, you need troops. On the other hand, when fighting against the boss, you will need ministers. You can obtain troops from the Governance Hall or using the Tiger Tally coupons or from the quests/missions. And, you can get minsters by conducting the exam or from other game sources. Also, you can power up the ministers – read the guide to ministers below. Now, head to the map screen by tapping the Go Out button in the bottom-right corner. There enter the stage battle building -> select the stage.

On the stage screen, at the top left/right side of the screen, the game displays the Military power and the troop number. You can easily win the battles if you have more troops than the enemy. Tap the BTL. button in the bottom-right corner to start the fight. Fame, Potential Fruit, Baijia Congshu, and many other treasure items can be obtained from the battles. Also, to unlock or access new functions such as alliance, daily missions, etc., you need to complete the battle stages.Battle Guide

Harem: –

Harem is the area where you can access the consort function of the game. There you will find one building; a banquet hall. And, you can build another building called; Yonghe Palace. The player can upgrade Yonghe Palace by sending Palace Maidens. In the top-left corner of the Harem screen, you can check prosperity details. As prosperity increases, new decorations will get unlocked. Let’s learn about all the basic functions that you can access through Harem.Consort

Consort: –

You can access the consort function in the Harem. Tap the consort button in the bottom-right corner. On the next screen, you will see the Consort that you obtained during the tutorial. Tap the random summon button in the bottom-right corner to summon consort. You have three energy points for the summon; you can use the energy pill to recover the energy. The summoned consort may give birth to the Descendant. Also, you can obtain the Influence points.

Yonghe Palace: –

Yonghe Palace can be accessed from the Harem screen. There you can interact with the consorts. Enter the palace. There you will see the info on consorts; consort stats, influence points, etc. Tap the check button to check the influence minister. You can spend the influence points by tapping the + button next to the bonus effect. Check the effect; Com, Agr, Pol, Mil. Increase Com Stats – Impacts tax levy taels. Agr Stats – Impacts grain/food. Pol Stats – Impacts troops’ strength. Mil Stats – Impacts troops’ losses.

Intimacy and Intimacy EXP – On the Yonghe Palace screen, tap the grant button to gift items to the consort. This will increase the intimacy or grant you intimacy EXP. Tap the favor button there to give gold – it gives you intimacy EXP and influence points. Intimacy Level affects the Descendant’ s attributes and specialty indirectly.

Tap the Yonghe Palace -> upgrade -> send palace maidens to upgrade the Palace. It increases the Crown Prince Total Potential, Descendandt’s Total Potential, Influence Points, Banquet Visitor Popularity. On the Harem screen, in the bottom-right side; tap maiden selection button -> maiden selection -> three free attempts are given daily. You can use Maiden Selection Token to recover the attempts instantly.

Education Room: –

In the Call Me Emperor game, you may acquire the Descendant by summoning the consorts. If you obtain the Descendant, the game will ask you to place him/her in the education room. In this room, you can level up Descendants – tap the amuse button to grant him/her EXP. You need vitality points to amuse the kid. The game gives free vitality points every day. Also, you can recover it using the Vitaliy Pilix – tap the recover button and then tap OK.

After the kid or Descendant reaches a certain level – from Kid to Infancy -> a new button called Cast Lots will pop out. Tap that button -> this will decide the Descendant’s specialty – tap the fast complete button to spend the vitality points – this will increase the national power.

Marriage Hall: –

In the Marriage Hall building, Descendant can marry. Tap the marriage minister and follow on-screen instructions. Keep in mind that low-level Descendant can’t marry – until they become adult or reach a certain level. So educate them in the educating room to increase the level and then they can marry other players’ Descendant.

The Imperial Academy: –

Ministers in Call Me Emperor game stay at this building. Enter the imperial academy. There you will see two buildings; The Imperial Academy and Grand Council. In the Imperial Academy, you can check and get the details of all the ministers that you have in the current time. You can upgrade them by spending Tael. Also, train the minister using potential fruit, increase their skill power with skill points, and star-up to increase potential.

Grand Council – Here you can assign the ministers on the available slots. In the Call Me Emperor game, ministers assigned to these slots study and gain skill points, growth points. Skill Points to increase the minister’s skill effect. Growth Points to advance the minister; advancement increases the potential.

How do you get consorts?

You can obtain consorts from the Cruise visit. Head to the map screen by tapping the GO Out button in the bottom-right corner. On the map screen, tap cruise. Then tap the dice in the bottom-right corner; there are several places where you can visit – depending on the cruise number. If you get lucky, you may interact with a consort and she may marry you. So that’s completely based on luck. Stamina is required to roll the dice or explore during the Cruise. You can recover it using the Stamina Pill.

So this would be all in this Call Me Emperor guide for beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Call Me Emperor tips, cheats & strategies to master the game.

Call Me Emperor Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

1.) Upgrade The Ministers To Increase National Power

One of the best ways to increase the national power in the Call Me Emperor game is by upgrading the ministers. Head to the academy and there you can upgrade the ministers using Tael. Also, upgrade their skills, star-up, advance, train. If you have books to grant, then make sure to use them. Tap the treasury button -> books -> grant -> choose the minister -> grant.

2.) Use Influence Points To Increase National Power

Another one of the best ways to increase the national power in the Call Me Emperor game is by using the influence points. You get influence points by summoning the consorts or favoring them. Head to the Harem’s palace building -> check -> spend influence points to increase the attribute/stats of specific ministers. As the ministers’ attribute improves, national power will also increase.

3.) Cast Lots To Increase National Power

If you have Descendants in the education rooms, then make sure to visit them often and cast lots. This will increase their attributes, which improves national power.

4.) Visit Governance Hall Often

Levy tax, grain and recruit troops now and then to keep growing. The tax gives you Tael, food helps you recruit troops, and the troops help you in the battle. If you want to get more rewards from the governance hall, then improve the COM/POL/AGR stats of the ministers; upgrade, advance, influence.

5.) Follow The Quests

If you have just started playing this game, then we would recommend following the quests. In the bottom-left side, above the world-chat box, tap the quest banner to check the quest. Keep completing these quests for free rewards – also, these quests will teach all the fundamentals of Call Me Emperor.

6.) Worship To Get Gold

Gold is the premium in-game currency in Call Me Emperor. You can use it in the shop to buy valuable items; pills, tokens, Tael coupons, troops, etc. And, one of the best ways to obtain gold is by worshiping. Head to the Rankings screen from the lobby -> select the ranking; power, stage, consort -> tap the worship button in the bottom-right corner.

7.) Complete The Daily Quests

To quickly level up in the Call Me Emperor game, we would recommend completing the daily quests as soon as possible. These quests grant tons of fame points along with valuable items such as potential fruit, gifts for consorts, books, and troops.

So these are some basic Call Me Emperor tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. Do you have more tips & tricks to share with other fellow players? Comment below!

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