Tennis Clash Guide – Serve, Controls, How To Win, And More

In this Tennis Clash guide, you will learn all the basic aspects of the game such as how to serve, about controls, hit hard, volley, etc.

This is a beginner-friendly Tennis Clash guide for those who have just started playing the game. And, it covers all the things that you need to know. You can comment below if something is missing or you need help. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content: – Tennis Clash Guide.

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How To Serve In Tennis Clash?

Tennis Clash GuideIn Tennis Clash, the character who gets the first turn to hit the ball is called the server, and the opponent player who returns it called the receiver. If you are the server, then you will have two chances to land the ball in the service box. If you fail to land the ball in the service box in two attempts, you will lose a point. Understand? When you are the server, you have to hit the ball to the diagonal service box.

Tennis Clash GuideFirst, check the character’s position; if the character is on his left side of the court, then you will have to land the ball into the diagonal service box, which would be the right side of his court – cross net. If it gets done correctly, the play continues. Check the picture above to know what is service box.

What is Volley in Tennis Clash?

To perform a volley in Tennis Clash, you will have to hit the ball before it bounces on the tennis court. In other words, you hit the ball when it’s in the air – don’t let it bounce – hit before the bounce. You can easily hit a Volley on lob shots. It depends on the opponent’s strike.

What are the Strings in the game?

Strings are like power-up items or you can say consumable items, which buffs a specific attribute of the character for temporary. The player can spend gems on the Strings before the match starts. You can check the list of Strings and the buff they grant here.

Tennis Clash Shots⇓

The game lets you hit the ball with different styles & shots. Regular Shots – these are the standard shot with the regular speed that you can hit without any special technique. Strong Shots – these are the powerful and fast shots that you can hit by sliding/swiping the finger faster when the character is about to hit the ball. Timing matters.

Shots Styles – Volley; hit the ball before it bounces, Straight; low-medium-high range shots – the range of a shot depends on how you swipe the finger. Lob – Lob Shots can be performed by slightly swiping the fighter and then holding it in place – and, then release the finger. Lob Shots are high in height. The blue bar on the left side of the character determines the height of the shot. The lower the blue bar is, the higher the height of the shot.Tennis Clash Guide


  • Move – Tap on the court area where you want to move
  • Hit Ball – Swipe the finger to hit the ball
  • Shots – Adjust the swipe speed to hit different kinds of shots

How To Hit Hard?

To hit hard or hit the ball hard, you need to make a strong shot. The strong shot can be made by sliding the finger faster at the same time when the character is about to hit the ball. So there are two requirements to hit the ball hard or for strong shots: –

  • You have to slide the finger faster
  • Slide the finger faster when the character is about to hit the ball – not so early, not so late

How To Win? How To Be Good At Tennis Clash?

To win the matches in Tennis Clash, you need to score more points than the opponent. And, the number of points that you need to win the matches depend on the tour level. For example – In Tour 1, you need 5 points. If both the players achieve this target, then there will be a tie. And, if there is a tie, then the player who outscores the player with 2 points wins the match. The game displays the game progress messages on your screen; match point, deuce, etc.

Now, how to be good at Tennis Clash? We have shared a bunch of Tennis Clash tips & tricks that you can use to be good at tennis clash. Follow this link to read that post: –

How To Get Free Coins⇓

  • Watch the video ads
  • Open free bag
  • Win matches in the tours
  • Open points bag
  • Participate in the tournamentTennis Clash Guide

How To Get Free Gems: –

  • Open the free bag
  • From the tour bags
  • As a reward from tournament or league
  • From the points bag

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14 thoughts on “Tennis Clash Guide – Serve, Controls, How To Win, And More”

  1. I understand yiu slow down when losing stamina But sometimes i go to get back to the other side taping like nuts player stops and goes back as the return shot is on the way

  2. Just when I am doing great in a rallye I somehow hit the net (or out). Rarely do the opponents do that.
    How do I avoid hitting the net so often?

    • +1
      It’s been bothering me. I’ve never seen an opponent do it but I do it quite frequently and I don’t recall this dynamic being explained.

    • firstly try hitting it towards the centre of the net and second wait a split second longer b4 hitting the hard shot so the ball coming towards you has a chance to rise up higher b4 the hit. I used to hit the net every second power shot b4 I worked this out

  3. How do you hit the serve hard? My power is 49 with Jonah but the most I’ve gotten is 161. Whereas players with around 40 get it up around 175ish. I’ve swiped long fast short everything I don’t get it

  4. What’s “equip” and what’s upgrade….how are they different, how are they used? Is there an instruction site/ manual about how this game works?

    • @Nicole You need to upgrade the equipment and accessories to improve agility. Or equip epic/rare quality gears; racket, shoe, wristband, etc. Each gear provides different stat boosts; it could be agility or volley or forehand etc. Go to the Lineup tab and tap the gear that you have equipped – on the next screen, tap on its card to check the stat/attribute it provides.

  5. Hi great guide! But you got something wrong, timing doesn’t matter to hit the ball fast. You just have to swipe fast and get the blue bar completely filled to hit the strongest shots