Cats Are Cute Game Cheats: Friends List, Tips, Mating Guide, And More 2021

New to the Cats are Cute game? Get familiar with all its mechanics such as friends, cats, and more with this Cats are Cute game guide packed with tips, cheats & strategies

Cats are Cute Gamekkriuk studio’s latest game Cats are Cute challenges the player to discover all the cats in the cat town with the help of fish, catgrass. These cute cats run small shops in the cat town and help you in making money(that’s Fish – Cat Town currency). You will use the fish to draw more cats, level up cats, their shops, buildings. Additionally, there are some hidden characters you can unlock by qualifying for certain conditions. For example; If you tap the tree in cat town(200 times), you will discover a friend character; Racoon. Tap the pond(swipe a bit, you will find a pond and some fish) – 200+ times to get Peli. We don’t know all the hidden ways, so do let us know in the comment section below if you discover a new friend. 

Cats are Cute Game Cheats, Guide, Tips & Tricks⇓

This article covers how to play the Cats are Cute game, about friends(friends cheat list), progression, mating, and other things such as cats, toys, buildings, and much more. So, let’s get straight to the Cats are Cute game guide, tips, and cheats!

Cats are Cute Game

Getting Started With The Basics⇓

There are four main things/items in the Cats are Cute game; hearts, fish, Cat grass, and toys. When you tap the screen, you earn hearts. You need hearts to increase the meow level. At the top-left corner, you can check how many hearts are required to progress to the next level. You also earn these hearts when you interact with the cats; feeding, talking, playing hide & seek game, and watching.

Meow level determines the number of cats you can keep in the town. The highest level is 200.

Fish is the currency used in the cat town. You earn fish upon leveling up, from the buildings/shops, as a mission or achievement reward. You can use the fish to draw new cats, to level up cats, buildings. The maximum level of a cat in Cats are Cute game is 60 as per the current version of the game.

Catgrass is another one of the items in the Cats are Cute game. You can say it an uncommon in-game item as you can not earn it from shops or buildings. However, the game rewards you this item when you complete missions, level up(meow, cats), achievements. The player uses Catgrass in the shop to draw new cats.

The toy is a rare item as you can not earn it by completing missions, from the shops, buildings, upon leveling up. You get toys when you get the duplicate cat from draws or as a playtime bonus(play the game for about 40 minutes to get 5 toys). You use these toys to unlock cat skills, for decorations.

Cats are Cute Game Friends List⇓

Cats are Cute Game Friends List Click here to see the full image. Scroll down to check the text version of Cats are Cute game Friends List 2021. If you know more friends, comment below. 

  • Racoon Friend – You can unlock Racoon friend by tapping the tree x200 times or more
  • Peli the Pelican – You can unlock this friend by having x3 or more relaxation facilities
  • Corgi Puppy – Unlock this Friend by placing Fatty’s house (Next Door building) on the left side of Tiny’s house
  • Chirpy the Sparrow – Unlock this friend by having 3 or more restaurants in the village
  • Baby Chicken – Level up to 50
  • Panda – Unlock panda by making Choco living in front of Tiny’s home
  • Piggy – Unlock piggy friend by having x3 or more facilities

Tap the town button to check the list of all friends(we have provided the complete list of Cats are Cute game Friends in the above image). There are unqiue ways to get these friend characters. For example; If you place Tiny’s house next to Fatty’s (cat name) house, you get a puppy named Corgi. And if you build three or more restaurant buildings, you can get a bird named Chirpy. Check the comments below for more info.

Cats are Cute Game

Get Familiar With The Cats⇓

There are over 40 cats you can discover in the Cats are Cute game. At the bottom-right corner, tap the town button to check the complete list of cats featured in the game; BTW you will not see the visual of a locked cat.

Now, how cats are useful and why you need more cats? The objective is to discover all the cats. And, the only way to obtain cats is by spending fish and catgrass on draws in the shop. When you unlock a cat, you also unlock a shop or building.

These buildings and shops produce fish over time. The more cats you have, the more will be your earnings per hour from the shops/buildings. Initially, you will find it easy to progress; but it’s not. You can not complete the game in a day or a couple of days as the drop rate of epic cats is very low. Most of the time, you get the duplicate cat and the game converts it into toys.

Interact With The Cats Through Activities⇓

Tap any cat -> info -> here you can check the activities from which you will earn hearts. Every now and then, you will see a bubble message on the cats. Tap it to start the activity. The normal activities are; talk(message bubble) – tap it to earn hearts. Hide and Seek – In this activity, the cat will hide behind a tree in the forest. Catch the cat before the due time to earn hearts. Feed – Tap the screen to fill up the bowl and feed the cat for hearts. Watch – Watch the cat for hearts.

These activities reward hearts. Leveling up the kitty increases the reward amount; the number of hearts per activity.

Cats’ Skills In Cats are Cute Game⇓

Spend fish and toys to teach the cat a new skill. However, you can select up to one skill at a time. To see the change; tap any cat -> info -> cat skill -> select -> the game will show you the new emote.

Cats Are Cute Game Mating Guide⇓

Cats Are Cute Game Mating Guide: The mating function was recently added in an update. To initiate the mating process, you must reach the cat level 30 and skill level 2. Since mates are pre-determined in the game, it would be better for you to discover all the cats first so that the selected cat can find the mate. If you have not discovered all the cats, mating might fail(because the partner is not there). 

Cat -> mating tab -> find a mate. It would cost toys and you will need to wait a few hours. You will also need to answer the questions. Check this answers spreadsheet for answers cheat. Shared by u/TiredRockstar2425 on Reddit.

Guide To Buildings ⇓

Buildings or the shops in the town produce fish every hour. The storage for the fish is limited, so it’s better to collect the fish over time to keep producing fish. You can increase the fish storage and fish production by leveling up. Tap on any building -> info -> level upgrade. Additionally, there is a decorate tab; spend toys and fish to add decoration type items to decorate the building.

Make Sure To Save The Progress⇓

The game provides a cloud save feature that lets you save the progress. Tap the gear/settings icon at the top-right corner -> cloud save. If you want to play Cats are Cute game on another Android phone, then use the cloud load data. If you are on iOS, then use the same feature to save progress and you will be able to play on another iOS device. Keep in mind that you can not transfer data from Android to iOS, it’s not possible. (Android -> Android, iOS -> iOS).

Invest In The Shops If You Want More Cats⇓

The main source of fish is from the shops/buildings. We would recommend you to invest in shops or buildings first to increase fish storage and fish production. Most of the buildings/shops at level 1 come with 200 fish storage and 200/hour fish production rate. The fish production goes on even when you are not playing the game. So you may want to collect loads of fish the next day after a sweet sleep. Since the level 1 shop/building does not produce a lot, you will have to upgrade.

Additionally, the normal draw in the shop costs you 6000 fish. That’s way too high as compared to the earnings. So it’s important to enhance the fish production department.

Watch Out For Bubble Messages!

Pay attention to the cats; these cats often want to interact with you. Completing an activity will reward hearts. Tap the bubble message to start the activity. Check out the cats guide above for more details. If you level up the cats, you will get more hearts.

Grab The Freebies⇓

There are a number of ways to earn free stuff in Cats are Cute game. 1.) Go to the shop and watch the video ad to get a bit of catgrass and fish. 2.) Play at least one hour a day for 300 fish, 50 hearts, 5 toys, and 50 catgrass. Tap the clock item at the top to get the reward. 3.) Meow – Meow mode lets you earn fish by tapping. Tap the meow button at the bottom-right corner -> tap the screen and get fish. You can activate this mode every hour. 4.) Complete the missions – At the top-left corner of the game screen, tap the mission checklist option -> complete all these missions for fish, catgrass.

Claim Mileage Reward At The Right Time⇓

Cats are Cute GameAs you draw cats, you will receive mileage points. Just above the draw options, you can check the mileage bar with three checkpoints. If you claim the reward at checkpoint 1, you will get a free normal draw ticket and 1500 fish. At checkpoint 2, you will receive a premium draw ticket and 3000 fish. And, at the 3rd checkpoint, you will get an event draw ticket and 200 catgrass. We would recommend you to collect the reward at checkpoint 3 as it provides a worthy event draw ticket and 200 catgrass. You can obtain epic cats from premium and event draw banners. So event draw ticket worths more than the normal and premium ticket.

So these are the top Cats are Cute game cheats, tips, and guide from our end. Share your own tips in the comment section below for other fellow players!

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183 thoughts on “Cats Are Cute Game Cheats: Friends List, Tips, Mating Guide, And More 2021”

  1. My meow bank is upgraded… does anyone have a suggestion what a good lay out is? Tried several…. Tried to expand to the end but you never get to the end, or the mountains…. And now I have squares as a house lay out but it does not seem to work efficient with my bank in level 2…. More than 4/5 fish at the same time is all I get…. While it says you are able to collect 12….
    Currently playing at level 72 at this moment…. So just getting the fish and the last kittens… only thing is, I don’t see a big extra in my upgraded bank…

  2. Yaaaaay! I got a kitten from Tofu and Salt! (I called her Sky, you can name them by the way) You only have to search for a mate and do all that mating stuff with one of the cats, so that saves a lot of toys.

    You probably already know all the friends from the other comments so I won’t bore you with them 😉

    Have fun!
    Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap…

  3. I am so annoyed because I leveled up two cats thinking they would make a kitten but it was just a couple. ?? Apart from that it’s fine. I will just wait a million years to get more fish and do it again with ones I know will work out.

  4. This post was truly worthwhile to read. I wanted to say thank you for the key points you have pointed out as they are enlightening.

  5. Puppy: If Tiny’s home is adjacent to next door
    Chirpy: 3 or more restaurants in the village
    Racoon: Tap on the trees 200 times or more
    Peli: Tap on the lake 200 times or more
    Panda: If Front House is in front of Tiny’s home
    Piggy: 3 or more resting facilities in the village

    That’s all I have so far

    Apparently it takes a while for the friend found scene to happen, so if it doesn’t show up, just click around and it’s gonna be fine

  6. How do I get the Meow Bank? I have the 400,000 fish. I still can’t buy it. It saids i have to upgrade the butler? I don’t get it. Where is the butler? Pls help :((

        • I need a meow level upgrade??
          so I need higher level?? I’m at level 45 nearly 46 and have more than enough coins so I am confused??

          • Remember how you can only get the same amount of cats as your level? If you don’t have the ability to get another cat from the draw, that means you don’t have the ability to take care of another cat. Level up and then you’ll get a free space to get the bank!

    • you have to level up first so you can buy the cat

      it’s like level 1 you can have 1cat in village level2 you can have 2 cats in village level 3…

      if you not levelup and you random the cat you will get the same cat!

  7. I noticed that I had tapped hundreds of times on the lake but didn’t get the pelican until I tapped near the edge of the water. It made odd noises when I tapped there, and the fish were jumping. You may have to tap nearer the shoreline if you’re not getting the pelican.

    Mating is now live, but I can’t figure out quite how to use it! I’ve leveled up two cats to 30, and now I’m collecting toys: you have to have like 50. But what else should I do? And how does one get those sguiggly black things above certain cats heads? I saw that you can spend them.

  8. This is a list I found on reddit and it’s quite accurate. Not all the cats will have kittens,not all of them want to marry etc.

    Daisy + Toby – Choose summer vacation destination – Married, With Kitten
    Sam + Sunday – 8:00 – Married, With Kitten
    Milo + Tabby – Sign – Married, With Kitten
    Mango + Charlie – Thailand – Married, With Kitten
    Patch + Walnut – 13:00 – Married, With Kitten
    Carrot + Jamie – Onion – Married, With Kitten
    Tiny + Coco – Gloves (re: below) – Married, With Kitten
    Salt + Tofu – 5 customers – Married, With Kitten
    Nano + Stella – Watch Movies – Married, With Kitten
    Poppy + Willy – Caramel Flavor – Married, With Kitten
    Fortune + Taz – Rose – Married, No Kitten
    Fatty + Boots – Three Times – Married, No Kitten
    Gizmo + Fluffy – A Bulb – Married, No Kitten
    Muffin + Rusty – Curry – Married, No Kitten
    Milky + Catsby – Milk – Married, No Kitten
    Dunkin + Dumpling – Classical Music – Married, No Kitten
    Peanut + Pepper – None – Couple/Friends, No Kitten
    Sunny + Happy – None – Couple/Friends, No Kitten
    Choco + Sasha – None – Couple/Friends, No Kitten
    Sugar + Latte – None – Couple/Friends, No Kitten
    Jasper + Felix – None – Couple/Friends, No Kitten
    Barley + Cheese – None – Couple/Friends, No Kitten
    Inari + Sniffy – None – Couple/Friends, No Kitten
    Banhmi + Fries – None – Couple/Friends, No Kitten
    Laura – Single
    Mimi – Single
    Honey – Single
    Nuri – Single
    Harry – Single
    Misty – Single
    Doremi – Single
    Cookie – Single
    Max – Single
    Oscar – No Mating Option
    Tiger – No Mating Option
    Mewton – No Mating Option
    Peekaboo – Specialty Cat, No Skills or Mating

  9. I’m having trouble understanding the mating thing. I somehow got a kitten from Willy and Poppy (which I got to name) but when I tried to mate Cookie, he ended up single.

    • Example: every hr the place can produce 20 fish.
      Fish storage is 60. That means u can leave it for 3 hrs and it will collect till 60. Once its max at 60 and u dont collect it , it just stops producing. The higher the level of the building the more it produces and it can hold more. So u dont need to check in every hr to collect

  10. Nope. Nothing happens. But if u place Tiny’s home next to next door (fatty) u get a corgi. If you place front hse infront of tiny home u get a panda!

  11. Can someone advise if there is any benefit in placing the cats in the same collection next to each other? Someone mentioned there are bonuses on top of the rewards. Could you explain?

    • Yes, when you place/move the specified cats/ buildings next to each other there are additional catgrass rewards. See the Cat Collection tab next to the timer for cat combinations

  12. Hi, someone help me pls. I’ve found a racoom recently, but I hided it and now I don’t know how to show it. What must I do?

    • go to the tab where it shows all the cats, and there should be an option to see the “friends” under the houses. click on that, and unhide your racoon.

  13. The game was just updated for minor bug fixes, the next update will include mating and other new content.
    Question… I just tapped on the lake over 700 times and I haven’t got the pelican yet. Any idea why?

    • Normally if you tap on plain ground it makes a kind of soft thumping noise and I think there’s a certain way you have to do it? If you tap the right way on the lake you hear a splash.

  14. I am stuck on this game I love it I’ve been playing for 2 days and are on level 78??????????????????????????

  15. I hide my puppy, and i want it back agaain. Buut i don’t know how to get back it again. Can anyone tell me how to get puppy back?

    • Click Town on bottom right, then the bird icon to view Friends
      Next click friend Puppy then Show to unhide it

  16. Hi Alina, I’m at level 195 and I’m waiting for the rest of the new cats & mating!!! Still unavailable. LOL. The creator was busy with translating this game to several languages. After that, finally, creator can start creating new cats. There wasn’t an update in March 2019. Since is a small independent company creating this game, I think we need to wait a while!! ???

    • HOW high does the fish bonus go when buying it with Catgrass from the store? You’re level raises it but I’m level 85 and it’s not budged from 400000 fish for 4500 Catgrass and I don’t like that ratio

  17. Hello,
    I would like to know if anyone is able to use the mating option yet. Does it come with level or is it not an available option in the game yet?

    I had all the cats/buildings before level 50. My trick was to use all the money to level up the buildings to a certain number so they all gave me a big amount of fish a day. Next use all the fish to buy cats. Use the lotto they give for free for epic cats right away every time.

    Use toys gained from buying cats to buy decor and skills.

    I only focus on leveling up the buildings. Somedays I collect a million ?. Hearts you can get by just tapping so it’s not very important.

    I keep one cat my same level just in case at some level it gets mating option.

    Also so far I found 6 friends (dog, pelican, raccoon, chicken, bird, baby chicken) If anyone has more please let us know 🙂

  18. Friends in Cats Are Cute:

    If Tiny’s home is adjacent to Fatty’s home (Next Door)

    3 or more restaurants in the village

    Tap on trees 200 times or more

    Tap on the lake 200 times or more

    Frequent questions and answers:

    I accidentally hide a friend with the “hide” button how to unhide it?
    Tap on the cat head with your level up on the screen, then scroll down to the “FRIEND” section and tap on the image with the accidentally hidden friend and click the “SHOW” button.

    Buildings produce fish. To get more fish upgrade buildings. How? Click on the building you want to upgrade then click “UPGRADE”. For more fish upgrade more buildings and upgrade more times.

    Hope this comment was helpful for you!

  19. I’ve just discovered Cookie, the final cat!
    I was expecting a big reward or celebration, but nothing happened.
    I still have a few cats and buildings who aren’t on +4 yet, so I’ll keep playing, but doesn’t seem to be much else to discover.

  20. @Loubee I’m at level 172. Is not how fast you tap. First you have to upgrade the cat’s building to maximum, then you have to upgrade the cat to maximum. Many times even you tap +30% you will still get the cat skill. The very last cat skill of all the cats will need more times to achieve. Good luck!!! ?

  21. Does anyone have the screenshot of the cat’s message when you level up to lvl 30? It is a pretty long one but my stupid finger tapped too fast and missed it T_T

  22. I have all 42 cats, with my Normal and Rare cats at +4 on skills. I have hundreds of toys but cannot get my Epic cats to skill level up – no matter how fast I tap I fail. Any tips?

  23. @B it’s not tapping the fountain(duh) it’s having three relaxation facilities to get cuckoo! And most recent anonymous comment, you have to have 3restaurants for the bird

  24. Anyone have troubles pulling their final cat? Dumpling is my final one but after 50+ free event draws where Dumpling has been the event draw every day and I’ve yet to get him. Anyone else having troubles drawing their final cat?

  25. To UNHIDE / SHOW your animal friend tap on the cat icon with your level number inside (upper left corner of the screen). Scroll to “Friend”, choose your animal friend from the list and tap “show”.

    RESTORING data should work if you use cloud load but only for Android to Android or iOS to iOS.

    • In the bottom right corner there should be a circle with a cat and a house and it says Town. Tap that. Then a screen comes that shows all the cats. In the bottom right it has a house and a bird. Tap the bird. It then shows you all your friends. Tap the friend you hid and then tap show!

    • @Chloe At the top-left corner of the screen, tap the level bar -> scroll down below and under the friend section, you can see all the friends. Tap racoon -> show. It’s already mentioned in the above comments. Have a look

  26. @Billyweaver oh I forgot to add, only claim your mileage until the 3rd check mark. To get free cat draw. That’s how I got my last 2 cats.

  27. @Billyweaver Just keep on increasing the hearts/game levels, upgrade the buildings & cats, keep buying the toys/cats, increase the cat skills & increase the decorations… Put your cat houses in order (follow cat collection)…earn lots of fish and grass and keep spending them… You will get your last 2 cats. Keep tapping your fingers lol! (I’m at Level 127, 42 cats)

  28. So I’ve been playing this for 24 days and I’m level 67. I only have two more cats to find and no matter how many times I’ve used the event draw, I cant seem to get either of them :cccc. I usually try about ten times a day (for about five days now) but nopeee. My buildings are all lvl. 40 and my cats are all lvl. 20. Anyone who’s collected all 42 cats wanna hand over some advice?

  29. @cuckoo47 you can’t do that. It just makes it more likely for you to get it, but it’s not guaranteed. You might still draw another cat, but you can’t purchase the cat itself

  30. Does anyone know how to unlock “today’s cat” in event draw? It says 3x rate up. So I have 3600 cat grass but still not able to choose it.

  31. I’m so frustrated I’m level 62 and no matter how many times I try I can’t seem to get a new cat. I have 38 total. Is anyone else missing Taz, Misty, Cookie, or Harry? They’re all epic cats but no matter how many premium and event draws I do, I still only get repeats.

  32. By the time you reach over 100 level, you just need to keep increase everything… No more surprises. Waiting for ‘mating’. Probably will happen around level 200…

  33. It also seems that if you have decorations, the facility would gain an additional bonus level depending on the number of decorations. While the cat may not gain any( deco gives building bonus but none for cats) but if you unlock skills the same for the cat would occur. Also if you complete a set (fur example Friday, Friday, Friday) all cats but not the buildings gains a bonus, you can see the bonus in the my town button as the additional levels gain appear as a plus…..below the original cat level.
    PS you may have the cats for a combination but you can only claim the reward and bonus if the cats are right next to each other….at least the cost of moving buildings isn’t too bad…

  34. @becca and @Madi, follow @Jen’s instructions! Thank you so much @Jen!! I hid my raccoon and was upset that i couldn’t find it anymore. Can’t believe i’m letting this cute game affect my life but i’m enjoying it so much! Hahahaha.

    • @Catsarereallycute Oops, I thought they were talking about the hide and seek game, since I forgot to update the game. The new hide feature lets you hide the friends if you dont want them to see on your screen.

      Thanks @Jen for the help and thanks @catsarereallycute for the correction ??

      To unhide other animals, tap the meow level bar at the top left corner of the screen -> scroll down and in the friends section, tap the animal that you hide and hit the show button.

      Thanks @Jen once again ??

  35. If you tap on you level in the top left corner you get a list of all your cats, buildings, and friends. Click on the friend and tap show.

  36. when you hit “hide” on the other animals. how do you get them back? i pressed the button out of curiosity but now i can’t get my corgi back:( help

  37. The trick to winning your cat new skills is to use all 5 fingers of one hand and tap on the screen as fast as you can. The game seems to register all the finger taps and you get to 100 before all the time is up. I’ve won the upgrades every single time since I started doing it.

  38. Tap on the lake 200 times or more to get Peli (Pelican)
    Tap on the trees 200 times or more to get Racoon
    Player Lv.50 or higher to get Chicky (Chick)
    3 or more relaxation facilities in the village to get Cuckoo (Chicken)
    3 or more restaurants in the village to get Chirpy (Bird)
    If Tiny’s home is adjacent to next door you will get Puppy (Corgi)

  39. what does it mean when it says Player Level Upgrade required? i have a ton of grass and im trying to purchase a new Event Draw cat but i keep getting duplicates bc im not upgraded?

  40. Guys! I just discovered a new friend in the game called Cuckoo, a chicken. The condition is to have 3 or more relaxation facilities in the village.
    Those would be: (for the ones I have)
    Playground – where Oscar lives (Normal)
    Tree park – where Sam lives (Normal)
    Fountain – where Mewton lives (Epic)

  41. Over a whole day playing this game I’ve official became a no life. I’ve also learned that if you stay on the game for more than 30 or so mins you have to restart the game to get the cats to keep on caring for them. After that 30 mins the game will stop giving you the yellow bubbles that give you hearts caring for the cats.

  42. Also if you have 3 or more relaxation facility, you will get a chicken, Cuckoo.
    I have finish the whole collection of cats (42) and reach lv 45. I would suggest you level up the buildings first for more money to do the 6000 fish draw. You can still tap for hearts to level up, but when you reach the higher level until around 3000 taps, you should start level up you cats. It’s better to level up 10lvs each time. Level up x1 get 10 grass, x5 get 50 grass, x10 get 100 grass. Always use the 6000 fish and 600 grass lucky draw, and claim for event draw. By the time you only got Epic cats to discover, you can start using 600 or 1200 for lucky draw.
    Cat skills level up would get harder for each skills, epic cats are more likely to fail the skills even you got 70% chance and it is expensive (some of them require 40 toys). I would suggest to skills up the one you really like only, decorating the building are more attractive for me.

    Super tips: If you want to level up faster, and you know you won’t be able to open the app in the following hours, set the time faster 1hr by 1hr in your phone setting to collect the fishes and use the Meow button. After you set back the right time, the meow button still can be use again in an hour, it won’t be affected! (But the fishes won’t be able to collect since you collect it in advance)

  43. Here’s a tip for a higher chance of getting new cats:
    The higher your level, the higher the chance of getting a new cat. Why?
    Here’s an example: You’re on level 15, and you have 13 cats. That’s a very slim chance because you only have a small gap for 2. Increasing your level to say 16 or 17 with 13 cats significantly boosts your chance at drawing a new cat.

    In my personal experience, that’s what I’ve discovered. By maintaining my level at 3+ above my number of cats, I get a new cat almost every time.

  44. if you have 3 or more restaurants in the town you get a friend chirpy a small bird which sits on the rooftop of a restaurant